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Arnie Klein: I Did Not Betray Michael Jackson

5/3/2010 7:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Arnold Klein -- Michael Jackson's long-time best friend and physician -- tells TMZ he did not betray Michael Jackson by claiming to TMZ that MJ had an affair with Klein's office manager ... and he's freaked out that he's getting "a lot of horrible death threats."

Klein and office manager Jason Pfeiffer were featured on "Extra" a few days ago -- during the interview Pfeiffer claimed to have had a romantic relationship with MJ.

Klein called in during TMZ Live last Friday, and said Michael was gay and Jason was "the love of his life."

On Saturday, Klein told TMZ he does not believe he betrayed Jackson because Jackson never tried to hide his sexuality. We called Klein out on his statement, because it seems to us MJ went to extreme lengths to keep his sexuality a secret.

Klein told us Saturday, "Was he gay? Yes." He then went on to say his declaration is meant to shoot down rumors that Jackson was a pedophile. And, Klein says, as far as he knows, Jason's alleged two-month relationship is the only gay relationship Jackson ever had.

Pfeiffer says, "Michael was not ashamed of his sexuality."

Klein and Pfeiffer say they have received numerous "horrible death threats" since their statements became widely public this week. They have both been in touch with the FBI and now say they have bodyguards.


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Jason & Klein can go to hell. Together! They're just 2 jealous gays who couldnt have Michael for themselves in a sexual way. :))
MJ wasnt gay for sure.. I do have feelings that he was TOO straight. lol!
and IF he was gay, im sure he'd have better tastes .. not a f*cking ugly fat as$ like that Jason.
However, Michael WAS NOT GAY!
Klein you're just a piece of ****..and you, Jason, you're the other piece of ****.. all you want is attention and money. F**K YOU *******S!
You both should be ashamed of what you're doing. You have no respect for this man. You will never be as famous as he was/is. You will NEVER have as much money as he had. All his fans should spit in your faces. That's all you both deserve.

with love,

1598 days ago

The Netherlands    



1598 days ago


76. The poles aren't really bringing up the truth. People are saying he betrayed Michael, which means they think he's gay and Klein shouldn't have told people about it. Then again, people don't believe this Jason guy, even if they've just said Michael is gay!?! So if peope think Michael is gay, why do they think Jason is lying?!?
Posted at 3:05 AM on May 2, 2010 by aasd

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Wouldn't you consider encouraging and selling a false tabloid story for their own financial gain and fame a betrayal? Arnie Klein is supposed to be one of Michael's friends.

1598 days ago


Michael always used to say I AM NOT GAY. Maybe he was, I don't know, it is not our business. But come on people, if I was Michael Jackson, I would never go with the man like this one. I think, Dr. Klein just want to make MJ kids disappointed by REAL FATHER Michael (what will never happen)and take kids (not necessary :)) and MJ's MONEY...

1598 days ago


I just pray God this rubbish is not biological father of the eldest two.

1598 days ago


To be honest I do not care if MJ was gay or not, that makes no difference to the world, but what I do know is that Klein would do anything to stay in the limelight and he says whatever he wants about MJ since he can not respond to him anymore! That Jason guy could be attractive if he was 150 pounds lighter, otherwise he's nobodys type!!! On the other hand, now I'm certain that MJ's kids are not Klein's, since MJ wanted the best genes for them, I'd go with the Brando theory: talent, good looks and brain.

1598 days ago


To applecider:
You reminded me of something else about MJ being gay. The man he chose to produce and direct some of his music videos is a well know producer and director of GAY PORN. Go figure! The man's name is Marc Schaffel and was also a business partner of MJ!

1598 days ago


This is for mjfanalways:

You say that MJ always told the truth when interviewed? Really? He was notorious for always LYING when interviewed.
Here is one example. He was asked several times "what plastic surgery have you had done?" and he replied NONE except for a small cleft put in his chin for medical reasons". What bull****! First, what medical condition requires a HUGE cleft to be put in one's chin? Second, that nose has been worked on dozens of times both to reduce it's size, make it thinner, make it a completely different shape, repair it, and ultimitately make a new nose because his original one completely fell apart and collapsed. No cosmetic procedure on those lips? REALLY? Assuming he had vitiligo (which he didn't) that disease results in patches of light skin. There's no patches on MJ.. he had his entire visible body bleached and re-bleached. Those eyes.. they have been worked on so much that they look like they are going to drop right out of their sockets. He had a self-loathing body image and was a severe drug addict. Even if you are in denial about him being a pedophile, you must admit that he had inappropriate relationships with young boys.

1598 days ago


This is a new freakin low for TMZ! I am now officially through with this garbage. How dare you talk about MJ like this! This is an absolute betrayal. If MJ wanted people to know he was gay, he would have come right out and said so himself!

Klein is an idiot who is about to lose the little empire he worked so hard for. He is going off of walking in on MJ in a doctors office with his shirt off???!!! It was Kleins employee in a room with a shirtless MJ. Imagine that! Someone has their shirt off in a doctors office. ROTFLMAOOOOOO!!!!

So what if he was!! Is this the first person in a world of billions of people who you have ever known to be gay????!!! Why is it SUCH a big deal if HE was???!! This is breaking news indeed. NOT!!!!! He wont lose a single fan over this! But feel free to keep trying!

EPIC FAIL! MJ IMO was NOT gay! UGGGHHH. How 'bout some REAL news for a change? LEAVE MICHAEL THE HELL ALONE! We love you MJ no matter what! Gay or straight you are beautiful Michael!!

1598 days ago


Isn't Arnie Klein gay, too?

1598 days ago


If you can listen to the words in his songs ,you will see how his mind worked "heal the world "we are the world " ,"lost children ", "man in the mirror""earth song "and so on ,you will see the way of his thinking ,it's not that shallow low level of 2 dreedy people who will sell their mother for 5$
Michael was on the top of levels ,he saw life in different colors then usual people ,he was kind of holy , and he came to this world to show what we did with us /our planet / our souls ,but he was misunderstood and not accepted ,because people live on low vibrations and understand unfortunately only language of money and material world

1598 days ago


Debbie Rowe knows this pair of s*** better than anyone as she worked for Klein for many years, and Pfeiffer was Klein's office manager.
If this story has made her angry enough to complain about it to MJ's Estate attorney, then that speaks volumes to me.
Klein and Pfeiffer want to be careful that she doesn't spill the beans on their relationship and possible/probable collusion to discredit her former husband.
That phonecall of Klein's to Harvey mid-show the other day looked totally rigged to me. B.S. story, that's what I say.

1598 days ago


We just talking here he was gay or he was straight. Don't you think Michael never managed to find a partner, woman or man. There is also the third kind of people, maybe he was frigid and died a virgin. And it's OK, he is not the only one. And he used a donor to have children, because he couldn't have his 'own'. And this is OK,there is millions of men who cant do it. And sperm doesn't make you A TRUE FATHER.
We love you Michael, because YOU WERE A FATHER and A GENTLEMAN.


1598 days ago


Death threats huh? I don't feel sorry for either of them. I only hope one person isn't just bluffing. I just want to put out there to any person with extreme love in their heart for Michael Jackson and access to weaponry or poison is probably going to kill this man and who can blame them? If you don't have the need or courage to say something about someone when he's alive have the decency to leave it alone once he's dead. Plus, they are both two humongous liars. Yes there's going to be a killing spree and Klein and Conrad Murray will probably fall. Believe me if they were to get caught Michael's fans would fund the best legal team, keep your prison commissary stocked and do everything to give you a comfortable life. I'm thinking a temporary insanity plea would work.

1598 days ago


Of course Michael was not gay.
Arnold Klein is a liar same as Jason , doing this for money.
I think Klein is in love with Jason.

1598 days ago
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