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Michael Jackson's Lawyer -- Mystery Suicide Note

5/3/2010 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0502_peter_lopez_EX_single4Peter Lopez -- the music attorney who had close ties to Michael Jackson -- left a suicide note that was completely silent as to why he took his life ... sources connected to the situation tell TMZ.

We're told the one-page, handwritten note expressed his love for his wife and kids and asked for forgiveness, but did not even hint at why Peter would end his life.

A source close to the family tells TMZ Peter dropped the kids off at school at about 9:00 AM Friday.  When he got home, we're told Peter went to the backyard and shot himself in the head.

We're also told people close to Peter thought he seemed "stressed out" in the weeks leading up to his death ... but that he did not tell anyone -- including his family -- what was bothering him.

Lopez was married to Catherine Bach from "The Dukes of Hazzard" for 20 years. They had two children together.

In addition to working with Michael Jackson, Lopez -- who worked with Jackson on the 25th anniversary of "Thriller" -- was an attorney for The Eagles and served as a co-producer on the movie "Selena."


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I agree with GimmeABreak... The connection between Michael Jackson, and this guys' DEATH are loose at best. It's very sad. I mean, you have a wife of TWENTY YEARS and two school aged children and you kill yourself? That is just way too harsh to fathom.

1613 days ago


The only way I could maybe see TMZ's connection, is if he thought he was going to be charged with something relative to Michael's death.

1613 days ago


Kooky is dead..Bozo and crusty the clown are under arrest for killing him.....

1613 days ago


Suicide is a sad thing...don't make jokes about that.....

1613 days ago


My guess is he was sick and tired of dealing with the psychotic whack jobs that make up 95% of Jacko's fan base.

1613 days ago


No, Sue, if Jacko were still alive his only concern would be whether this guy had any children and, if so, were they little boys and where can they be currently located.

1613 days ago


I feel sorry for his children. Tough to explain what daddy did. Michael Jackson was also self centered with his actions. "We are the world, we are the children". hmmm...

1613 days ago

Michael Miller    

The recent death of Michael's Long time lawyer is not what it seems. The the truth about Michael Jackson and what happended to him is about to be told. Leonard Rowe Michael's Financial Manager has come forth with the truth and it will bring Justice to Michael. I have seen his do***ents and the proof is there. All you have to do is follow thee money. The poor Jackson family. My heart goes out to them. The will is a fake people the world will soon know and understand the conspiracy.

1613 days ago


Peter Lopez was a good man, and excellent attorney. All of you who speculate about this, well, its NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

God Bless his family.

1613 days ago


@44 It's our business, when TMZ makes it our business. Love TMZ!

1613 days ago


I agree suicide is a selfish act but it you are brought to the edge by all sorts of threats who knows? He may have been threatened vis a vis his family. I just know that this doesn't taste right. As to all those MJ haters out there - just go away because you have nothing to contribute that might actually clear up this case - perhaps you arer just lacky's for the mob - who knows? As to HOAX, oh come on, heard that one too often. Just right to take people away from investigating the truth of all of this. My guess is this, that it will be filed in the annuls of history and no-one will get to know the truth because there are too many influential people who want people to think bad of MJ and Lopez. Who else is going to die before the case comes to court against Conrad Murray - I wait with interest but it doesn't bring all these people back!!! whichever way it goes. I guess too that Conrad Murray will be acquitted of all charges - the slimeball!

1613 days ago


It's very sad when someone takes their own life. In his own head he'd reached a place he could no longer tolerate and no one knew - many would have helped him, but he didn't ask for help when he should have. Such a shock and loss for his family and friends.

1613 days ago


I don't believe that he voluntarily killed himself. Someone forced or blackmailed him and pushed him into a corner.

1613 days ago


As someone that exprienced this, please don't judge. You never know what a person is going through, obivously he felt hopeless in his situation and was not well. I pray for those kids, they have much to overcome and hopefully his wife has the support she needs too. My incident happened over 25 years ago and you never really get over it. For many years I felt angry, but God has given me peace which has lead to forgiving.

1612 days ago


1st of all i am a family member of Peter. All of you make comments without knowing the truth. You dont know what happens behind closed doors. I read the comment about him being blankets biological father! That is ridiculous and a lie! There was much more to his life than being an attorney. He also had an older son, loving parents, and a huge family that loved him. It was unfortunate for us, the family, to find out about his death on TMZ!

1611 days ago
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