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Michael Jackson's Dad -- 'He Was Not Gay'

5/3/2010 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Jackson is pissed at Michael Jackson's former best friend/doctor, Arnold Klein, for telling TMZ MJ was gay and had a relationship with Klein's office manager.

Joe railed at Klein, telling TMZ, "It's not true.  Michael was not gay."

Joe feels Klein has betrayed his son: "He has no respect for Michael ... to say things about him when he's gone is shameful." 

Jason Pfeiffer was on TV last week, claiming he had a sexual relationship with Michael, and Dr. Arnold Klein spoke of walking in on the two men and seeing them with their shirts off.  In the last few days, Dr. Klein has told TMZ Jackson was gay and had no problem with people knowing about it.

Joe Jackson went on, "He's a doctor and knows better than to break his vows against a patient."


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1347 days ago


I'm suspicious of those bodyguards speaking about Michael. They were hired as bodyguards, not biographical ghostwriters. They had no business telling Michael's business. It tells me those bodyguards are unethical, and out for money. When you are hired as a bodyguard, you are supposed to do just that, not babble a person's business or you won't get hired again. With that being said, it was not hard to see that Michael did not like women very much. Brooke Shields noticed it long ago when she said, "I think he must be asexual".

1346 days ago


*** on he was totally gay but just culding show it he was totaly getting his ass bang in the doctors office n culdnt stop going for treatment

1343 days ago


I think all this talk is down right disgraceful, nobody can criticize Joe Jackson for raising his children the way he did, he is old school, Michael Jackson did not start talking about abuse until he start hanging around white people, they let their children talk to them any way they want to. They have no respect for their Parents, black people did not allow their children to talk to them disrespectfully. Joe Jackson knew that their would come a time when his Sons as young men would challenge him and he was not going to use his credibility in the household as head of the family, no black man would tolerate that in his household, you people complain when their is no man in the house and when their was a man in the house you label him abusive. How many of you had a Father in the home, in the 1950's that is the way you were raised, look at
Society now, it is now alright for you to disicipline your children but the Police can kill them and you can't disicipline them, Childrens Services can take them away put them in Foster Care they get abused, raped, killed, but thats exceptable.

1308 days ago


It's not the end of the world if Michael was gay but I don't believe Michael was gay. I believe he was into women.

1300 days ago


its true. michael was not gay, his bodyguards said he loved women and had two gfs. hell, one of them said he had a secret gf! For the first time in my life, i respect and believe joe. SUE THOSE LIARS' FAT ASSES, PAPA JOE!!!

1290 days ago

Angry at stupid people    

Joe Jackson is known by his homophobia. Seriously, whatever Michael was gay or not, his statement would be the same. One thing is getting furious because someone say your own son is gay, but Joe is really homophobic. There is a interview in which he stated he didn´t believe in gays and he didn´t need people "like these". If the gay rumours still persist is partly because of his attitude towards the man who gave him the interview. Running after the man?! Please he knew it was true! If Michael wasn´t gay he just would be a little angry, not acting that way!
That man is disgusting, shame on him and all Michael fans who support that outrageous man! Funny how MJ fans stated they don´t trust Joe Jackson but now they believe him! Shame!
Everyone who knows Joe and Katherine know the truth! They´re abusers, especially Joe!
Had Michael the life he wanted...he would still alive!

1283 days ago


Does it really matter if he was gay or straight anyway, its not a crime, but I still think it was wrong to make up a lie to make Michael upset. Sometimes you gotta see it to believe it as most people say because I didnt go to Michael's house and ask "Are you gay?" Also nobody else did. They didn't have proof, but its over now. All MJ fans truly miss him and they will never stop missing him, like me. To this day, I still havent stopped listening to his music, watching his dance and thinking about him...

1227 days ago


I think that Micheal was definitely not a drug addict. He might have been gay, but I can't really picture Michael Jackson kissing another guy!!

1118 days ago
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