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Elin Nordegren Runs Away ... to Sweden

5/2/2010 10:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With divorce reports looming, Elin Nordegren -- loving wife of Tiger Woods -- went jogging around her native Sweden yesterday.

As we first reported, construction crews began renovating the home Elin owns there ... perhaps an indication she plans to rebuild her life there.


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Keep running bitch

1644 days ago


Samantha: I'm not fan of Tiger but wishing death on someone is not cool. Wishing death on someone, especially someone you don't know at all, just shows how miserable you are. I feel sorry for you, really.

Rob: Your racism also spews out how miserable you are. Not only that but how pathetic you are. She is not ugly. Deep down, you know that, no matter how many times you say otherwise. Not only is she pretty but she also has a life, something you do not have.

As for her wearing Nike gear, that means nothing. I'm sure she has plenty of it being married to Tiger and all. It doesn't represent her support/non-support for him. If you have plenty of it and you like the brand, why not wear it?

1644 days ago


Good for her! Tiger F**ked her over. I like Tiger, but he's getting what he deserves, you gotta man up. Seriously, how can Tiger expect a wife to stay after his free for all... You gotta pay to play. Time to pay!

1644 days ago


Who cares............she has no education. She was just a glorified babysitter before she hit the jackpot. She got what she wants so let's not hear about her anymore.

1644 days ago


Waowww so many Cheetah lovers here who put the blame on the innocent victim of his sordid actions. Wake up please. This is your golfing hero who slept with more than 12000000000 sluts not the contrary. The villain is Mr Woods himself like it or not.
As for Elin I wish her the best and hope she goes far away from this disgusting pervert and this country of degenerates who still support his jackass.
If you have any ounce of decency you wouldn't trash Elin like you do. She was the only one who acted with grace and class throughout this scandal.

1644 days ago


Scoobie why are you posting your stupid comments if you don't care ! You sound as stupid as the golfing nuts who can't live without the greatest jackass that ever lived.
Yes Elin will be rich and first and foremost she will have her self esteem when she leaves.

1644 days ago


Oh please, Nubian King.

I believe the word you are looking for is rationalization.

You would have 0 chance with a woman like Elin, so you RATIONALIZE the rejection in such a way as if you would not have wanted her in the first place. It protects your self-esteem because you are unable to deal with rejection from white women.

You're so transparent it's hilarious.

Elin is hot. White women are hot. Black women are hot. Hotness exists in all races.

"Also by the way thought you wish to stay in do know that europeans are INBRED MUTANT ALBINOS....NO JOKE.......This is a scientific fact..."

Just because you say it is, doesn't make it a scientific fact. You clearly do not get the meaning and weight of the words "scientific fact." For something to be scientific fact, it has to be proven (which it has not), and it has to be replicated several times (which it has not because it has not been proven).

You have 0 of a legitimate, scientific voice, therefore your OPINION does not matter. Don't go spewing your OPINION around as if it's fact.

If Europeans are inbred, then so are any other group. Asians are inbred. Africans are inbred. By the way, why don't you go look up the SCIENTIFIC definition of inbreeding, and then get back to me.

But judging by your self-esteem issues, just like you can't handle rejection, you won't be able to handle corretion either. Therefore you will reject logic because it doesn't fit into the thoughts and rationalizations you created for yourself to help deal with the fact that you are a negligible human being.

1644 days ago


You go girl and run away as fast as you can from Tiger. He is a loser and will suck at golf from now on. Run like the wind and all the best to you and your children.

1644 days ago


Elin knew Tiger was a player when she married him. She was just looking at the $$$$$ signs.......What makes her any different from the other women he screwed around with. Maybe someone should look into who she has been screwing around with........she ain't nothing but a goal digger...shw ain't messing with no broke

1644 days ago


Elin Nordegren - "went jogging around her native Sweden yesterday" . . . Ummmm, . . . you mean, she made a lap around the entire country???????????? Just kidding!!! She is beautiful, and seems to be a lovely young woman, . . . wish her the best, always.

1644 days ago


lol, Nubian King you are so easy, it's almost not even worth responding to you.

Where did you find that study, did you Google it?

Just because something is a study does not mean it's scientifically sound, nor accepted in the scientific community.

I'm well familiar with that study. The question is, are you familiar with the scientific backlash of that study? Clearly not, if you dared to cite it as support for your argument.

Here, I'll touch upon a few problems with it.

1) Sample size is too small, almost negligible, therefore statistical significance cannot be determined (look that up, those might be big words for you).

2)There was no random sampling. Look that up.

3) There was selection bias. Look that up.

The thing is that, Blacks living in America have been diluted. But the last time I checked, Blacks living in America are not the only Blacks. Nor are whites living in America the only whites.

Are you aware that two white people or two black people can vary genetically more so than a white person and a black person?

Are you also aware, that in some ways, Blacks do have superior genetics for the area that they live in (for example, resistance to malaria with sickle cell). But the same goes for Whites in European environments. It's called adaptation.

Are you also aware that most Western (predominantly white countries) outlawed sleeping with close relatives. Yet most African countries have not? In fact, some encourage it.

Are you aware that most autosome recessive disorders have higher prevalence in colored groups? Do you know what autosome recessive is? It's when you get two recessive traits from each parent which cause the phenotype to be expressed. It usually happens when the parents are close in genetic composition...they both have at least one recessieve allele, and together they make two to pass down to the kid. And this is higher in non-whites. And you're saying whites are inbred?

And if you're going to bring science in to it, why don't you address the fact that THE GENERAL SCIENTIFIC CONSENSUS IS THAT THERE IS NO SUCH THING BIOLOGICALLY AS RACE. IT DOES NOT EXIST IN BIOLOGY AND SCIENCE. Thousands of studies have tried to find racial differences, BUT THERE ARE NONE.

So being scientific yes, I am definetly anti-racism, and We are the World. The last time I checked, that's nothing to be criticized. This thing which you're trying to do, trying to put down a group...there is no point to it. You do not win anything. You only perpetuate hate that shouldn't exist...the same hate that you probably experienced yourself to get you to be so bitter.

1644 days ago

Yes indeed!    

"whateverpeeps" WELL SAID! BRAVO!!! ;o)

The guy has no proven facts and is clearly a hater. 'nubian king' needs to lighten up and learn to be wise and some humility will not go astray. Sounds to me like he is racist in some way and is backwards too. It is people like him who are holding back good progress and development in an educated and civilized way.

1644 days ago


stay strong mama dont let that man bring you down you go girl tell that cheating tiger that lifes a 2 way street

1644 days ago


Are you going to ignore my comment Nubian King? Too many big words? Is it too painful to have your ignorance be corrected, therefore you're going to reject it completley?

You can keep talking bullsh**. But in the end, like I said, no such thing biologically as race. :) Thousands of studies have confirmed it. Thousands.

All I wonder is who the hell did what to you to make you so damn hateful. I'm a 5th year psychology student, and like I said, your issues are transparent.

1644 days ago

fran kaye    

Elin will not be able to move with her kids permanently to Sweden. It is illegal according to the law of the land. Tiger will have alot to say about that.

1643 days ago
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