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Conan O'Brien on NBC-- It Was 'Toxic'

5/1/2010 1:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Conan O'Brien says he wouldn't have done what Jay Leno did to him -- and that there was nothing NBC could have done to repair his relationship with the network.

Conan sat down with "60 Minutes" to discuss the "Tonight Show" fiasco and how he felt he needed to part ways with NBC no matter how they went about things.

The full interview airs tomorrow night.


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Uhh? Wtf is 60 minutes ? , what network is that on ?!?!?!

1601 days ago

kevin reilley    

if your ratings were any good you would still be hosting the show !! you suck, your not funny and stop whining.. you received millions of dollars to go away, just do it !!

1601 days ago


I HAVE TWO WORDS TO SAY TO YOU CONAN, GROW UP!!!! Face your defeat like a Man and stop crying on everyones shoulder. You were not good and David Letterman was taking over the ratings. Hopefully you learned from your mistakes and will start acting your age and have a show that Adults will enjoy instead of having a show for the kindergarden crowd.

1601 days ago


Im happy to have my mediocher job...and generally the employer tells YOU what they want done. Thats why they pay me just over minimum wage! and holidays wtf is THAT lol? Still I know in this economy what I do have is a blessing others only dream of and I would be a fool to complain about it.

1601 days ago


I used to watch the Conan Show and I loved him back then. even had a cartoon version as my screen saver. I knew he wouldn't be liked on The Tonight show because his hair started receding and the close up skit he would do started showing a rather old and ugly conan. The only thing I miss now is the string dance but I can do that myself in my full scale mirror :) basically I knew he wouldn't last.

1601 days ago


If Conan was fired the ratings for Leno would have dropped off the cliff, and both Conan, and Leno would be out of work bums walking on sunset after dark, wondering what happened. The only way to save Leno was to give Conan a large compensation gift to save the tonight show for Leno. The rats at NBC are playing mind games with their audiences, and revenues from advertisers to keep his phony bus called the tonight show rolling.

1601 days ago


What did Conan expect, that NBC would give him back the Tonight Show if Jay had said no?
Maybe since they told Jay he was losing the TS in five years, at Conan's 'request.'
NBC is at the heart of this mess, but Conan is the one who set it all in motion.
He needs to stop the whining and move on.

1601 days ago


Money can't buy grace & love for Leno.
Useless late shows. Greedy untalented network clowns, bad writers & yawn-fest guests.

1601 days ago


And in that less than 2 minute sound bite, Conan comes across as more honest and humble and decent than Jay Leno did in one entire hour of speaking to Oprah.

WTG, Conan.

1601 days ago

Michael Schwartz    

60 Minutes is leaps and bounds over they all the competition. They get the most interesting reports....cutting edge!!

1601 days ago


Good grief, didn't the ginger kids mother ever remind him, "Nobody likes a whiner!" *rolls eyes*

1601 days ago


Conan grow up.This is not a sandbox.

1601 days ago


Can't even watch Leno or Letterman. There like comics from the 1930's.

1601 days ago


@King, Dave calling Jay a hack is the proverbial pot calling the kettle black. I used to like Dave back in the '80s... but he's been doing the same old shtick even since then and it's not even remotely funny anymore. Jay really isn't that funny either, but he's a riot compared to Letterman's tired old act and he's a better interviewer too. For Christ's sake Dave's still throwing pencils at the camera and laughing like an idiot. When was the last time that was funny? 1983???

1601 days ago


I look at him here in this picture and I think, hmmm, Stellan Skarsgård, wonder what he's up to.

1601 days ago
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