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Sandra Bullock Adoption -- The Signs Were There

4/30/2010 3:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

These may be the biggest clues so far that Sandra Bullock was living with baby Louis Bardo -- and they surfaced before the Jesse James scandal broke, but no one connected the dots.

The photos (above) show Sandra taking out the trash just days before the Oscars -- at the Orange County home she shared with Jesse.  We now know Sandra timed the trash run so the container was left on the street just before trash pickup.  We're told ... had anyone gotten close, they would have smelled baby poop.

And then there's this ... take a look at the pictures taken just days after the Oscars (above) -- but still before the scandal broke.  That's Chi-Lin Sun -- the photog who shot the Bullock baby pics for People -- going into the Bullock/James O.C. home, carrying a baby blanket and baby clothes.

So Sandra was sly, but the clues were still there.


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Thats great, she will be a good mother!!!

1601 days ago

Elmer Flobbergob    

She takes out her own garbage? I think I'm in love!

1601 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Honestly, who gives a S H I T?

1601 days ago


How about- bringing the trash can out right before pick-up was because if someone had gone through her trash they would've seen dirty diapers and such. I doubt anyone would have SMELLED poop just by walking by the trash can. I keep mine in my garage and often have poopy diapers in it and I can garage has never smelled of baby poop!

1601 days ago


Sandra has class, you idoit jesse freaks suck,

go sandra, leave the dirt bag in the dust!!!

1601 days ago


Another bull**** TMZ story to fill some space. The fact of the matter is you didn't uncover the adoption prior to Sandra announcing it, so deal with it. All these stupid "the signs were there" posts are just pathetic.

1601 days ago


Don't knock Sandra because you all were too stupid to pick up on the "signs"...

Just goes to show that even TMZ can't see what's RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM...

1601 days ago


"So Sandra was sly, but the clues were still there."

Bitter are you? You just can't admit that she got you here and you weren't able to discover this ahead of time. Don't be a sore loser!

1601 days ago


UMMMMM # 26 Don't quite know where u are from but Nrw Orleans IS part of the U.S. they did just fine. Think..... Before Speak!

1601 days ago


Leave them alone.... let tehm do what they have too. To have a happy life. Always easier said when on the outside.

1601 days ago


Wow Woodward and Bernstein must be green with envy of you guys breaking the big stories.

1601 days ago


She could have claimed the poop came from Jesse - he's full of it!

1601 days ago


i am sooo happy for her, i love my girls and you can tell by her smile she feels that connection with her baby as well, it's just sad thnat her man could not keep his D@$# in his pants and stay true to her, they would have made an amazing family, but im sure she will be fine without him and his overalls:P screw you jessie!!

1600 days ago

Mz. Thang    

Ah c'mon...even if the clues were there, point is that you did not break it first.....

1600 days ago


Sorry TMZ, these pictures have got to be planted by Bullock's camp. Why would the photog need to bring baby clothes? In all the shots of Louis that appear in people he's either wearing only a diaper or nothing at all. And the trash thing...please. I still think this adoption just happened and is simply a way for her to save face with her fans because she was married to a Neo-Nazi. My a** she didn't mean she NEVER went to his office and saw the Nazi paraphernalia so many people said his office was decorated in? She grew up in Germany for crying out loud, she'd have recognized it. I'm sorry, but I'm still not buying it. But either way...ADORABLE little boy, hope she does right by him.

1600 days ago
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