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Elin Nordegren -- One Big Happy Family

5/3/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Elin Nordegren continued her Swedish getaway today, hanging with her two kids and her mother in the town of Gavle.

In English, Gavle means "Place to get away from your cheating husband." We think.


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Jason Chambers    

Sweden is a dump.

1611 days ago


What an ugly, cruel thing Eldrick Woods did to his wife and children. If I were Elin, I'd still be reeling from the shock of such betrayal and humiliation. I don't know if I'd ever get over it. She deserves all of $500 million. It's the least the lecher can do for her for treating her the way he did. It's a shame she still has to deal with him until the children are grown.

1611 days ago


No she's not a goldigger. Cheetah pursued her many times and she turned him down.
Let me tell you one thing : the kind of guys like Tiger are non existent in Elin's world. She comes from CLASS and he comes from crass. Look at the cheap tarts he cheated with and you will have a very good indication of his standards - NOT VERY HIGH.
I wish her all the best. I have followed Tiger's career for more than 10 years and NEVER EVER I have heard or read something negative about her. She is TOO GOOD and TOO CLASSY for him. He needs to hook up with all the trashy stupid bimbos he seems to be attracted to. He will get the punishment and the misery he deserves so much.

1611 days ago


I think Tiger took at look at the Elin's Mom during Thanksgiving and thought how Elin would look in 30 years, then said, "fak thees sheet" and took off crashing the truck.....

That lady has been hit with the ugly stick. In fact, I believe she fell from the top of the ugly tree and hit every branch....

1611 days ago


the grandmom is kind of rough looking and why dont the kids ever walk anywhere...

1611 days ago


Tiger wins golf tournaments and beds women by the dozen. With that said you folks can go to your boring jobs and head home to your fat ugly spouse and talk trash about Tiger.

1611 days ago

b thomas    

hey polar bear..she still to this day dresses those kids in free Nike shoes and gear. Boycott that in your pipe and smoke it. props to Nike for sticking by the man. Tiger for "man of the year".

1611 days ago

b thomas    

makes me sick that she can run around the world with the kids however she wishes....whatever happened to 50/50? im pretty sure they are still his kids. he'll always have to pay but have no say. typical.

1611 days ago


Tiger's kids are just as light as Michael Jackson's kids, yet NO ONE ever wonders if Tiger is theír biological father or not. Just shows how incrediably unfair and cruel people are towards Michael Jackson as his kids. It's sad, especially since Michael Jackson was such a kind, giving person who never wanted to harm anyone and always wanted to help people. I don't know why people have to be so mean to MJ and his kids? Don't know what their motivation is, but it is just really unfair.

I wish TMZ would compare the kids in pics to show people that MJ's kids are just as light, so that people will see and hopefully realize that biracial kids don't always have to be DARK (if people are too stupid and ignorant to know that by themselves...).

1611 days ago


With all that $$ they all look like white trash!

1611 days ago


The SOB could have at least worn a condom while doing the nasty with an army of prostitutes, couldn't he? He didn't even have an ounce of respect for his wife by doing a simple thing like that, the ignorant bast@rd.

For Eldrick's supporters, thanks for showing your true colors by making fun of the victim, Elin, and her family. It shows that racism is still alive and strong in the U.S.

1611 days ago


what did she think was going to happen ...she hooked up with a no good coon

1611 days ago


I wished they could have worked it out but even if they will not be together I hope they can be civil adults when it comes to the children. Im still praying for them

1611 days ago


OMG people Leave Elin, kds & Tiger alone. It's so over & done.

1611 days ago


First OFF EVERYONE HAS NOT CHEATED...I'm not a cheater. Nobody cares about Tiger Woods money, the point is he betrayed his family and he is a sorry excuse for a father, to even bring embarrassement and shame onto them. Money doesn't take back with he did. Tiger is a loser, and if he wanted to be a whore he should have stand single. Elin move forward with your kids, he isn't needed no man is.

1611 days ago
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