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Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston Finally Play Nice

5/5/2010 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For the first time ever, Levi Johnston has made on-time child support payments to his baby mama Bristol Palin for two consecutive months -- but even more shocking, both sides are finally getting along!!!


Ever since Levi paid off his $21k debt to Bristol -- in full -- earlier this year, lawyers for both sides confirm that he's followed up with a $1,750 support check for both March and  April. 

But what's more impressive -- sources connected to both Levi and Bristol tell us that the two Alaskans are being civil towards one another.

In fact, we're told Bristol -- who was awarded primary custody of 1-year-old Tripp -- is even allowing Levi to spend time with their son "whenever Levi wants" ... and Levi has been taking her up on the offer.

We're told Bristol and Levi are also planning to sit down for private mediation to work out the rest of the kinks in their custody battle -- mainly money issues and visitation -- before they're due back in court in September.


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So, Levi is paying close to two grand a month in child support, and that is negative, how?

1631 days ago


Maybe Bristol can make some money by being the spokesperson for ... ProActive.

1631 days ago


I'm glad he now understands that simply keeping supplies for his baby at his home for when he has visitation is not paying child support. He said in one interview that while he was not paying child support, he did have everything he needed for the baby at home, but that he was not allowed to see the baby, or something like that. These guys need to understand that they are going to pay child support even when the baby is not in their custody.

1631 days ago


It always fascinates me that so many people, when referring to Bristol Palin, commence with, "People make mistakes. Haven't you ever made a mistake?". Yet, when speaking of Levi Johnston (same age as Bristol, same level of non-education when Tripp was conceived), he's a pig, and a loser, and practically a rapist...never a mention of "mistakes".

Actually, dear Palin-ites, no, I never made any such "mistake". Neither have thousands of women who were sexually active in their late teens. I always went by the Golden Rule...My uterus, my responsibility. Tripp wasn't a mistake, or an accident. Bristol and Levi did, in fact, occasionally use condoms. Ergo, both knew how to prevent a pregnancy (whether Mommy Dearest Sarah explained such facts of life, or not). Babies are not mistakes, or accidents. If Levi was a loser, so was Bristol. She knew the consequences of unprotected sex, and she went ahead and had it anyway, quite willingly.

The difference being that darling Bristol has a wealthy, manipulative, relatively powerful mommy to hide behind (also to exploit her, drag her around the country, and humiliate her, but hey, that's just Sarah's winning style, isn't it?), to pay her bills, and to make sure Levi cooperated (good old Mother Palin dragged him all over her campaign trail too. Bet he just loved being dog-collared into her agenda). When Levi stopped being the Palins' toy, Sarah had plenty of unpleasant things to say about him. The sad thing is, he was no worse than her daughter, just an ignorant, uneducated, horny teenager. He just didn't have a rich mother willing to push political buttons and pay for his "sins".

So he posed nude. And? If he was woman, people would have been drooling in their shoes. He has no high school diploma, he has a reasonable body, and no real prospects in dumpy, impoverished Alaska, and the Palins are after him for money. Somebody felt like paying him to show some skin, and he took the check. BFD. Now, he's pretty much back where he started, with one small problem...$1750 a month in child support payments, the maximum that the state allows. WTF? He's 19 years old. There is no way in hell he'll be able to maintain that kind of payment. Once he's tapped out, what happens then? Most jobs for young men in Alaska are extremely high risk, but don't pay that well. Those that pay better usually require a high school diploma, and some require a college degree, and they are STILL very dangerous. Some are seasonal (Alaska is not an environmentally friendly place for humans). So they end up back in court, because Levi is now indigent, and he ends up paying the minimum, perhaps $300 or $400, and working a job that keeps him away from his son most of the year.

But that's okay with most folks, because, like the happy Palins, they want to see Levi punished, which is exactly what has happened. The child support is ridiculous. Tripp is one year old, and I guarantee that no job Bristol is working is putting $40,000 per anum in the till to match Levi's payments (this was what the Palins claimed was happening. Right). Bristol doesn't need the money, she lives at home and her needs, and Tripp's, are taken care of by her parental units (there is no way an 18 year old high school drop out could have afforded a $50,000 vehicle...or needed one. There ARE much less expensive, but equally efficient 4WD vehicles for negotiating Alaskan winters). Might be that money is going in Sarah's campaign sock.

If Levi is being punished for being irresponsible, for creating a child out of wedlock while still a minor, for not using birth control, for not finishing school, for being poor...then why isn't Bristol Palin? She was just as stupid, just as reckless, and lacks accountability just as much as he does. He GOT a paycheck, and every bit of it is being rapidly taken from him. He has no fall-back position, or support group. Bristol has all of the advantages, plus a conniving, power-wielding, unethical political snake-oil sales woman of a mother to back her up.

To any young man who glances towards a Palin female, I say, "Start running, keep running, and don't look back".

1630 days ago


I've never been on this website before and probably won't be again. I thought this would be informative about Bristol and Levi, but it's just a hatchet job. I'm totally surprised by the comments here; they're so bitter and hateful. How can people hate Bristol so much when they don't even know her? Obviously most people commenting here are liberals because Sarah Palin terrifies them, so I guess it makes them feel better to hate her and her daughter, and in some cases, her whole family. I feel much sorrier for the unhappy, bitter, angry people on this website than I do Bristol as a single mom with a beautiful child, with a deadbeat father. Regarding the belief by someone here that Trigg is definitely Bristol's child, too - are you familiar with the gestation period of nine months? How did Bristol manage to have a child, Trigg, and seven months later have another child, Tripp?

1630 days ago


Irene- How do you know what kind of person Levi is, or do you just believe what Sarah and Bristol say about him, after all she almost married him with her family's blessing. He loves his child and wants to support him and spend time with him and that's all he needs to do.

1630 days ago


catmama-Ever hear of fudging on birthdates?? I've seen NO proof of birthdates, if Trig was born earlier or Tripp was born a little later??? April 18 to Dec 17 is not 7 mos. it's 8 1/2 mos. And why do you hate Levi soo much, you know nothing about him except what Sarah and Bristol have said. How is her son going to feel when he grows up and reads what his mother says about him- mistake, to hard to take care of him- couldn't go to college because of him cost to much to take care of him, absolutely nothing positive about him or his father...yea he's a deadbeat Dad who pays a lot of child support and wants to be in his child's life, why don't you quit hating him too..

1630 days ago



1630 days ago

Helen Van Patterson Patton     

Good. Perhaps if that **** Sarah Palin will stay out of their business, they can continue to be civil.

1630 days ago


The horrible comments about the palins show just how much ignorance and lack of decency these people have. It reflects on their parents and shows considerable lack of raising. They do not even know the Palins. Bristol was young and thought she was in love. It can happen to anyone. A whore is someone who sells her body for money. These comments are so immature and unnecessary.
What is needed here is a little dose of spiritual values.

1626 days ago


That makes me SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy!

Those sweet baby years fly by so fast. And every one of them count!

You both are so dedicated to your little boy, I just know you will find a way to make it all work out - for him and for all those other people who are looking up to you.

My very best wishes and a great big THANK YOU for recognizing what's REALLY important in life. Good luck and God bless you all.

1620 days ago


It is time the Palins fifteen minutes of fame is up. The more they talk, the sillier they sound. I just hope Sara runs for office in 2012, she will do the Democrats a favor.

As far as Bristol..well for someone who just has a highschool education I can't imagine the book being written by her. Just another scam by the Palin group

1618 days ago


Wow! According to the majority, here, anyone with an (R) after their name, or who considers themselves "conservative" in any way, is a hatemongering, intolerant, mean, vicious, baby-hating, misogynist, gay-bashing, homophobic, lying, cheating, low-life who doesn't believe in helping the little guy. You all need to look in a mirror! If anyone said the same things about a Liberal/Progressive's daughter, boyfriend, or baby, you'd have a cow. You people really are hypocrites, but are too caught up in your real rage of imagined wrongs to be fair about anything to anyone you don't agree with. Losers.

1494 days ago
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