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Paris Drops $23,000 in Shopping Mega-Spree

4/30/2010 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton stimulated the hell out of the economy last night -- dropping more than $23k in a whirlwind shopping spree that would even make Michael Jackson proud!

Like a sparkly pink hurricane, Paris blew into Live! on Sunset last night -- and whipped up a $23,414.77 bill.

... because she can.


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Whether she meant for people to see what she spent or not, Paris just made herself the poster child for our anger. She could have asked the store to hide the cash register display. But that didn't happen did it...Does she have he right to spend her money , yeah sure why not. But don't expect us to sit back and not comment. She loves the spotlight...and now she's really knee deep in it...

1600 days ago


@gonnabeme, a better education won't help any of these jealous losers like Nisiek because they don't have what it takes to succeed. Unlike them Paris is a high school drop out with a GED and she's doing just fine. An education will only get you so far in life after that it's up to you to succeed! ;)

1600 days ago


That money could have prevented one person (out of THOUSANDS) to have a less stressful life .... instead of paying off their student loans for the next 10 yrs while living like a pauper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS It's only HALF of what I've got racked up.....and PPS buy a MULTIPLE water-pumps for ppl without fresh water!!!!?????????? ETC. what's this world coming to........I like watching TMZ to see what those Noodles are up to........

1600 days ago


Who needs that n=much sh*t in one shopping trip?

1600 days ago


@flockey - Jealous much? That money is helping somone to have a less stressful life, her name is Paris Hilton. Get over it!

1600 days ago


hmmmm people are very angry. Especially those who think that just because some of us don't like someone spending that much money on themselves in 1 hr. means we're "jealous" or "uneducated" or don't have any money...... all those are incorrect by my opinion. I have a very high education level, have quite a nice paycheck, but I would never spend THAT much in order to fulfill some "therapy" need or wishful desire...b/c I have empathy for those who have nothing, are ill and cannot afford to get better, have debt b/c of government issues.......... tell me that's not just plain LOGICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1600 days ago

PolarBear Is Retarded    

What the hell is wrong with you people? Why are you people looking for Paris Hilton to pay your rent, loans, bills and give most of her money away to everyone else? You people are broke because you have a loser mentality! You have too many kids,undereducated and live paycheck to paycheck until disaster strikes. I would hate to see what most of you dummies would do with 10 million per year when you can't manage 30K!!! With your poor me attitudes, you will always have to rant and rave about other people spending THEIR money and have none of your own! How the hell do you losers know she doesn't give to charity? Typical loser comments, now back to your pabst blue ribbon and fried chicken! I think I'll go to Vegas and blow 20k tomorrow in honor of the TMZ loser liberal commenters, who want to live off and spend everyone else's money.

1600 days ago


That is more than I make in 2 years :( And yes, I have a crappy job.

1600 days ago


You people are beyond jealous it's ridiculous. So your saying if you made as much money as she does that you wouldn't spend it on stupid things? I'm sure every one of you would be buying multiple houses and multiple cars. Besides yes she does give to charity, the shirt she's wearing in that picture is for the MS charity her family started, she was just on Ellen promoting it. Go out and make your own money so maybe your kids can have the life she does.

1599 days ago


Seriously TMZ who cares,paris is so irrelevant these days. She is nothing but trash and always attention starved!!!!!

1599 days ago


Polarbear is... hit the nail on the head. Let it sink in and think about it. Exactly the same mentality that got us in this liberal MESS from the beginning. The idea of 'entitlement', and a free loading society makes me want to vomit. People are so worried about other peoples money and assets because they cant figure out how to acquire them themselves. Anyone seeing this big 'change' since Barry took over? Soon, I will need the governments approval to take a dump! Pathetic

1599 days ago


allrite, calm down, people. Britney blows that much @ starssux(read; Seattle coffee chain) evry week & K-fed, memba that sickening mess? Sadly, I would pay 24K 2 4get(so would Brit!!) God bless livin LARGE, ROBIN iNTERVEIWS LEACHES, and Tinkerbell. Speakin of which, where's poor lil ol Tink been lately? I thot I saw a coyote runnin across Laurel Cyn. with Tink in its mouth!

1599 days ago


wow... I could have paid ALL of my debt with that amount of money. But I guess some of us are just poor, and others enjoy the "good life"... funny thing is, she has all that because her family gave her that money. Nothing else.

1599 days ago


Let's see, she's famous to most Americans for a damn sex tape.. hmm maybe I should.. wait.. nah i shouldnt.. but then again, i could be like Paris and drop money likes it's nothing which to her it is right? I mean I could have my own perfume and reality t.v. show and be paid thousands of dollars to walk into a party for five seconds, and have a stable full of car worth more than two hundred of fifty grand and live in a mini mansion.. hmm a sex tape dont sound so bad after all you dont need talent to have sex not even with a camera stuck in your face it's kinda kinky but i could get rich fast like Paris right?.

1599 days ago


she is a fool ...that moni can be used to save someone life.and she spend it like dat..

1598 days ago
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