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Elin Nordegren Runs Away ... to Sweden

5/2/2010 10:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With divorce reports looming, Elin Nordegren -- loving wife of Tiger Woods -- went jogging around her native Sweden yesterday.

As we first reported, construction crews began renovating the home Elin owns there ... perhaps an indication she plans to rebuild her life there.


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Oh no!    

Sheesh, people. Here are the facts regarding race: it does exsist. It is caused by variations in DNA that result in things like blonde hair, or black skin. The three main races of humans are African, Asian, and European. Africans show the widest variation of DNA. They are also the oldest race. Asians are second, Europeans are relatively new. In fact, blue eyes only evolved about 6,000 years ago as a mutation in a female. This is also why Europeans when cross bred with Asians, or Africans have recessive genes and this is why the children look like the African or Asian parents.

As for beauty, well, I have travelled all over the world and have seen beautiful women on every continent. I have slept with them too, and find that they are all pretty simular, with interesting variations that make them all the hotter. Personally, I never thought that Elin was all that hot. She is only a "7" in my book. To each their own.

1599 days ago


To all the fools out there,Elin will be sooooo well off after her divorce from Tiger that she can spend the winters where is warm and the rest of the year in Sweden. I hope she takes Tiger to the cleaners Big Time!!!!!!!!!
By the way, Is there any confirmation that this person is Elin? Because it could also be Josefin, Elin's twin sister.The woman in the photo looks heavier that Elin.

1599 days ago


Yeah I'm going to keep arguing with you because I clearly see now that not only are you racist and your opinions biased by your racism, but you also have no clue what the hell you are talking about.

Instead of keep thinking up new arguments why don't you address the counteraguments I made to the arguments that you already stated? Or do you accept my critque and admit that you are full of sh**t?

And lastly, "The general public have been skillfully mislead to believe that white skin is mankind’s anthropological model and should be coveted."

Actually no, the general public does not feel either way. The general public and the science community believes that different groups adapted to different environments.

There is more than one adaptive technique. That's why there is so much diversity in the animal kingdom. What whites are is what worked for them. What blacks are is what worked for them. To say that one is better than the other is stupid, there is no such thing. Evolution is not goal-oriented, but rather chance-oriented. The fact that they both exist means that both techniques are successful.

Also, nothing is permanent. As long as the environment keeps changing, so will the environmental pressures on humans, and techniques will change as pressures change. What is more adaptive today will not be tomorrow.

"However, recent research paints a picture of white skin that is just the antithesis of what people have been brainwashed to believe."

No it hasn't. It's just in your racially charged mind, you came to irrational conclusions contradicting the majority of science and would like to force that opinion on everyone else.

If you are truely stating facts, surely you will take the time to address my counter arguments instead of just ignoring them?

1599 days ago


Run Elin run. Your smart you know that Tigers not going to change, so hope you and your beautiful children can have a nice life in Sweden.

1599 days ago


I'm not going to keep arguing*

1599 days ago


You dummies can forget about Tiger being bad at golf.. He will still be bringing in bucks long after she hits the bricks....

Giver her some dough, maybe $1 million... and send her on her way... it's better for her and him...

Then he can get any *****cat he wants without any problem.... and you know the line will be 3 miles long.. chicks are predictable like that...

1599 days ago


Wishing you the best Elin!!I hope you and the kids will be happy there, and somehow find a way to fit that "schmuck" father Tiger into things so they are better grounded family wise.Apparently, his actions actually ARE bothering him...GOOD t(the douche b-g!!!

1599 days ago



Great posts. NuK got none of it, but other people did. It's similar to Judge Judy when she tries to explain the law to litigants, and they just keep repeating their story without listening. But the audience learns a lot about the law from her.

1599 days ago


she needs a tan

1599 days ago


#12 “Swedish girl”: I too live in the northern latitudes, near Canada on the west coast of the U.S. (Alaska). You’re right about little light in the winter and an abundance of light in the summer. We have clean air, beautiful scenery, healthful fish of all varieties, and a low crime rate.

I can imagine Sweden is a beautiful country also. I’ve read that Swedes are among the best looking people on earth, and that it is the best country for women to live in. With all those handsome men, I’m sure it is. I’m glad Elin is there, away from Eldrick Woods. I’m half Swedish. My father is a Minnesota Viking (not on the football team, just from Minnesota.

1599 days ago



1599 days ago


That IS NOT HER. It's a decoy, aka he sister, and yes that is a Nike logo. Some of you people are real jerks.

Nubian King- YOU are an inbred ass who must know what raping a woman sounds like first hand, you sick ****.
And if you don't like Sweden get the **** out- nobody wants your sorry ass there anyway! And don't come to the USA either, we don't want you here and in this country you won't get away with that attitude so easily.

1599 days ago


No way she's gonna live in the US- this is her home, she doesn't need all the crap we feed her over here;

She'll have $50M of Tigers' money and her kids- she's good.

Tiger? Two weeks of custody per year, ever other x-mas......

1599 days ago


This does not look like Elin!!!

1599 days ago


I hope she and the kids are having a safe good time there. It should be easier for her to rebuild her and the children's lives there, with her family.
They deserve some peace.

1599 days ago
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