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Whitney's Tour --

It's Not Right, But It's OK

5/3/2010 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After having to reschedule her performance last month due to illness, former pop icon Whitney Houston made it through the Glasgow stop of her beleaguered comeback tour this weekend.


Exhale (shoop, shoop), girl.


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Old before your time.

1570 days ago


She may have beaten drugs...but it looks like she has discovered FOOD!

1570 days ago


In this pic Whitney Houston Looks a lot like Susan Boyle

1570 days ago


In this pic Whitney Houston looks a lot like Susan Boyle.

1570 days ago


Wow, what a mess.

1570 days ago


oh please whitney what's your new illness now? still cocaine?! hun you look AWFUL!

1570 days ago


Wow is she retaining water or what? Bloated and hideous - she is a mess, what happened? No wonder her "comeback" is in the toilet. More smashed goods thanks to Bobby...

1570 days ago


Just a little pic to make the rest of you feel better about your uneventful lives. Bad pic but some of us are wise enough to know that it's just a bad angle shot. Yeah....she looks bloated (as of the last week) but if you've seen her, you know that is NOT how she really looks on the regular. So don't excited negative people....she still looks better than you. lol. She's having a rough tour but she has also had some incredible shows as well.

1570 days ago


Good 'N Plenty! I love fuggy flabbin' mothers anyway! She be good - plus I make her wear a paper bag! Who needs a face when all she is is a hole?

1570 days ago


She needs some skin care products to hide those WRINKLES! Many people frequent her early videos with that youthful Whitney, and now we feel shocked at how the time has changed (in more ways than we could have possibly imagined!); heck with makeup, Diana Ross looks younger than Whitney today!

But I have a wrinkly Whitney in great voice than a plastic surgery-correct Whitney in temperamental voice. I still hopes she does some US dates after Europe.

1570 days ago



1570 days ago

Princess P.    

You are phenomenal Whitney Houston. I love your courage and self-belief. One un-flattering picture and people are putting you out to pasture. It's a good thing you don't read the ignorance of people. You keep touring and proving that you are still "The Voice". I don't understand why people want you to fail. But their attitudes are evil and ugly. You continue to pack the venues with thousands who love you and pay top dollar to see you. You are phenomenal!!!

1569 days ago

Princess P.    

Whitney is selling out concerts all over Europe, Italy, Austrailia. Thousands of fans are loving her and loving what she is bringing to the table. Whitney, I admire your courage and strength. Keep it moving, baby!!

1569 days ago


I have no sympathy for **** ups! It is a privilege as an Artist to obtain as much success as she has and for people to even give a **** about you but what does this selfish black bitch do? Not give a **** about herself, her fans, her career or all the people who have helped her and just continue to support her deadly addiction(s)!

I hope you just die exactly like your weak ass wants to so we can stop hearing about you and give more room for real artist who want to explore the world and share their gifts!

1569 days ago

Princess P.    

Josianne: If you were standing in front of me I would punch you in your face for these absurd comments. You are insane!! Whitney is the most beloved artist in the world. Don't be jealous!!! Fans around the world love her! You can't deny that. No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. I hope Whitney continues to tour and rake in all the money she can. She is a Diva and she deserves our respect. She's a beautiful Black Queen and we looooove her! The best voice EVER!!

1568 days ago
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