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Elin Nordegren Runs Away ... to Sweden

5/2/2010 10:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With divorce reports looming, Elin Nordegren -- loving wife of Tiger Woods -- went jogging around her native Sweden yesterday.

As we first reported, construction crews began renovating the home Elin owns there ... perhaps an indication she plans to rebuild her life there.


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ELIN!!!!, ELIN!!!!, I LOVE YOU !!!!

1635 days ago


Nubian (ahem) “KING” has never set foot outside of the ghetto/the U.S., let alone lived in Sweden. LOL He’s an under-educated racist who hates those who don’t look like him, which explains why he hates Elin when she’s never done anything to him and is the victim in this sorry tale.

1635 days ago


She can't go to Sweden permanently, she has kids with Tiger and by law cannot move out of state let alone out of the country.

1635 days ago

Yes indeed!    

@ Proud2bBlack there's no such thing as Tiger being black & oriental. HE's african american & asian. Just and f.y.i.
Posted at 12:55 PM on May 2, 2010 by Proud2bBlack

Answer: -

well i guess all black people are "African - American" according to your f.y.i.
(Bruno the movie anyone!!!)

so all this time I have been calling myself part oriental for NOTHING?... do you even know what oriental means? it is not derogatory at least not in my own opinion...

i am going to take your advice and not argue with - you the fool.....

1635 days ago


Due to the unusual cir***stances of Eldrick's horrendous betrayal of his wife with scores upon scores of diseased women --- with the high number of women he had unprotected sex with, certainly some of them had sexually transmitted diseases --- I see no reason why Elin should be forced to stay in the U.S. If she got a good lawyer, I'm sure the court would go along with her and the children living in Sweden. Eldrick has a private jet, and he can visit the children in Sweden. He was busy screwing prostitutes and practicing golf and wasn't at home with his family anyway, so why should it matter so much now merely because he got caught in a double life?

1635 days ago


LOL- 120 that he ADMITS to.... Use the usual fudge factor of X3, and the Ho Count is prolly running closer to 400;

Gee, and people wonder why the quality of his golf has fallen off from circa-2002?

Wonder how soon before we start hearing about 20 Tiger Jrs popping up?

What an idjit....

1635 days ago


27. @Trisha

Actually Trisha it's shows that am pimping.....I have more reason never to get them pregnant. I send my europeans - wh-es to the doctor and recieve a stamped copy of the results and still where condoms..get it...

Also by the way thought you wish to stay in do know that europeans are INBRED MUTANT ALBINOS....NO JOKE.......This is a scientific fact...I know your group loves to stay in denial about many things...but you do know that...I am a genetic researcher by the dont let me bring out the cited studies......

Posted at 11:16 AM on May 2, 2010 by Nubian King


When is the experiment going to end leaving Nubian King types back in the trees?

1635 days ago

solar panel    

Tiger Woods had 121 women in addition to his marriage, that includes the youngin who is his neighbor in Florida. He paid off Rachel with $10,000,000.00, for silence on issues that could be even more damaging than what is known now. Clearly, Elin needs to take Tiger for a minimum of $500,000,000.00. Tiger considers Rachel worth $10 million as a slut, so how much does the wife get, including consideration for the two kids, and considering that Tiger created the marriage as a complete scam, ran his profiteering sponsorships based on a carefully constructed and maintained illusion and by keeping the whole thing secret, exposed Elin and the kids to the risks of sexually transmitted diseases? Anything less than $500 million is unimaginable. Elin may also have reason to take NIKE to court, perhaps other sponsors as well. Tiger lied about others not knowing about his affairs. Could be NIKE assisted Tiger's affairs being hushed up. That would be worth mega-millions right there.

1635 days ago


Well to bob comment #9 at least she won't have to change tiger's poopy diapers when he is older. Everybody ****s and someone has to clean it up.

1635 days ago


Joe/96 I agree. I'd think that people who don't bother to get married and have children with different sex partners would be more inclined to inbreed since the offspring of promiscuous parents don't know who they are related to. Hear that, Nubian "King" ??

1635 days ago


Who the **** cares what this lady does... Tired of hearing about her.

1635 days ago


Elin IS A GOLD DIGGER HOE! SHE PROBABLY SENT ALL THESE MISTRESSES TO TIGER DAMIT to cash in on Divorce, I don't trust her since day one.

1635 days ago


If Elin done moved back to Sweden, so she can start her life back all over again, that is a great idea. Her finding out that the man she married, had children with, cared about, and loved had cheated on her with several women, was devastating. He proved to her that he didn't care about her, the kids, nor about himself.

1635 days ago


@Nubian King ... please refer us to actual scientific literature that discusses the concept, "Inbred Mutant Albino". I can only find the past blogs of rejected suiters of white women. Why do you desire inbred mutant albinos ?

1635 days ago


@ Nubian King ... please refer us to the studies that discuss the concept, "Inbred Mutant Albinos". I am only able to locate old blogs and not actual scientific literature. PS .. sorry that white women have rejected you and caused you to be so bitter. Why do you desire white women if they are inbred mutants ?

1635 days ago
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