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Lindsay Lohan's Dad Going for Conservatorship

5/2/2010 9:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Michael Lohan will be back in L.A. Monday ... and he's telling people he'll start the legal ball rolling to create a conservatorship for Lindsay Lohan.


Lindsay is in NYC but refuses to see MIchael ... and daddy Lohan says it's now time. 

As for a possible conservatorship, Lohan is telling people he'd gladly serve as the conservator but is open to someone else assuming that role.

Michael Lohan also says he does not want his daughter to go to jail. As TMZ first reported, Lohan is on the fast track for a jail cell because she has squarely violated the terms of her probation.  A court day of May 20 looms for Lindsay.

Michael wants Lindsay in rehab but not a traditional, group facility.  He wants to go the Brooke Mueller route -- a private home with lots of doctors.  What Michael isn't factoring in -- that type of rehab is bocu expensive and Lindsay is broke.


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Mind your French, TMZ: "Bocu" is not a word but "beaucoup", meaning 'very' or 'lots', is :)

1598 days ago


@ gimmeabreak: No one should ever make another person feel bad for being literate. People are just responding to what they read, & most people don't read every post that precedes theirs before doing so.

1598 days ago

Christina G.    

Is anyone else curious as to how Michael Lohan makes a living? He doesn't appear to have a job. He doesn't even know what a conservatorship is. If he did, he'd know that Lindsey is not even remotely eligible for one. TMZ, why are you giving this loser the time of day? Are you that starved for stories? Go find out how Michael Lohan makes his living, if you're that desperate.

1598 days ago


I think a c-ship would do Lindsay some good. However both Dina and Michael should not be a part of it. She clearly has issues with her parents. One enables her and the other...I don't even know what his game is anymore, but I don't believe his intentions are as noble as he would like us to think. Neither should get a say in how her estate or personal life are to be handled if a conservatorship goes through.

1598 days ago


A conservatorship is for financial assets. Apparently, Lindsay has NONE, therefore, a conservatorship is pointless. Further, I think Daddy Dearest would have trouble itemizing what she has/has not done for him to take over her finances.

She's an adult woman who has spent what SHE earned on what SHE wanted. Whether she's a druggie or not isn't the issue. She hasn't AGREED to a conservatorship (like Brittany probably did) and they can't prove that she is mentally impaired (even if she IS stupid) enough to not have control of her own financial destiny. She may have made horrible decisions, but they are HERS to make.

Daddy Dearest is doing nothing more than creating more of an abyss between himself and his daughter and needs to CHILL without getting in Lindsay's world of crap.

Let her sink or swim like every other adult in this world.

My guess is that this idiot will sink. Fast. I am NO FAN of Lindsay's at all. I can't stand her.

But a conservatorship? Uncalled for, and from what I've read up about it, not applicable without permission from the Conservatee or do***ented mental illness/incompentency (and that doesn't just mean partying every night or spending frivolously).

1598 days ago


@Kathy, fair enough but by the second page there's already four people correcting it and it just escalates from there. What good is being literate if you are to darn lazy to read what's been said? Besides "TMZ Staff" doesn't care how clever we are. If they did they would correct this kind of stuff. And besides most Americans who say catchy phrases like "Boocoo/bookoo/bocu expensive" don't have a clue what "beaucoup" means or how to pronounce it without sounding silly.

1598 days ago


@Mark - "Maybe someone will finally clean her vagina." - you do it, your the only one that's obsessed with her vagina.

1598 days ago


Lindsay may a bit on the wild side but she's not head shaving, walking around undressed crazy
This is just a case of a fame whoring man child making a grab for the money
If he cared about her he wouldn't be selling stories about her to the tabloids

1598 days ago


Michael Lohan can't even take care of himself,he owes back child support,back taxes,has been in and out of jail ,has beaten people up not to mention she should be ashamed of himself for airing out the family dirty laundry. How can he afford 2 lawyers one in n.y one in LA. If he has money why doesn't he pay his back taxes they should put him in jail. TMZ how much are you paying him for all this dirty Lanndry???? This guy is a complete as*SHOLE

1598 days ago


"lindsay has talent and can make a whole lot of money , more than britney , "
Idiots on here. Britney Spears has money. Lindsey has NONE. She is stealing from her "friends" because she is an entitled drug addict without the wherewithal to pay her own freight. Her credit cards are maxed out.
If Michael Lohan wanted money, he sure as hell wouldn't be trying to get it from his ex-C list daughter. Now she's strictly F-list, as in "f***** up"

1598 days ago



1598 days ago


Her conservatorship is already pending, it will start on 20 May. She will have plenty of conservators, they are called Corections Officers.
I hope the judge makes the jail keep her for more than the minimum, somehow they need to find space for her for the full half of whatever she gets.
I don't hate her but I do hate the idea that someone can thumb their nose at the court after admitting to the offenses she pled to. She got stinking drunk, went on a high speed drive, and when searched at the jail had a package of coke in her pocket. Best of all is that this was not the first time she was caught drunk and at the wheel. For that she did NO time and still refuses to obey the very soft sentence she got.
I would really like the judge to make the sheriff bring her back to court in jump suit and chains before her release. Let the world see that failure to obey the court will get you time in jail no matter who you are.

1598 days ago


i agree with the above

1598 days ago


So much for empathy! I know what it's like to have totally screwed up parents, you won't believe how twisted some people are.. and when you are going through such a mess it's hard to connect with people and that makes it worse, the only person who can help Linsay is Linsay she needs to realize that and not let the likes of Michael get to her.

1598 days ago


Does this guy work? What does he do to make a living?

1598 days ago
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