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Paris Drops $23,000 in Shopping Mega-Spree

4/30/2010 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton stimulated the hell out of the economy last night -- dropping more than $23k in a whirlwind shopping spree that would even make Michael Jackson proud!

Like a sparkly pink hurricane, Paris blew into Live! on Sunset last night -- and whipped up a $23,414.77 bill.

... because she can.


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Oh, the jealousy....

1637 days ago


Her Grand Daddy worked his arse off her to do this, she is the product of an incredibly rich family, all be it undeserving since mainly her and her brother get what they want with out any sense of accomplishment, The fact is its her prerogative to shop dill she drops, all of you bitter people need to get over it and accept this. Though I have to admit I would have more respect for her is she did take care of the less fortunate, that will never happen, shes greedy and she doesn't know the difference, raised in a world given to you, you'll never know what its like to be with out there for not want to help a soul, she needs humility and that unfortunately it was her parents job to install that but we all know what happened there.

1637 days ago

Dumb Surfer Guy on TMZ "Knarly"    

Wow i didn't know dildos and strap-ons cost so much.

1637 days ago

flip[wilson GOD... you brought me down in under three sentences. One minute we're funnin' with the that Old American Chestnut - The Derby, and the next thing ya know... bang! Flatter than a tire in Hell. Man... I'm depressed. Next thing you'll be tellin' me is that people are hurtin' around Dysneyland.

1637 days ago


Paris -

Do you realize, in one store in probably less than 2 hours, you spent enough money to pay my rent for 4 years? I could be worry free for just a SQUEEK under 4 years with what you have in your shopping bags.

Don't get me wrong. I don't think she deserves it, but she earned it and it's rightfully hers. She does work, even if I find what she does as not-work, she still gets paid for doing whatever it is that she does. And in no way to I think she ought to be forced to give away or be taxed to death because she has more.

Now that that's out of the way...... 4 years.

1637 days ago


Sorry Flip, but if someone doesn't speak it than how do we move forward? I'm 10 minutes from the Downs - and I'm seeing private jets fly in for the last few days for people attending the Oaks/ Derby. And I went to the grocery today to see what I could get marked down so I can try to restock my empty freezer, my pantry, pay my utility bill and make my mortgage. I work all day Sunday matching ads to coupons then you take a break to find some entertainment and you see this twit spending $23K? Do you know in my area, $23K would pretty much make the rest of my life much easier?

See, we do all the wrong things: people like me work, pay taxes, honest until the day is long. Still, I have to say, I'd rather be poor and have my parents than to be rich and have hers.

1637 days ago


Cathy, you needn't compare her parents to yours or your plight to hers... we're all in this together. Her parents happen to be heirs to a fortune and yours aren't... but money isn't the point... it's wonderful that you have had a strong and loving family around you... instilling in you a work ethic and pride... it may seem unfair... but Paris has her problems too... just different from yours. I can tell you're a good person and one who will succeed as your life unfold... remember good fortune begins with a dream... the Hilton's had one... you can too.

1637 days ago


Flip - you are so kind. And I know what you say is true. But in all fairness, my dreams are wondering what my utilities will be next month, worrying about my son who is ill, dealing with this never ending nightmare mortgage modification and just wondering day to day how to get by. And we have no credit card debt and live well within our means. While I know you are right, just knowing our basic needs will be taken are of would mean I would be able to sleep at night, much less the comfort of actually dreaming.

I know you are right - but it still makes people like her hard to take. No American should have to worry this much about simple things.

1637 days ago


Honestly leave her alone..all of you who are saying she spent a lot of money..honeslty who cares? Did you buy it for her? Where else is she going to shop at? At a Walmart, Macys, Ross perhaps? Doubt it.

1637 days ago


Wow! She could have just paid off my student loan...

1637 days ago


Nice, that is more than some people make in an entire year! WTF?

1637 days ago


It's true... no American or person anywhere should have to struggle for the basics. The system is definitely skewed to favor the few over the many... doesn't sound too Democratic does it? And with every dollar you spend to survive... someone's getting richer. I know it's tuff right now... keep the faith Kathy... I wish nothing but the best for you and your family...especially your son... out for now - FW

1637 days ago


...And celebrities ask us "little people" to donate? Really? She could have donated that amount to any one of the causes that these celebrities hit us up for..

1637 days ago


Funny how some celebs give to charities, see how much the world is hurting and yet justify spending that ridiculous amount of money on a shopping spree! Imagine if they all lived like most of us and gave the rest of their money to charities!

1637 days ago


It's a shame this girl has no responsibilities like having to work and pay her own way. Her parents need to cut her off RIGHT NOW!!!! What can you spend 24,000.00 on anyway??? It's a shame she is wasting her life away partying and spending and being a spoiled brat!!!!! She's how old????? She will never now the value of a dollar. It's her parents fault!!!!!

1637 days ago
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