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E! Star's Topless Bong Pics

Advertiser Fallout

5/1/2010 4:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Not everyone is high on the newly surfaced topless bong-smoking photos of "Pretty Wild" star Tess Taylor   -- in fact, one advertiser is trying to pull their spots off the show in the wake of the scandal.

TMZ has learned the dating website has reached out to E! -- after the risque photos appeared on 

A rep for eHarmony tells us the company's ads were appearing on "Wild" because they bought unspecific advertising space with the E! network -- and that's simply where they ended up ... but not anymore.

The rep says eHarmony is now requesting that their ads never run during the show again because they "do not endorse its content." 

A rep for E! had no comment on the sticky icky situation.


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Get back to work!    


1603 days ago

Get back to work!    

Really TMZ? You censor "ponds***" but not bitches? Unreal.

1603 days ago


This is what happens when you burglarize people's homes...

1603 days ago


Who gave this "freak show" a show? Did someone say Chelsea Handler? Are you kidding me?! I cannot believe that this is a "show". I watch E! almost every day but when I see that show on...I cannot turn it off fast enough.
What a waste of time and human life.

1603 days ago


the only show i want to see is when that stealing lying hooker gets sent to jail. that will be the best show ever

1603 days ago


her boobs are really gross. so is she.

1603 days ago


Hey, my cousin has a child molester neighbor. Seacrest should throw tons of money at him and glorify his fame for being a criminal. That would be another great reality show!

1603 days ago


Actually, it wasn't really about the bong hits. It's about Tess and possibly Alexis smoking what appears to be either heroin or oxy's. THAT'S what's really on

1603 days ago


Those girls are trash! and that one girl's mother. Are you sure she's not related to Lindsay Lohan's Mom? They sure act the same in denial! Chelsea Handler should be ashamed to have such trash on TV didnt one of them burglarize celebrities houses! Oh god! I am surprised they havent tried to do a reality show on Scot Peterson from jail! I am not giving anyone any ideas here!

1603 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    

Tess thankfully resides in the beautiful Los Angeles area. She lives to create art. Modeling is a strong passion of hers and she stands strong. She is a semi professional ballerina. She now teaches dance, pilates and poledancing. She is very outgoing and it's rare to catch her without a smile on her stupid face!

Viva Argetina - we eat goatheads for snacks!

1603 days ago


these 3 wannabe celebs are the dumbest bimbos i've ever seen, and mom isn't the sharpest tack either- how could you be proud of these ho bags?

1603 days ago

Tired of toxomom    

Now The Dirty has pics of Tess allegedly smoking either heroin or oxy (doesn't matter which, they are both chemically the same). What dumb azz's those kids are. Selfish, spoiled and entitled. Wonder where new age mommy is going to move them to this time?

1603 days ago


Legalize marijuana now!

1603 days ago


How in the world are these three little sluts even relevant? I about break my fingers changin the channel as fast as I can when I see that their show is coming on. Seems to me they are just three little Lindsay Lohans in training? Sluts, thieves, drunks, addicts. Why does E! even givethem airtime. I have never watched the show, but just from what I see on the commercials I won't ever watch it. Am I missing something?
How horrible to draw attention to these three little s*** bags and take the chance that some young girl would watch and try to emulate their behavior? Sad sad choice for E! GET RID OF THIS SHOW PLeeeeeeeeeze?

1603 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

I've seen a bit of that show, seems to me they whine and scream a lot. It was actually pretty sad.

1603 days ago
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