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Michael Jackson Peeps Teed Off Over T-Shirts

5/4/2010 12:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

God help anyone who uses a picture of Michael Jackson to hawk their products, because the licensee of MJ's image is going after some new companies with a vengeance.

Bravado International Group -- which markets all things Michael -- is suing T-Line Design, Inc. based in Oregon.

According to the federal suit, obtained by TMZ, T-Line is downright "defiant," sardonically writing a blog that says, " SUCKS TOTAL BOLLOCKS when people steal those creations..."

The suit seeks $750 for each image illegally used, as well as statutory damages of $150,000.

Bravado filed two other infringement suits today against two other companies for unauthorized MJ stuff.


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King of TMZ    

Michael Jackson you are the only reason why TMZ is such a great site.

TMZ should really honor the King of Pop! Something inventive Harvey to recognize the king of entertainment.

Hail Michael.

1601 days ago

andre nel    

I love MJ....

1601 days ago


They (his family and other bottom feeders) still want exclusive rights so pick his bones clean for as long as they possibly can. Even in death he has to support them. It's sad really. He was an incredibly talented guy who was surrounded by people screwing him up since the day he was born. What chance did he have at not being odd in alot of ways?

1601 days ago


@@ All ...
Before, there was no Internet. Divide and conquer. today's globalized world. A transparent world. Built its business Defame, abuse, lies & lies.
$ $ $
Today, now, can not lie easily.

1601 days ago


Another lawsuit on Michael's side, thank God! Have to admit I may have bought a T-shirt from these people, myself. I've had T-shirts before, but after he passed, I bought so many--not sure who made them.
Now, I only buy the ones that say Bravado on them. They're a better quality and besides, I want my money to go toward the Estate to help MJ3, not some street opportunist trying to make a quick buck off his death.
Michael has been used enough--including the Executors, who call themselves 'friends' of Michael. For me, that's the only drawback of buying Estate-approved Michael paraphernalia, it means THEY are going to get rich from it along with MJ3 unfortunately...ugh!

BTW--Michael looks GORGEOUS as always in this picture--THANKS TMZ! His hands look rough, but I think that's from the Lupus...

"Thriller" was named the most ground-breaking video OF ALL TIME!!

1601 days ago


"Have to admit I may have bought a T-shirt from these people, myself. I've had T-shirts before, but after he passed, I bought so many--not sure who made them."
Same here, although I didn't buy "so many", I did get a few very shortly after he died. I never even really thought to check who made them, I just went by what they looked like, if they were the right size and if they weren't poorly made.

1601 days ago


i'd love to see more than just his t-shirt off.omg. lol.after seeing him in those sexy gold pants omg!!!!!!!!!.sorry being a lil pervert this morning lol.just think someone could make a t-shirt with michael with the gold pants on.hmmmmmm.MICHAEL I LOVE YOU MORE SWEETHEART.MISS YOU MORE AND MORE EVERYDAY.

1601 days ago


Love u Mike!!You look wonderful!!Your beauty comes from the inside~~

1601 days ago


agreed 65 but I still think he was Hot on the outside ;)

Love you Michael.

1601 days ago


I agree people may want to get "permission" before using MJ's name for products...I mean seriously didn't they know that?

1601 days ago


Michael worked & endured alot to get his name and fame, these people should at least get permission to sell these products.

1601 days ago

anne bont    

I 'm wondering who gave Michael in the early 2000's such horrible wigs??? Gross rwammaannnnba innocent face of monkey who rushed at Encino as fast as the light when Kate called her back to help her although Mike fired her 6 months earlier(probably to control kids and by then MONEY...)? Karen Faye aye aye aye innocent spiritual girl who was close to him and blamed all the staff after he passed because she felt guilty to have done nothing to alert on his bad health condition??In which goal? To keep him away from girls.Fortunately he was not attracted by neither of the two.You Bitches I hate you. WITH H.A.T.E.
Anne Bont, Bordeaux FRance(sorry, I'm mad today)and please tmz try to put a better photo of our beloved MJ next time THANKS

1601 days ago


@JJ,do research,there were no payoffs.
@Cher,I agree! Another for Michael!

1601 days ago



You ugly,stupid, iditic witch! Get a life and stop posting on MJ blogs if you dislike him so much. MJ was the greatest entertainer,singer, dancer, performer to ever walk this earth! He was also a very good man with a loving, caring, heart for everyone: he loved all people, because he had a good heart. He has given millions upon millions to hospitals,charities,and schools. Won countless awards. He has dined with Presidents, Queens, Kings and Ambassadors of the world. He has broken boundaries, he has achieved the untinkable and impossible during his life. What have you achieved in your lifetime? Graduating from grade school? Working at the local restaurant? You are more than likely some old, jealous, nasty witch who lives in a trailer park with 7 children by 4 different men. Don't bash and belittle Michael because your life sucks! Learn to have respect for people.

He is loved by MILLIONS of fans all over the world. He is loved, admired, adored by many...can you say the same? If you died tomorrow, will you be missed? Have you made yourk mark in this world? Learn to stop blaming others for you problems.

He was not a child molester! He was acquitted! Go do some research(read the court transcripts) and stop making a fool of yourself already!

I feel for your son and everyone who's in tour life, you are a sad, sad soul!

1601 days ago

tiki gwenee    

I dont blame the Jackson family for being upset at Dr. Klein and this other guy; discussing things of that nature when Michael isn't able to speak for himself. You people are a trip. You need Jesus. It doesn't surprise me; it's what vultures do. In behalf of Michael's fans, as his number one fan. I am upset, too. As far as I am concerned, whatever Michael has not confirmed, I don't receive it. No matter WHAT is said about you, Michael, I will love you, sweetheart. All of your TRUE fans will. To the Jackson family; we the fans love you all and overlook all of this madness. To Dr. Klein and his friend, I'm praying for you.

1601 days ago
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