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Elin Nordegren Runs Away ... to Sweden

5/2/2010 10:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With divorce reports looming, Elin Nordegren -- loving wife of Tiger Woods -- went jogging around her native Sweden yesterday.

As we first reported, construction crews began renovating the home Elin owns there ... perhaps an indication she plans to rebuild her life there.


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Yeah right she was on top of something alright some dude's nuts.

Top model my ass, how the hell do you go from top model to a damn nanny, cow was a call girl.

1633 days ago


To the person or (dog)who posted comment 105 why don't you ask your momma, why she didn't dump your half breed sorry ass, since your father was a ****er spaniel and a mut.

1633 days ago


let's see she was a what nanny, yeah right she was looking for a payday and found it in that fool (Tiger).

I bet she would have left him anyway, don't think she's what people think she is (naive)

1633 days ago


It's likely her twin sister. The woman in the picture looks a little heavy (thighs) for Elin.

1633 days ago


To all of you who keep trashing Elin. There's an article in the Vanity Fair website about Cheetah's sexcapades. If you read it you will see what a remarkable human being Elin is !!!
She did nothing wrong and everybody knows that. You put the blame on her just to justify Cheetah's actions. I'm sorry but we aren't all dumb like you. A man who is capable to disrespect, dishonor his family like he did is not a man. If you think what he did is correct well I'm afraid you have serious mental issues.
It's a coincidence maybe but the week where he missed the cut by 8! shots there's a 20 year old Rory Mc Ilroy who blew the field to take the title.. What a breath of fresh air this young guy is. No arrogance and no disregard to the public. Cheetah didn't play and we didn't miss him. So now Cheetah better work on his game because not Mc Ilroy but yound Ishikawa - who shots 58 - will give him a very hard time. Karma is coming Tiger and frankly you deserve all the misery possible.

1633 days ago


anon, you do spew a lot of hate. It's shocking to think that you were a baby once. Just look at how you've turned out - how sad for you. You've left so many messages on here, insulting people's race and talking a lot of nazi crap. A little attitude adjustment might just be the ticket. Speaking of, maybe it's a good thing that you're 'anon'.

1633 days ago


Nubian King

I've never heard such stupid comments. Ever heard of Goebbels ???

Give him 2 minutes and he would turn your genetic results against Blacks with all proves of scientific character. He wrote a long time ago "It is not propaganda’s task to be intelligent, its task is to lead to success."
Its time to educate yourself.

As a woman let me tell you something, we are not on earth to attract some stupid men. You know our job is not to be pretty and looking out for some Americans to marry or just sleep with us. We have a brain and we work and lots of women nowadays being on equal terms with men.

By the way where ever I go here in Eu I see women who have flat and big butts.

1633 days ago


@Nubian King

If your black ethnicity is superior, then why is it that the land they inhabit is nothing more than a s**t hole full of disease and death (third and second world countries, who look to get help from those of white ethnicity (Americans/Europeans))?

As for your opinion on those of white ethnicity being inbreed mutant albinos, I have got news for you all humans are inbreed mutants to some extent, even those of black ethnicity. The HUMAN RACE, the only race, began when dinosaurs inhabited this planet. We are not the same now as then due to adaptation and mutations. All humans of today have genetics that have been traced back to the earliest descendants of our current make up, which inhabited the current continent of Africa. There is no actual proof that we has humans began life with black, white, brown, red or gray skin. Some scientists even have the belief the human race is the product of an ape, possibly a Neanderthal, and an extraterrestrial who happened to *********d leading to conception and later the birth of a new being, humans.

Put your prejudicial, ignorant, misinformed, nonfactual and biased opinions/propaganda up your ass. If you can't do that then go back to your forsaken land of Africa and f**k some more monkeys.

1633 days ago


Apparently f*rnicate, is a censored word, lol. Since it got replaced in my above post as "*********d"

1633 days ago


Isn't her unless she packed on 30 lbs.

Sweden is beautiful, people are intelligent, very progressive, modern society, no homeless or poor people it seems.

1633 days ago

Jesse James Hater    

Elin is no different than the other girls that used Tigers dumb ass.
Tiger is a moron. He thinks he is so great and all the ladies whant his black ass... Tiger, let me tell you the truth. You are a dumb ass. They only want your money. It is time to pay up and pay up you will. lol

1632 days ago


@ Nubian King, if your race is so superior, please tell me why you have the highest rate of AIDS?? I guess that's why Eldrick the lecher went after only white women, eh? Time to zip up and keep your pants on, you know, use restraint; ever heard of it?

You're the one who made this into a race war, black versus white, for what reason I don't know. You also sound like a misogynist. I'm a mixed race person, minority (not black) and Caucasian, by the way.

1632 days ago


Wish the best for ELIN..building her life half in Sweden and half in U.S..If she stays with that weired looking, big teeth, NASTY Tiger she needs REHAB. With the millions she'll get she can build a good life anywhere..

1632 days ago


This is not Elin you have caught on picture! Shape upboys! Hope the photographer got paid:)

1632 days ago


@Nubian King.... You sound like an absolutely wretched human being.

1632 days ago
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