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Tiger Woods -- The First Cut is the Deepest

4/30/2010 6:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods just concluded one of the worst performances of his professional career -- and was officially eliminated from the Quail Hollow Championship after missing the cut by a mile.

Just to put this in perspective, Tiger went from 1997 to 2005 without missing one single cut in any of the tournaments he played in ... and in 2007, Tiger WON the Quail Hollow tourney.

So the big question -- will Tiger actually win a tournament this year? Discuss.

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He may win at the British Open at St.Andrews because it's so wide open and he can hit his driver all over the world and be ok but that is about it for the majors. Take the ho's away and he is average at best. His addiction needs to be fed off the golf course to propel him on it. Without it he is average as we saw yesterday.

1600 days ago



Nice Quote. Here's another nice quote "The greatest griefs are those we cause ourselves". Sophocles

1600 days ago


I love how the stupid Cheetah lovers still search for excuses. You are truly pathetic. Golf is a mental and a fickle game. Your head must be 100% free to be able to compete at the highest level.
What he did is pretty normal under the cir***stances : he wasn't prepared at all, he was rusty, he went to a concert, he hung on with MJ. Not enough even for him.
What he had to do was to put his personal life in order and then go back to golf. But money and his ego are more important.
Too bad because I don't think he will ever regain his old form. No matter what happens from now his reputation is tarnished forever .
And stop making those crude remarks about his wife!!! She is the only one who behaved with class in all this.

1600 days ago


He is nervous because within the next two (2) weeks a group of "GUYS" are going to hit the world stage informing everyone of their "roll in the hay" with Eldrick. If you think he is nervous now, just wait until this happens. This has been kept under the carpet for some odd reason. Hope it isn't fellow golfers. LOL!!!

1600 days ago


Maybe he's finally off the performance enhancing drugs, you think? Ole Eldrick, the chickens have come home to roost. How is the meditation going and the therapy? Or are you suddenly cured. I know one thing your going to be 'cured' of about %500 million dollars you cheap skate.

1600 days ago


There is a golf God.........No Tiger this weekend!!!!!

1600 days ago


Ther is a golf God........No Tiger this weekend!!!!!

1600 days ago


I'm just surprised that the Buddhist played as well as he did at the Masters ? However, when you stop to think about it, perhaps it wasn't so surprising, if you consider that he probably played at least 25-30 practice rounds at Augusta during the weeks prior. There's no doubt that he and his team likely put "everything" they had into hitting a home run there, thus hoping to restore his credibility and image, etc. It was a "one time" opportunity at redemption that they knew they had to seize. But they came up short ... and after the months of hard work and preparation, that must have been extremely deflating and very damaging for them. What we saw yesterday (ie: a defeated and dejected Tiger) is merely the reality of where we are today ... and it's likely to only get worse, from here on in.

1600 days ago


What, no win! Oh well Aldric, you can kiss your crotches good-bye.

1600 days ago


Well, missing a cut hardly means he's done. I'm not a Woods fan and heaven't been for a few years now. Too much favouritism on the course for my tastes. It has bordered on cheating.

Having said all that though, he's 34 and nobody lasts forever scandel or no scandel, he might be just about at the end of his prime anyway. Time will tell but Palmer was 34 when he won his last major, the Masters. Wodds is 34 and they have already played the Masters. Watson was 33, Ballesteros was only 31 I think! Nicklaus continued to win a few more but 35 is generally acknowledged as the last year of his prime.

I don't want to give Woods credit for declining only because of scandel, if he is in decline, it may have as much to do with injuries, age, diminished ability as anything else. But he is also 100% responsible for his begaviour so that's too bad bad for him if he did hurt himself.

1600 days ago


After his play thurs/friday, it is quite *clear* that Tigger is indeed into, uh, 'watersports.'

1600 days ago


he's getting EXACTLY what he's asked for. dumbass. pieces of ****s like him need to stop breaking their wives hearts. liars eventually run into karma. and she's a bigger bitch than you.

1600 days ago

South Beach    

Completely awesome, and Mickelson, with the flu, 2 days on water and bananas, still signed autographs for fans and hit a 4 under 68 to qualify.
The Golf Channel, so far up Woods ass they own a home there, re-ran "Tin Cup" most of the day and got around to broadcasting the tourney at 9:30pm EST. Wonder if that had been the case if Tiger had played.

1600 days ago

Lin McKay    

I hope this failure to make the cut humbles Tiger. He deserves to understand failure, hurt, frustration, disappointment . . . many of the things Elin has felt since November. He should have stayed away from golf until he had worked honestly on his marriage, spent quality time with his two children and did what he could to make life return to some sort of normal to Elin. I hope the golf jinx sticks around for the same number of years that Tiger betrayed Elin so see you in 2016, Tiger.

1599 days ago


Elin will be happier without the narcissistic fool. It's a personality trait that goes with them throughout life to the grave. Men like that should never get married. They are sociopaths without a conscience and can only think of themselves first. He just used her as a trophy wife. She gave him two beautiful children, and she deserves every penny she can get for being so humiliated and hurt --- and for the children's future. Hopefully he didn't give her some nasty, incurable STD.

1599 days ago
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