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Halle Berry -- Single, Mother

5/3/2010 9:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry enjoyed a little rec time with the little lady in her life, daughter Nahla, on the beach in Malibu yesterday.

They make a beautiful pair.


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Halle found out that she and Gabe were looking for the same thing...A GOOD MAN!!! He'll be out the closet soon enough.

1573 days ago


I am so sick of that butch haircut. I really don't care to see another picture of her.

1573 days ago



U buggin.. that meat on her legs is perfect... all she gotta do is lose that stomach and she's good to go..

1573 days ago


I am sorry to comment (so don't!), but this woman has such a pathetic romantic history! She was absolutely in love with one guy she married, an athlete, only to have him mistreat her (beat her?), abuse her. She tried to commit suicide, but "while in the car (I paraphrase) and waiting for death I thought of my mother," and she didn't go through with it. She has been so victimized and this and that, and would never marry again, oh, poor me, me, me, me. This woman attracts all the bad that happens to her. I bet whe is a MAJOR whiner and boring to be with. She has let herself go, back to that ridiculous haircut of years back, she's flabby and fat...I don't know. Why doesn't she just enjoy her money, live off it, bring up her daughter (I feel sorry for the daughter, now HAVING TO care for this Halle Berry for the rest of her life and made feel guilty for everything that happens to ol' Berry from now on). A loser. I mean it. So sorry to say and comment and point fingers and judge. And that's that.

1573 days ago


She is not a single mom unless by that you mean she is a mom and is single. The phrase typically refers to women raising children alone. By all accounts he has been a present, active father and there is no reason that won't continue.

1573 days ago

who dat    

"One of the few people that TMZ reports on that isn't screwed up in the head."

The above poster who wrote this has no clue about which they speak. Based on Haleys life long (poor) selection of men in her life, (this) demonstrates she has witnessed unhealthy relations between her parents. She has constantly selected men who have abused her mentally and physically.

Until she seeks therapy she will continue to repeat her poor choices in partners.

1573 days ago


Who Cares! Let her long as she takes care of her baby.
We don't know the whole story.

1573 days ago

Throwback kid    

I am with Anna post #15. Halle Berry's true colors showed when she hit the women in her car then fled the scene and offered no help to her. Any decent person would have pulled over and called 911 but a self absorbed person like Halle thought only about how this would affect her career.

1573 days ago


Maybe raising this child alone is for "faceless black women everywhere"... oh wait this baby is half white, sorry you can't use that line here Halle.

1572 days ago


I get it. She still loves the brothas but wanted to make sure her kid didn't turn out looking like a gorilla so she got some white sperm. Makes sense.

1572 days ago


#46 I know what you mean but what about all these white women that go after these "brothas" appears all you gotta do is be an athlete, rapper or just a few dollars and the white women literally come out in droves to get some...DAMN!

1571 days ago


1571 days ago

cate zawidzka    

who said her baby is white Nahla will be always considers black prety cute smart but black look at her it is said but truth

1569 days ago


Gabriel Aubry ,dont let the media spoil what ever relationship you and Halle have because they are just trying to sell magazines because you guys were able to keep you relationship problems a secret they will say anything please remmber you guys loved each other once and i think you both still do think of your beatiful daughter .I for one stop listening to the radio ever time the mention you or halle and the internet is a joke i just hate to see one of the most beatiful couples i ever seen split in hollywood I love you guys both as a couple and a family..

1569 days ago


why must people always knock someone down when they don't know them and have not walked in their shoes..? she is a MILF and the child is wear whatever they want....give her some credit for being a mom...!!! its the hardest job in the world and in every picture i have seen this child is smiling and appears to be a happy little girl....

1569 days ago
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