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Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston Finally Play Nice

5/5/2010 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For the first time ever, Levi Johnston has made on-time child support payments to his baby mama Bristol Palin for two consecutive months -- but even more shocking, both sides are finally getting along!!!


Ever since Levi paid off his $21k debt to Bristol -- in full -- earlier this year, lawyers for both sides confirm that he's followed up with a $1,750 support check for both March and  April. 

But what's more impressive -- sources connected to both Levi and Bristol tell us that the two Alaskans are being civil towards one another.

In fact, we're told Bristol -- who was awarded primary custody of 1-year-old Tripp -- is even allowing Levi to spend time with their son "whenever Levi wants" ... and Levi has been taking her up on the offer.

We're told Bristol and Levi are also planning to sit down for private mediation to work out the rest of the kinks in their custody battle -- mainly money issues and visitation -- before they're due back in court in September.


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TMZ - why don't you pick a worse picture for Bristol Palin and further push your leftist agenda. You have no shame.

1601 days ago


grandma Palin in one talk to ******gers makes enough to pay the child support payments for 20 years!

1601 days ago


TMZ has a disgusting habit of using Photoshop or equivalent to destroy the better quality of an image of conservatives and use the same image processor to smooth over the flaws of the disgusting liberals and evildoers.
Makes one wonder if we don't need MORE LAW YET in addition to the socialist control now being implemented by the Marxist in chief president, to prevent this nasty treatment of conservatives on this and other extreme leftist sites.

I own and USE the Photoshop program in my photo studio and I know what it can do. In a minute I could reverse the flaws on Bristol and transfer them to Levi and deservedly so, I might add.
The warts are ON LEVI and not on Bristol in spite of the rantings of the extreme leftist liberal demorats on this page

1601 days ago


non-celeb page filler.

yet another slow day in harvey land.

we don't care because anything these idiots do or don't do doesn't matter.

1601 days ago


Haha. I love how TMZ uses the absolute worst picture I've ever seen of Bristol Palin.

1601 days ago

Elmer Flobbergob    

Is she going to sit her fat butt on his face again?

1601 days ago


Its about time those two spoiled rotten brats grew up and thought first about the kid! They will probably be ok if they stay away from his junkie mom and her insane toxic mom.

1601 days ago


The 25,000 dollar question is ? Is levi Johnston the father of Trig Palin too ? Bristol is definetely Trigs mother, She admits it under oath at the Knoxville trial ( From the sworn testimony ) [Bristol ] " I was distressed to see pictures of my newborn that were on my mothers hacked email account" !
$arah Palins email account was hacked on September 15th 2008. Tripp Johnston Palin acknowledged son of Levi and Bristol wasn't even born until December 27th 2008 ! How could pictures of Tripp be on email 3 months before he was born ? A - They couldn't , Bristols newborn in question was Trig Palin !

1601 days ago


I guess that's a picture of Levi, but who's that old lady in the other picture?

1601 days ago

Jake you are wrong you are a joke

1601 days ago

Whatever you are a joke

1601 days ago


OMG what an ugly woman. I can't believe she's 19. Ugly, disgusting family, period. Atleast her mom has a MILF quality about her. ::shrug::

1601 days ago


It is not up to Bristol to "allow" Levi time with their son. Hope they get the issues ironed out soon so the child can have quality time with both parents.

1601 days ago


Levi's ugly. I crap better looking than that guy. Gator Mom, you need to get out more.

1601 days ago

solar panel    

Alaska: population 12. If those two break up, their only option will be to marry moose. They'll be happy either way.

1601 days ago
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