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Las Vegas Bikini Contest -- All You Need to Know

5/1/2010 4:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wet Republic at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino was home to SpyOnVegas Hot 100 bikini contest yesterday. Enjoy ..


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They all look the same. Only thing somewhat different are hair colors. Oh and the few ranges in boob size. Other than that, eh.

1544 days ago


If a guy wanted to date anyone of these women, he'd better have a credit card with six figures of credit available to spend on them. Credit check required before the first date. Please don't show up in a "normal" car thinking she would give you the time of day. Money talks and BS walks!!

Every guy wants a hot young babe on his arm, but most of them can't afford one.

1544 days ago


I bet they all are very smart, rofl!!!

1544 days ago


Thank you!

1544 days ago


I agree with Proud2BeFemale - why can't TMZ do something for us women and post pics of some good looking men? I'm tired of looking at all these stupid bimbos that all look fake. Harvey, I'm surprised YOU'RE not complaining too!

1544 days ago



1544 days ago


back row L-R: angry plastic sweet scary nice hat sagacious howyoudoin
front row L-R: not bad, better, pickinupspeed, speed bumb, winnah

1544 days ago


Geeeesh.....they DO all look exactly alike, the're clones. How sad. Don't get me wrong, I am blonde and slim too, but I sure don't look like these barbie dolls.

1544 days ago


These shallow and worthless trollops, warrant not even a passing thought ... rather, let us look to what's really important at the moment ... how did the "Buddhist" play as well as he did at the Masters ? Though dumbfounding at first, when you stop to think about it, perhaps it wasn't really so surprising after all, if you consider that he probably played at least 25-30 practice rounds at Augusta during the weeks prior. There's no doubt that he and his team likely put "everything" they had into hitting a "home run" there, thus hoping to restore his credibility and image, etc. It was a "one time" opportunity at redemption, that they knew they had to seize. Unfortunately for them, they came up short ... and after the months of hard work and preparation, that must have been extremely deflating and very damaging for them. What we saw yesterday (ie: a defeated and dejected Tiger) is merely the reality of where we are today ... and it's likely to only get worse, from here on in. I hate to say this, but I've got an uncomfortable feeling that this may all eventually end like OJ ...

1544 days ago


What's with #41? Her bathing suit is not doin her any favors... Plus, she looks more like a MILF than a bikini contestant

1544 days ago


Never seen so many implants in one place. These girls look like carbon copies of each other! Nothing special here.

1544 days ago


It's clear there are more males on staff at TMZ. Why not reciprocate us females with nothing but men of all ages sporting big bumps. Same deal...riiiight?

1544 days ago

Lilarose in Oregon    

Why would a young woman puff up her breasts with silicone, deny any future babies the opportunity for life-giving and saving mother's milk, then look like a floosey or a chippy, then look even worse when they get old? Alot of men don't like the puffies. They like a natural breast--natural body, really, because they like the woman in that body, not what the doctor ordered.

They look like tramps.

1544 days ago


It is truly sad that we have completely lost all sense of individuality. These people all look like clones. Take a good look at your local news and you'll see the same thing. Way too much silicone, botox, plastic surgery. Sad, sad, sad.

1544 days ago


In their defense, it extremely RARE that ANYONE looks perfect in broad daylight! The lighting is harsh and unforgiving. As a woman, I too find it nice that all of them have at least a little cellulite, and as far as the plastic surgeries, it's their bodies and they can do what ever the hell they want to it. Why do you care? I think they are HOT!

1544 days ago
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