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Lindsay Lohan -- Chaperoned for her Deposition

5/3/2010 4:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is headed back to L.A. for the deposition that she has blown off twice, and this time her mom Dina plans to hand-deliver her troubled daughter.

Sources tell TMZ Dina is actually worried Lindsay -- who is already broke -- will go deep in the hole if she doesn't show for the depo.  She's being sued by several people who claim they were held hostage by Lohan during a wild ride down Pacific Coast Highway in 2007.

The judge in the case threatened that if Lindsay was a no-show for a third time, she would lose the case.


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This just proves how much of a retard blowhan is. She's so stupid that she's already infuriated the opposing counsel, her attornies and the judge by blowing off the deposition 2 times; her "mommy" has to take her by the hand & lead her to the 3rd deposition. Personally, I'm hoping that she blows it off, loses the case & gets her stupid retarded ass thrown in jail for a month or so. Put her in general population; them "gen pop" girls tend to ugly up snotty little big mouthed princesses like her real fast...

1612 days ago


Just watched her when she was on Punk'd. She looked so healthy, cute, and innocent. Why she did this to herself I'll never know.

1612 days ago


TMZ who is your source Michael Lohan ???

1612 days ago


Which one is Lindsay? She looks older than her mom!!

1612 days ago


This is what happens when a cute, but untalented kid, from a totally unstable family, makes a few bucks as an "actor". When she grows older and people realize that she can't act, she is in trouble. Especially if she spends all of her money. Her best bet. Get rehabillatated, get someone to write a book about you, and then invest that money wisely.

1612 days ago


Where do they get money for plane tickets. She just we to NY not 2 days ago and now back to LA WTF?

1612 days ago


how the F*** can you explain and justify car jacking, kidnapping and endangering lives in a high speed chase?

Remember only the rich and celebrities walk away unscathed or with a slap on the wrist sentence of probation. She is no longer neither.

1612 days ago


First, I am a lawyer but not a California one. Thus, I have some experience with what I am writing here.

I read this was a videotaped depo - I can't believe that her lawyer didn't have Lindsay dressed conservatively and respectfully. She looks almost bohemian and carefree. The people suing her are alleging her reckless driving fiasco was part of a pattern of reckless and irresponsible behavior. Not only is Lindsay feeding their lawyer proof with every party of reckless behavior -- but if she showed up to a court proceeding she has already ignored twice looking like this (video or not) she should be advised to start thinking payment plans.

While I know nothing about the specifics of the case and whether the people suing her have a valid claim under the LAW - I do know that their attorney is banking on a jury feeling that their story of reckless driving is more likely than not to have occurred.

Lindsay, please hire a lawyer who yells at you to get your act together - not one that tells you only what you want to hear. Either that or file bankruptcy and wipe out the lawsuit and stop making people spend money in legal costs they don't have...

1612 days ago

LA Native    

Ummm...are you sure this isn't an airport?

1612 days ago


To #60...:
In this photo, Lindsay and Dina are at the airport, not the courthouse, as it states in the article. Other than that, I think everyone is right believing that if Lindsay doesn't get jail time for this and/or her DUI probation offenses, the LAPD & the LA justice system is even more of a joke and more corrupt than people already think...No wonder they can't get no respect!

1612 days ago


Who would wear a belly baring shirt to a deposition?... How un-professional and plain stupid... Come on... get a grip Lidsay...
That is Court 101... wear something respectable.

1612 days ago


Maybe they will lock her and her mother up....

1612 days ago


If her lawyer has half a brain her got some hefty retainer fees in case she files for bankruptcy.

1612 days ago


Her father said she is HIV positive, so it's the AIDS that is ageing her.

If Lindsay loses this case, they will attach any further wages she might make.
But who knows if she can even work anymore or if anyone will hire her.

1612 days ago


Dina is taking an interest because her meal ticket is in trouble.

1612 days ago
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