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Michael Jackson's Dad -- 'He Was Not Gay'

5/3/2010 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Jackson is pissed at Michael Jackson's former best friend/doctor, Arnold Klein, for telling TMZ MJ was gay and had a relationship with Klein's office manager.

Joe railed at Klein, telling TMZ, "It's not true.  Michael was not gay."

Joe feels Klein has betrayed his son: "He has no respect for Michael ... to say things about him when he's gone is shameful." 

Jason Pfeiffer was on TV last week, claiming he had a sexual relationship with Michael, and Dr. Arnold Klein spoke of walking in on the two men and seeing them with their shirts off.  In the last few days, Dr. Klein has told TMZ Jackson was gay and had no problem with people knowing about it.

Joe Jackson went on, "He's a doctor and knows better than to break his vows against a patient."


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Once again, I think some of you are forgetting that Michael patched things up with his father. So bashing Joe and implying that you personally, know anything about Michael "hating Joe" only makes you look lazy for not researching the matter. There are several interviews out there of Michael discussing the change in Joe from present day to his childhood. Wishing that Joe would have changed sooner and that he FORGAVE Joe.

I think there are a lot of people on here that don't have a CLUE more than Joe doesn't..........

1632 days ago


He wasn't gay and he wasn't black either

1632 days ago


Good for you Mr. Jackson! The fans are behind you 100%. We love your son very much!

1632 days ago

gimme a break!    

Harvey???? love i think u should put a "report" button on the comments section cuz some comments are just out of line...

1632 days ago


extra and tmz are both owned by warner brothers..this is the way they are still giving the story legs.i sincerely believe harvey was in on this.
ever watch harvey read questions ,he reads it to himself and then decides if he will say it out loud.he doesnt just throw them out like that and to have klien all set to respond in the wings is a set up.look how many hits these stories are getting.

1632 days ago

Christina G.    

"The most loving thing you can do is share your bed with a child."

-- Michael Jackson

1632 days ago


1632 days ago


Oh my goodness! When will this poor tormented soul get to rest in peace? Michael has been dead almost a year! So what if he was gay or not. Since when does God give us the right to judge anyone. If we all just worried about our-selves, this world would be such a better place. Let God judge, that is his job, not ours

1632 days ago


"Mayu",yes that's what i'm saying.MJ was not gay.If people would stop being so ignorant and do research for themselves they would know.But people are to comfortable being blind little sheep,letting the media lead them.

1632 days ago

MJ 4ever    

Klein is crazy and for money he would say ANYTHING!!!what an ass...

1632 days ago


This is all pretty easily explainable r/e Klein & Jason's credibility on this. We've got Jason's version from August 2009(proving that Jason was peddling this BS 2 months after MJ died-wonder just HOW MANY TIMES he's been paid for this story?). Then we've got his story about how they met, hooked up, etc. from Extra in the interview given a few days ago(LINK AT BOTTOM OF PAGE).


Again, I certainly don't care what MJ's sexual preferences were but what I DO CARE ABOUT is the fact that the media just doesn't seem to care that the person their giving air time to is lying out of their ass. Anything to make a buck. MJ HAS CHILDREN. Does the media think they do not go online & read this BS? His children, his reputation, nor does the TRUTH make any difference at all when it comes to the media, whom they hurt, whose lives they ruin. THAT IS WHAT MATTERS TO ME. Not to mention the fact they've continued to hide behind their 'rights' as journalists for far too long, they compromise their integrity at every turn, The bigger their stories are, the more fast & loose they play with the truth & THEY LIE TO US REPEATEDLY, THEIR READERS, AS IF WE'RE IDIOTS & THEY DON'T GIVE A D..N. Exactly what is the point of watching these shows or reading this trash if what your watching & reading is not true?

Here's the 2 stories below. YOU decide who is lying & whether or not the media cares when they publish this BS. People pay for these magazines, rely on these journalists to report 'facts' when we watch shows like Extra, yet this is what we get.

Jason's FIRST version of his 'love affair' with Michael Jackson:

I had a secret affair with Jackson: clinic worker
Ians August 21st, 2009 LONDON - A clinic worker has claimed that he had an affair with late pop legend Michael Jackson and lost his “soulmate” when the singer died.

Jason Pfeiffer, who works for Jackson’s dermatologist Arnold Klein, said he and Jackson shared a short romantic relationship that ended in tragedy. The 35-year-old executive claimed he first got to know the Jacko over the phone, reported

He said that the 50-year-old singer asked him for a lift home one night and that led to further secret meetings.

“I guess our first ‘date’ was in my car. We went for a drive and were talking and having fun. We had to make sure we were not caught, and although the date was short as I had to take him home before anyone noticed, we had a great time,” said Pfeiffer.

But the relationship was cut short when Jackson died June 25 in Los Angeles following a suspected cardiac arrest.

“I’ve lost my soulmate. It’s very hard to describe the loss I feel, but there is something that’s empty in my heart,” said Pfeiffer.

He also claimed that he was in regular contact with Jackson through to his final days and that the star began acting strangely two weeks before his sudden death.

“He completely changed in the final two weeks. He was overly religious, overly dramatic, exhausting and exhausted. He was saying goodbyes the week before passing. Everyone was creeped out by it,” he said.


MJ said many years ago that "they lie because it sells & people buy it". Base your assumptions about someone's life on more than tabloid trash. Not only do they NOT report truthfully, they don't CARE either.

Read more:

1632 days ago


I know MJ was into women, and actually he was very promiscuous, he had women every damn where. How he kept it secret, i don't know. but now think it may be high time these woman come forward. The problem is, even if they produce facts, evidence, pics...people will still choose the asexual, homosexual, ect rumors to report. MJ was a great actor, i will say it was probably the biggest talent he had. He has the whole world bamboozled. Real reason Lisa Marie left...MJ was cheating on her ass with MULTIPLE women. true story!!!!

let's just for the sake of argument say he was gay and this fat ass was his soul mate ( barfff), what soul mate would destroy their greatest love's image for a few dollars? NOT!!!! Start over. MJ was at Arnie's office getting dope.. I will admit he was a dope fiend for sure! Gay, no

1632 days ago


96. For those of you who don't know.

Not only did Extra take down their initial story, they also didn't show Part-2 of their story.

Now you have to ask yourself: Why would they do that?

Usually a tabloid would say "we stand by our story," but for some reason they are not doing that.

Posted at 11:25 AM on May 3, 2010 by Lady Luck
NO s***!! Now that's news.

Could someone from TMZ tell me if Klein has broken any or all HIPPA Laws on the books. I don't understand how a doctor can go on TV or anywhere else for that matter and discuss a person's medical and private life and nothing is being done to stop this madness.

1632 days ago



1632 days ago


If people would stop being so ignorant and do research for themselves they would know.But people are to comfortable being blind little sheep,letting the media lead them.

Posted at 11:41 AM on May 3, 2010 by J

Read more:

I completely agree with you J. It's really not that hard to look up some interviews on youtube from Michael himself.

And I agree with the above comment. There needs to be a report button. There are some disgusting comments on here.

1632 days ago
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