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Michael Jackson's Dad -- 'He Was Not Gay'

5/3/2010 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Jackson is pissed at Michael Jackson's former best friend/doctor, Arnold Klein, for telling TMZ MJ was gay and had a relationship with Klein's office manager.

Joe railed at Klein, telling TMZ, "It's not true.  Michael was not gay."

Joe feels Klein has betrayed his son: "He has no respect for Michael ... to say things about him when he's gone is shameful." 

Jason Pfeiffer was on TV last week, claiming he had a sexual relationship with Michael, and Dr. Arnold Klein spoke of walking in on the two men and seeing them with their shirts off.  In the last few days, Dr. Klein has told TMZ Jackson was gay and had no problem with people knowing about it.

Joe Jackson went on, "He's a doctor and knows better than to break his vows against a patient."


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we love you michael always!!! its all for l.o.v.e

1636 days ago


For once,Joe is right. I do not think that Michael was gay.I also believe that a doctor has no right to talk about a patient publicly;there is a law about medical confidentiality.
It IS disgusting for people to lie about others after they have died.People do this because the law states that you can not libel or slander the dead;this law needs to be changed because a person's reputation lives on even after death.
Michael is not the first celebrity to suffer the slings and arrows of the money grubbers,the publicity hounds and other assorted ignorant people after death;I remember similarly outrageous lies being published about Danny Kaye and Laurence Olivier;the story was proven to be false,but still,the ignorant repeat the story...

1636 days ago


PEOPLE, ESPECIALLY MJ "FANS" Get over your feelings about Joe, ok? THAT WAS 40 YEARS ago. Listen to MJ's Oxford speech, MJ reconsiled with his dad. Though I do NOT believe the credit for MJ's superstardom goes to Joe, I believe he did what he did so his kids stay out of trouble. Joe is absolutely right about Kline! Kline is a DISGRACE! He is a doctor and he is breaching doctor-patient confidentiality! Kline the media whore needs to shut the f up! Michael was terrible being a good character of judge, look at Kline for God's sake, I wouldn't associate myself with this clown! KLINE SHUT THE F UP...I SAY THAT WITH L.O.V.E

1636 days ago


@OhWell That's why he is defending his son. He doesn't want to lose one penny from MJ's female groupies. Save your money! Don't give it to Joe!

1636 days ago


Personally, I don't think Michael Jackson was gay.

But whether he was or not, to me it doesn't matter either way, what is sad is that he was unable to have a normal loving long-standing relationship with anyone because of media frenzy, fan frenzy and the very fact that I don't think he knew how. Michael had spent so many years creating an image, a fantasy, a facade, that people expected yet ridiculed, that even he had difficulty separating the person from the entertainer. And how could he have a relationship; he could never trust anyone. So many people betrayed him through life, be it real or imagined. His children likely brought him the greatest joy, the greatest unconditional love, that he had ever experienced. But the fact that he was unable to truly enjoy a personal relationship and all the joys a partnership can bring saddens me deeply.

You go Joe - preserve your son's memory even if it is to also save your face.

Arnold Klein, crawl back under your rock. And Jason Pfeiffer, if Michael did have any type of relationship with you, it wouldn't have been by consent as I'm sure he would have no recollection; it would likely have happened under the influence of the toxic drugs your boyfriend, Arnold Klein, injected him with. Both Klein and Pfeiffer are desperate excuses for men.

1636 days ago


to "J"

what do you mean MJ didn't? if you actually believe his kids were created through normal heterosexual sex... then you must be takin the same drugs he was.

1636 days ago


first i'd like to say thank you joe for coming forward and sticking up for your son michael.he appreicates it very joe you weren't the greatest father in the world but at least you are here fighting on the behalf of you need to have these 2 fat retards arrested for trashing michael like this.i hope you do this joe.clear up you sons name once and for all.make them prove that michael is gay if not go after that michael didn't open up to joe but i know 1 person he might have and that's his sister janet.why don't we ask her? no-one will ever make me believe michael is gay .if he's gay why didn't the bodyguards say that? MICHAEL I LOVE YOU MOST.MISS YOU AND YOUR SMILE.WISH YOU WERE HERE WITH US AND THEN YOU COULD TAKE ON THESE SICKOS YOURSELF.

1636 days ago


Joe may be a liar, and he may have abused michael. But MJ is gone, and now Joe is protecting his son. like he should have before. MJ was NOT gay, if he had no problem with it, he would have announced it to the world. While MJ's music director was on the george lopez show george said "You saw everyday a side of michael jackson we dont know about.." His music director said. "yeah i know what you're talking about i hope i dont get in trouble for this.. one time we were working on the stage, it was dirt diana. and we had a bed, and we had a aerialist. and she was doing a pretty much a pole dance but it was rated PG, and so im asking him. i said "mj so where you gonna be on the stage on this? and he says to me, and looks at me when the girl is in the bed he says 'where you think imma be? imma be in the bed with the girl. why would you ask me that question?' so we have our wonderful femal guitarist oriantha is her name so i said, 'wheres ori gonna be to?' he looks he says 'she gonna be in the bed with me to!' then he looks back at me and says 'bearden. i can handle it to..' so thats MJ for ya" <-- thats all what his music director said, who was with him everyday. MJ was giving his fan a hug she said "Michael can i give you a hug?" he replied in a low mumble but you could hear it "ill give you more than a hug" Lisa marie presely says MJ was fantastic in bed. now im sure he was, but lisa is iffy on if i wanna believe her. But im for certain he was perfect... MJ WAS NOT GAY

1636 days ago


MJ's sexual preference is NO ONE business. The fans who UNCONDITIONALLY love him will continue to love him regardless of his sexual preference. EXTRA TV & TMZ and other MEDIALOIDS should be ashamed that they are posting these DISPICABLE garbage. When did investigative jornalism die? All you do is slander MJ, HE IS DEAD, who raised you all, LEAVE HIM ALONE, STOP THE SLANDER ALREADY! we know you are biased, we know you are sold out, we know you are paid by "them" to keep the spot light on MJ. BECAUSE AS LONG AS WE ARE TALKING ABOUT HIM, WE ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT THEIR CONSPIRACY TO MURDER! Post about his MURDER, we are neither interested nor we believe such garbage!

1636 days ago


Michael wasn't gay. He told us that many, many times. If he was gay, he would have come out because he was a 50 year old grown man who didn't have to answer to anyone. I believe Joe on this one. I'm sure TMZ took the last quote out of context to make it seem like Joe's comments have a double meaning. It's all to get a rise out of the reader!! Listen to a beautiful song called "Tabloid Junkie" and leave MJ alone. All we want to know about is the trial of Conrad Murray and justice for Michael.

1636 days ago


First of all, there has been some shady interviews with Arnie since the death of Michael.The guy is a rambling fool.All the Lawsuits against him that have come about,as well as, slander suits.This guy is a snake.He is purposely inserting himself in the middle of the children and Michael's lives.As for the person who said Michael felt comfortable there,(DR.KLeins office)maybe he was there for something that Dr.Arnold Klein is busy trying to cover-up.DRUGS.The guy was responsible for the set up of Michael and Debbie Rowe. Not only that she was sending pictures of her self half dressed to Michael taken in his office.There is some crazy stuff that points back to his office. Don't forget Michael was a junkie there might have been things he wouldn't have done under different cir***stances.But,he was a junkie and he might have done things to get something he wanted or needed(DRUGS).And others obviously got him to do things they wanted because they new what he needed (DRUGS).I know former junkies who are heterosexual, but weren't necessarily living that life style when the were needing a fix.Of course,these vultures were there waiting to take his money have him dance around the office like a side show to help his(ARNIE) business.Now,the Office Mananger Pfiefer (who handles the Media relations for the office) just of happened to have a 2 month gay love affair with Michael. Who says himself Michael was BISEXUAL (which is more believable than gay).Then you wait till he dies to come out with all your babbling, non-sense.WHATEVER!!!!No wonder Michael was how he was.He could trust NOONE!!!!!!

1636 days ago


You may or may not believe Joe Jackson, but to say he is a liar means you have something to support otherwise. May I ask all those who called Mr. Jackson a liar to present whatever facts they have if any? Please, keep your speculations to yourselves.
There is nothing in this story to smear Michael Jackson, because he is with God now. All the shame is on Klein and his assistant who are trying to make a buck by selling lies to the hungry tabloids. Homosexuality is not a crime, but THIS is a crime. This inhuman circus should stop. TMZ enough trying to milk this story till the last drop. This is getting ridiculous! What more do you want? Do you want Michael Jackson to come out of his grave to make a statement? Leave the man and his family alone!

1636 days ago


Stevie Jones, you really are a fool. Those who are aware of the whole MJ situation know that there are many more believable stories about women MJ has been with. Just because he never felt the need to parade all of them around town doens't mean they didn't exist.

Ever heard of Joanna Thomae and her relationship with Michael? Research her...and there are others like her. Continue to live in your dream land but everyone who personally knew Michael besides Klien (who is a compulsive liar and attention seeker) believes that MJ was into women.

Klien says that this fat ass Jason of all people was Michael's only gay relationship and you still beleive he was gay? Come on.

1636 days ago


Gay or not, I don't care at all! Michael was still a beautiful soul when it came down to the bare bones of the matter. He was kind, generous, loving and talented. Eccentric? Yes. But that was his own business.

My dad died of an overdose, but that didn't make him any less of a good person.

1636 days ago


While I believe MJ was neither Gay nor a pedophile, I Personally think that it is nobody's business, especially after he death.

Michael Jackson personal life has been dissected by the different media outlets for their own profit and gain. It's time they find a new target. The cash cow has finally throw in the towel.

For the first time in a while I totally agree with Mr. Jackson on both statement. This "news" coverage is a disgrace and Dr. Klein gives other Doctors a bad name. Dr. Klein needs to stop talking about his ex patience/friend.

I can't believe I'm actually saying this, buy thank you Harvey for putting Klein in his place when he called you a few days back. Michael Jackson was a VERY private man. Unfortunately it is not the first or last time a so called friend feels the need to get his time in the spot light.

1636 days ago
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