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Barack Obama

The President of Comedy

5/2/2010 10:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

President Barack Obama isn't worried about his approval rating here in the United States, because he's still well-loved in the country he was born in. *RIM SHOT!!!

Barack killed at last night's White House Correspondents' Association Dinner -- even lobbing a few grenades Jay Leno's way.

Afterward, we got Scarlett Johansson as she made her way through fans and autograph seekers -- where our camera guy threw out a pretty interesting wager ...


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#125 Anita Dunnce is a Muslim Terrorist.

McCarthy has spoken

1608 days ago


I don't want to say that Obama is ****ing stuff up, but most days when something serious happens he looks like my dog when I ask him questions and he tilts his head. It was aaallll gooood in the hood when he first came to office cause he had all his whiny liberal shmucks following him but even they're turning on him as the Gulf goes to hell in an oily slip and slide.

1605 days ago


Is it just me or does something seem suspicious with this oil spill? The “explosion” happened only shortly after offshore drilling was declared and ready to start. Why should we pass up the option that enviromentalists are to blame, because they most likekly are. If you have seen any of their protests in history or the crap they get angry over, it does not seem completely out of the question that they would tamper with an oil rig. Now, they are even more mad, when it could have possibly been initiated by some of them. Why would an oil rig explode after nearly a decade after the last one, which wasn’t even as bad as this one (The Exxon spill)? Someone tampered with something: the government or enviromentalists. Both are corrupt and are capable of such a disaster. It is too much of a coicidence for this to happen after offshore drilling is declared. I do not believe in conspiracy theories, but I do believe in vengance, arrigance and greed and people taking action on it’s behalf while destroying other things in the process. I believe in enviromentalists doing this to prove a point and getting way out of hand, and I also believe in the government doing this so they can keep drilling overseas so the gas prices can remain high so big companies can keep making money. We have NASA scientists and many others for a reason, why are they not taking advantage of all the scientists here to try and come up with a solution to this problem (before August)? This whole situation is ridiculous, and if people cannot handle an oil spill, then I don’t know how they will handle anything bigger than one. Like I said, I don’t think it was a freak accident and I think that the person(s) responsible should be held fully accountable and recieve some jail time, or in the case of the government, some dissimals from office.
How does Hollywood and the media tie into this you ask? Well, Hollywood really doesn’t give a **** because if they did they would be doing one of their little telethons to help people who are affected, but like I said in a recent post, they only do that when THEY are the ones affected because they are selfish. The news media is only telling part of the story as always, and only telling people what they want to hear and nothing else. I will say it again: Government controls everyone, Hollywood controls media and media reports what Hollywood and the government tell them to. So congrats you guys, you are controlled... you don't control yourselves. BTW, they ARE trying to impeach Obama. I cant even say his name without getting pissed off that f****ing assh***e! I'd be ashamed if I voted for him.

1578 days ago


How is Obama a communist?? That is very laughable! Being originally from another country does not mean he is NOT an American! He has decided to move the war to Afghanistan where it should have been ALL ALONG!! That is where bin Laden is, and there is PROOF of that! Both Bush Sr. and Jr. were friends w/ the bin Ladens, and many members of the Taliban! Bush could have prevented 9/11!! He was warned, I have seen the do***ents. He and his dad are complete idiots! It'll take MANY years to clean up the messes made by George W. Probably many presidents! Put a republican in office, and that is what happens: The USA is a hot mess and relations w/ other countries too! You ALL know it's true!

1578 days ago


Jen, You completely delusional! Environmentalists tampering w/ the oil rigs?! You have got to be kidding! That is AGAINST everything they believe in..which is preserving and protecting the environment in it's natural state.. Thanks for that, that was actually it wasn't a "totally" useless comment you made!
BP is the one at fault, plain and simple. That is like saying someone put a gun in someone's hand and pulled the trigger for them! LMAO!

1578 days ago


what proof do you have that bush knew bin laden personally, besides crappy media stories that are 99.99% false? unless you can cite these sources for me that are legitimate, your comments are ignorant remarks and completely useless. America is ignorant, and that is what is wrong with it. On your remark about republicans: put a democrat in office and they cut college funding (and I know about this because I am a college student and I witnessed it first hand), tax people more (obviously, you don't have to be a republican to know that), spend more money on unecessary "projects" that drives up the defecit (like the shovel ready projects that never got halfway started or finished & the complete failure of the cash for clunkers proram), and give hollywood more money than they already have and that is why celebs like them so much because they make more money when dems are in office. (this last comment coming from several teachers at my film school I attended) At least I back up my facts dumb ass. Comment me back, I dare you, because I have a whole list of things they do wrong. Both parties get things wrong, but it is what they each stand for that makes a difference. Jen, I agree with you except for the environmentalist part, but the rest of it is pretty much spot on. I wish people on here would learn to talk more eloquently when trying to communicate with someone, maybe the government should put more money towards education if this is how people converse. (Sorry if I used some BIG words in there for you). College does wonders people... how about trying it, hmm?

1578 days ago


BTW... I am a different Jen than the one who posted before. Just wanted to inform you so that you crazies would not try to accuse the wrong person, because that's all you obviously know how to do.

1578 days ago


"Jen", why don't you use a different name then, so people can address the right person for certain comments? I use a different one each time, myself..

1578 days ago


Connie, I agree with you! Too bad there are too many uneducated nincompoops around spouting their drivel.........
Our president happens to be extremely witty and intelligent and is doing his best with the crap he was left with from the failures of the last administration.

1525 days ago
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