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Conan O'Brien on NBC-- It Was 'Toxic'

5/1/2010 1:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Conan O'Brien says he wouldn't have done what Jay Leno did to him -- and that there was nothing NBC could have done to repair his relationship with the network.

Conan sat down with "60 Minutes" to discuss the "Tonight Show" fiasco and how he felt he needed to part ways with NBC no matter how they went about things.

The full interview airs tomorrow night.


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Shut the eff up Conan. You received 30 some million severance, you're doing a comedy tour, you're getting a show in a few months, and you were a millionaire before all this crap started. Geez, me, me, me. Be thankful you've got what you have!

1605 days ago


Conan....STOP THE WHINING ALREADY!!!! So you lost (quit) your job. Big f**king deal. My husband & I lost our jobs & nobody gave us 45 MILLION to hold us over until we find another job. Every time I hear him moan & groan about his show, I want to throw up. Millions of people in this country lost their jobs & are losing their homes & he whines about Jay stealing his show. Please, When you lose your home & your kids have to live out of your car, then you can cry on my shoulder. Until then........SHUT UP!!!!!!

1605 days ago


I hate cynicism. This guy is the poster board for it, and his mug has aged in an angry, vengeful, hating kind of way. He just doesnt seem nor look joyous anymore. Dude got 17m to walk away, his employees got nearly 70k a piece, many who didnt work a month, and he's bitter?

Dude, I cant stand cynical people.

1605 days ago


Guess everybody (except Conan) knew he was going to fail the tonight show audience. Dude, you weren't even funny on The CO show. Jay did nothing to you and glad Jay is back.

1605 days ago


Conan needed to expand his comic routine for a wider, and larger audience, and would not take advice from Producers: Jack Coen, Stephanie Ross. Instead Conan would use under the overpass bum street people rumor, that most people don't get as funny.

1605 days ago


I don't watch these loser hosts. They demanded the lame positions because no intelligent talented person would host the sham shows. LOL

1605 days ago


Conan needed to expand his comic routine for a wider, and larger audience, and would not take advice from Producers: Jack Coen, Stephanie Ross. Instead Conan would use under the freeway overpass bum street humor, that most people don't get as funny.

1605 days ago


Poor Conan...ssob, ssob, sob.....he is all alone..s-sob...ssob...he's probably living in a cardboard box next to the train tracks....sob, sob...Oh, he received millions of dollars?...enough to buy bread and peanut butter for the family? Millions you say? Get a grip, boy, you are a wealthy man. People are jobless and struggling. You are wealthy and petulant... Where's the humor in that? Get over yourself!

Read more:

1605 days ago


He looks like hell! Then again, he's always been ugly, beard or not. It's due to his beady eyes, pasty skin and unsual bone structure.

I'm wearied of his "woe is me" tale. We get it Conan, you're aggrieved and still bitter about the way your relationship with NBC ended.

Well I've got some advice for you. Why don't you take your jeremiad and shove it up your butt! I'm tired of seeing your ubiquitious ugly face everywhere. Your "predicament" has no pathos, as far as I'm concerned, owing to your $30M parting "gift."

I'm sure you'll find a way to make do, with that amount of money. Possibly you could use it to wipe the tears from yours beady eyes LOL.

1605 days ago


Give Conan the same opportunity and he'd do the same thing. I don't understand why Conan's even complaining since he walked away with millions anyway. He's just a whiner as well as a loser. Jay's rating is now up 50% over what Conan's was; that says it all. Many people didn't like Conan.

1605 days ago


I am so sick of this WHINING idiot. Everybody has survived and moved on in his or her life. Conan, it's now time to get a LIFE!!!!!

1605 days ago


1. Coco didn't listen, what works late late night doesn't work for the Tonight show.
2. Coco didn't perform - he brought adolescent viewers, but lost mainstream viewers. NBC advised, Coco with ego didn't listen.
3. Coco was well compensated when he should been just fired. He was not funny by any stretch in the Tonight Show slot. Ratings are everything.
4. Jay Leno didn't do anything to him, he did it to himself, and now whines about his failure.
5. If Coco didn't learn from this personal failure, he is doomed to fail again. He needs to wise up, take responsibility, make corrections, stop whining and placing blame everywhere but on himself.

1605 days ago


"People are jobless and struggling. You are wealthy and petulant..." Ya like all the writers from Conan's tonight show that are now jobless, oh wait Coco used the money he made to do this tour and PAY the writers! you guys that are calling out coco are all jokes! Just because he got paid off doesnt mean he can't speak his MIND! I watched that interview and it hardly sounded like he is whining. AND if you really think Jay is funnier then conan then you are HIGH! Jay makes jokes that aren't edgy and the only ones that like them are kids and grandparents.

1605 days ago


Yeah, sure Jay is much funnier than Conan. He only steals all of his material, including Headlines and Jay Walking from other people like Howard Stern because he's lazy, not because Conan's got more funny in his pinky finger than Jay has in his whole body. Yep. Totally.
And you say Conan is WHINING to 60 minutes. Well what was Jay doing on Oprah after the debacle, hmm? I've never seen so much whining and sobbing in my life.
You also say Conans ratings were declining so it's his fault that he got kicked off the Tonight Show. Did you ever once consider the terrible lead-in he had? Oh, and maybe I should point out that during the last week of Conan's Tonight Show, it recieved more ratings than Leno can even come close to.
And so what if Conan got a payout when he left? He used a lot of that money to help his staff out who also lost their jobs. Just like when he helped them during the writers strike. And what did Jay do during the strike? Nothing. Except probably polish his thousands of expensive sports cars. You want to talk about money? Well there you go. Your giant-chinned hero is a freakin billionaire, and yet he still feels the need to steal back a once honoured and dignified franchise. Why does he not retire like he said he would years ago? Maybe two million cars aren't enough for the poor guy. He needs another hundred or so.
Conan has got more class than Jay The Rat can ever dream of having. He is a good man, and it's not his fault that there are some people who are too thick-headed to see that.
I'm going to end this rant from a quote from Rosie O'Donnell. And to all of you Jay Leno fans, if you are all smart enough to read, which I doubt, I can only hope you'll realize what an enormous mistake you're making.

"That is not (Jay Leno's) bus. That's a 60-year old bus... and if you're lucky enough to drive it, and they say
'hey, you're done', you give the keys back and say thank you. You don't flatten the tires of the guy who comes next."
-Rose O'Donnell, Jan 28, 2010

1605 days ago


What bothers me the most is the double standard that was used with Conan. Jay's ratings were in the dumps when he first took over for Carson. It took him 2 years to get an audience. Conan was only given six months! Six months to establish an 11:35 base isn't enough time! He should have been given the same opportunity Jay was given!

NBC and Zucker are not thinking long term. Leno can't possibly host the show for much loner due to him getting up there in age. Conan spoke to a new generation, much like Leno spoke to a new generation when he took over. Who is going to take over the show when Leno leaves? There is no way Jimmy Fallon is being given the keys...

1605 days ago
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