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Conan O'Brien on NBC-- It Was 'Toxic'

5/1/2010 1:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Conan O'Brien says he wouldn't have done what Jay Leno did to him -- and that there was nothing NBC could have done to repair his relationship with the network.

Conan sat down with "60 Minutes" to discuss the "Tonight Show" fiasco and how he felt he needed to part ways with NBC no matter how they went about things.

The full interview airs tomorrow night.


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And then Conan does the same thing to George Lopez and that's okay because Lopez says it's okay? Not. Stop calling the kettle black, Coco. Jay didn't do anything to you that you aren't doing to George Lopez.

1635 days ago


I believe that´s why bush was elected twice as president because these people don´t have class and they´re ignorants!!!
I if Leno fans see the real truth!!!
Leno is Rat and a big jaw lair !!! end the story!!!!


1635 days ago


WA WA WA quite your crying, your ratings sucked get over it!

1635 days ago


Conan take your millions from the company you hate and go home, quit whining and deal with the fact that your ratings sucked! YOU did DO the same thing to Jay when you signed your deal years ago to take over his time slot. Did he whine and cry? NO because he is a man and you are a spoiled child.
There are people who are losing their jobs, homes, businesses and you are still complaining as you leave with your millions? Get a grip!

1635 days ago


Conan, grow up and be a man. You didn't make the numbers. Is it okay to bump somebody at 11:00, when you're whining about Jay 'bumping' you?
You didn't make the numbers, man. Get over it, you whining, sniveliing baby.

1635 days ago


Conan is such a two-faced baby. First, he took Jays tonight show. Second, he quit because he did not like the time slot they moved him to and lost the jobs of all the people that worked with him. Third, he is doing the same thing to George Lopez. As far as i am concerned George is better than Jay and Conan. So in conclusion, Conan is the one who has been the cause of all the schedule changes. I wish he would shut up!

1635 days ago


I wish he would stop being a cry baby.. he is not as funny as jay.there is no story here. i cant believe tmz actually has it on their web page. must be a slow news week

1635 days ago

Bob Loblaw    

Everyone keeps b!tching about the $30 million severance. You do know one of the MAJOR reasons NBC decided go keep Jay on-board was because his deal was FAR richer than Conan's, right? If they had jettisoned Jay he would have collected $150 million. Would you chin-lovers be sniping at Jay if he walked away with that kind of cash?

It was cheaper for NBC to let Conan go than Jay. Period.

1635 days ago


Some how I do not feel sorry for this muti millionaire. He comes of like a spoiled kid, who feels intitled...

1635 days ago


Christine- Ignorants is not a word. I think you mean ignoramuses.

1635 days ago


Am I missing something? Conan didn't have a problem moving in to Jay's spot, and now Jay is getting it back. How does that make Jay the bad guy??????????? He's just getting back the spot he had in the first place.

1635 days ago


Conan did exactly the same thing to Jay that he is complaining about. He took a time slot and show away from Jay in the first place and couldn't produce the ratings especially beating Letterman which was critical for the advertising revenue. The focus has been on Jay and Conan and not the disastrously expensive corporate decisions that rearranged the schedule .Let the focus be on Conan and Jay not on their boss and executive who made these disastrous decisions that cost big bucks and ignored what the people who are watching want to see.But the most gracious person has been George Lopez who was also moved to a new slot because Conan wanted it.George has been a gentleman and has welcomed Conan even though Conan repeated his takeover at NBC and moved George so that he could have the time slot.The biggest gaffe was by the NBC executive who decided to cancel one of the best new shows in television which was Southland.That was the biggest mistake and it is obvious that these people do not watch their own shows or consult anyone who does actually watch television. That was the biggest blooper. That was the biggest Fail. from enjay

1635 days ago


Wow I have lost all respect for Conan....

He forced Leno out of his job first and now is upset Leno jumped to take it back..

whatever your ratings showed how good you were... sad thing is you lost your own viewers to Jimmy Fallon...

thats sad..

1635 days ago


Conan stop whining it makes you look like a puss* You have a new show so be grateful.

1635 days ago

george fudge!    

Jay Leno is an arrogant and egotistical back-stabbing prick. Haven't bothered to watch a single show since he has been back.

1635 days ago
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