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M.I.A. Video Kid

Blown Off By Shakira

5/4/2010 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The redheaded kid who was fake-executed in the new M.I.A. music video is paying a dear price for his fake death -- sources say Shakira's people 86'd his close-ups from her new project over the gruesome scene.


Sources tell TMZ Ian Hamrick -- the 12-year-old featured in M.I.A.'s "Born Free" -- was slated for a feature role in Shakira's new video for the song "Waka Waka" -- the official tune of the 2010 World Cup.

We're told Hamrick had already shot several scenes for the Shakira video -- but most of the footage featuring Ian ultimately hit the cutting room floor. As for why he got chopped out -- we're thinking producers don't want World Cup fans thinking about an execution while they're trying to enjoy Shakira.

Sources say Hamrick will still appear in the video .... but only in a crowd shot.

A rep for the production company tells TMZ they're still editing the video and as far as they know, "no extra is featured over another."


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Good. He is ugly and his parents should be shot.

1579 days ago


deport that illegal alien shakira....she's an idiot!

1579 days ago


It must suck to have a kid and already know he's going to be gay by the time he is 12 years old. He probably has more sugar in his step than even Harvey.

1579 days ago


Shakira is so sexy. Yummy! She could sit on my face, thrust her hips, or do anything she wanted, and I would be game. Total hottie.

1579 days ago


A "stripper" is telling us what to do with out COUNTRY because WE chose for 8 years a dumbass. What fools we are, aren't we?
And all Africans, SHUT THE HELL UP!
Nobody said you would have a local artist sing the song, NO COUNTRY EVER HAVE. So shut the hell up, you don't like Shakira, well nobody like you.
And this are the wrong article for another artist, not WAKA WAKA. Idiots

1579 days ago


Shakira had no business goin to Phoenix to protest Arizonas immigration law.She went there to use her celebrity-status to get attetion. She is from Columbia. She is only here on a work visa. She needs to fix all the drug problems goin on in her country, which is just as bad as Mexicos. She has no clue all the problems the illegal immigriants have given the state of Arizona.

1579 days ago


If the kid was hispanic, it would not be a problem. Shakira would have "rescued" him from his previous work, and given him a starring role in her video.

1579 days ago


Sorry such a nice kid is getting bashed by lots of haters. I love gossip and stuff too., but why is everyone just plain MEAN, RUDE and DISGUSTING. Where is the fun? The sense of humor? What about Ron Howard, Drew Barrymore, Leonardo DiCaprio, JODIE FOSTER., all kid actors and they turned out just fine. Brad Pitt does Inglorious Basterds., don't see a bunch of people bashing him. Jeez.

1579 days ago


It's cool to hate the video., not sure I understand all this piled onto the one cool kid in it. There are lots of other actors in this crazy video., why don't you guys pick on all those other people in it too? What about the other 10 kids under 18 in it? and their parents? Why only this one kid? You guys are just as bad as the "cop" people., just bashing people for no DAMN reason at all. just to be jerks.

1579 days ago


Exactly! Where the heck did they find the 2 old folks willing to be butt naked and doing it ON SCREEN??? Where are the other teens that got blown up? All Just actors in a short film, so no big deal, it's not a music video! And now the director is promoting his film called REDHEADS?....where he gets to bash some more. If you all hate it so much then SHUT UP., you're just helping the director promote his next piece of crap!

1578 days ago


fire crotch!

1578 days ago


Robbie714., you are a pedophile weirdo.

1578 days ago


I think the criticism is aimed more at his liberal nutrag parents than the kid. But it's pretty clear they've done everything possible to make sure their son likes boys.

1578 days ago


His parents didn't make the video. Everyone should be saying the same thing about all the kids in that video and all of their parents., it's stupid. and now you think he's gay? You are just as stupid as Robbie.

1578 days ago


1578 days ago
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