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Michael Lohan -- Jail Wouldn't Help Lindsay

5/3/2010 8:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan could be headed to jail for violating her probation -- and even though a trip to the pokey might scare her straight ... her father, Michael Lohan, doesn't think it would do her any good.


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Let's try it and see. If she doesn't learn, send her back for longer.

1635 days ago


None of you have met Lindsay, yet you are full of opinions on how she should run her life. Opinions that are derived from information obtained from a comic book maintained by a group of ignorant kids and an shrunken lawyer who hasn't been active in decades.

1635 days ago


Posted at 2:20 AM on May 3, 2010 by #TeamLindsay

Your dumbazz even calls Michael Lohan her "ex-dad" just like Lindsay does. Tell us, do you wanna be just like Lindsay? Is that why your name is TeamLindsay? Is that why you think you know every detail of her life and use the same terminology as her? Is that why you can't wrap your ignorant head around the fact that there is no drug testing with DUI's in California? There isn't in any state I've lived in actually. Besides, she can't manage to go to court ordered classes more than once every 21 days, do you really think she would be regularly getting tested? Seriously, pull your head out of your rear end once in a while.
It must be fun living in delusionville. Come see us in the real world sometime.

1635 days ago


We as a country have too many addicts in jail, and not enough dealers in jail. Jail will not help addicts. If anything it will make them worse. They need to be in forced lock down rehab. If nothing else, just to detox them so they can remember how not being drugged up feels like.
Putting an addict in jail only gives them access to worse drugs, allows them around people who will teach them how to hide their habits better, and depress them more. You will only end up with someone who is in worse shape, who is smarter about breaking laws(they did met people in jail, and they are further away from their family and friends. If we as country would force addicts immediately into lockdown rehab(not a you can leave if you want rehab), we would save money, would not have to have as many people in jail, and we could possibly help people.
Drinking and driving, throw them in jail. Taking drugs and not hurting anyone else, throw them in lockdown rehab.

1635 days ago


What she needs is treatment!!!

1635 days ago


Of course Michael knows that jail won't help Lindsay; he's been there and it didn't help him. Trying to fix the problem from its origination is always the best way. But I've never seen our government follow through on this idea before. They just pack them in jail and don't worry about what could have been done differently.

Lindsay needs to be loved, love, have purpose and know that life can be enjoyed without drugs, booze and hanging with friends who are not necessarily beneficial influences. She needs to feel the joy of being healthy, needed and productive. She is just a selfish loser, for now. If she makes it to 60, she'll figure it out, maybe.

1634 days ago


Jail would help both of them, he needs to jail and be put to hard labor.
Lindsay on the other hand should be sent to Colorado and put in a cell for 23 hours a day for 90 days this would cure her and her father would go nuts she'd go nuts too. The Lohan's are what you call the perect family. Both the mother and father are your ideal roll models.

1634 days ago


This little girl needs to understand she is not above the law, she has to obey the judge's orders like anyone else and if she doesn't comply she needs to go to JAIL! You cannot make someone rehab if they don't want to clean up, it has to be her choice - so, let her ungrateful little a$$ sit in jail for a while and think about how she's just another person, nothing special.

1634 days ago


Everyone keeps talking about jail for Lindsay. The charges she was put on probation for could be enough for her to go to prison not jail. Not likely but possible.
Jail will not help her but it will not hurt her either. If she gets sick enough in jail she will be hospitalized and could be released to some treatment. If not she will have time to think about her life and where she is headed.
The whole world is tired of the California courts and their ass kissing of people who are in the news, time for them to face the same reality that everyone else lives with.
Unless the judge does a "judge Sauer" she faces no more than 37 days, that is the length of time a woman given a year has to serve.

1634 days ago


Michael. Jail isn't for people who need help. Jail is for people who break the law. Lindsey, it's assumed, broke the law. And if she did then that's why she'll land her butt in the slammer.

1634 days ago


i do not think jail will help lindsay and i am not for making a example of her . i am not into this u ordinary people v.s celebrity comparison , harvey levin is starting to sound like a quack attorney like dr, drew is a quack doctor . prison would do michael lohan some good . go back and hang out with his friends . lindsay overall is tougher than paris , i think in handling prison. everyone seems to think there a expert in lindsay case . her dad should be in prison for acting like a thug , breaking into her apartment . plus posting she had sex at 17 with tommy mottelo and has hiv . part of this restraining order should have a gag order attached to it , preventing him from defaming his daughter or stalk her through the internet ,

1634 days ago


Are you people actually arguing about Ms.Lohan? Are you all unemployed?

1634 days ago


She belongs in jail anyone else would have done time for her crime. The way she is going they will find her dead or she wrecks a car in a family of 4 because she is drunk

1634 days ago


Lindsay will not get jail time, she has been in compliance of her probation. TMZ shout jail time from the rooftops but know nothing of what is being said between Lindsays lawyer, the right on progam or the judge. If Lindsay kept the right on program informed all along the way and made up any missed visits, nothing will happen, she's on course!

Regarding Lindsays 'problems' where is the evidence? Are we to take 'sources' devious scandal mongering trash talk as fact? NEVER!!! She goes out a lot, has rows with ex g/f, airs her annoyance on twitter, threw a drink and we all know paps get more money for a 'bad' pic rather than a normal one. I've see the pic of Lindsay falling over, I've also seen the video leading up to it and I can tell you the girl did nothing wrong. I've done ALL of that and no one is threatening me with a conservatoryship!

Lindsay is 23, she has the father from hell who enlists the help of TMZ and others for publicity and money. She is being bullied, and humiliated. Its time for this torture to stop.

1634 days ago

benjamin coult    

Well, Since lindsay lohan became out of control she needs to learn that hard way and that would mean going to jail.

1634 days ago
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