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Charlie Sheen

Surrenders Custody

of Sam & Lola

5/5/2010 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Charlie Sheen has surrendered legal custody of the two kids he had with Denise Richards.

Sources intimately familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Charlie and Denise signed a written agreement in which Denise now has full legal custody of 6-year-old Sam and 4-year-old Lola.  Up to now Charlie and Denise had joint legal custody.

Sources say Denise wanted full legal custody given Charlie's current marital turmoil, sobriety issues and criminal problems ... and Charlie didn't put up a fight.

We're told the agreement was signed two weeks ago but the parties didn't want to file it with the court just yet.

Now that Denise has full legal custody ... she can make medical, schooling and other important decisions without getting Charlie's sign-off.  She can also leave the country with the kids without Charlie's permission.

Under their divorce agreement, Denise has primary physical custody and Charlie has visitation rights. 

We've learned Charlie has been paying Denise $50,000 a month in child support since their divorce -- and that amount has remained static.  As we first reported yesterday, according to Brooke Mueller's prenup with Charlie, she'll get $55,000 a month in child support plus add-ons -- like medical and schooling expenses -- and that could drive the monthly support upwards of $125,000.

Calls to attorneys for Charlie and Denise were not returned.


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Hey Charlie your wallet is going to get real light with all the money your have to pay out. Your going to have to stay working and when you die you'll still have to keep working. Neither you think money grows on trees or you have to printting in your basement. Hey Charlie you got a mil you can loan me til my hunch back brother straightens out.

1600 days ago


She has no acting capability. She was only given jobs because of him anyway. (and his only acting capacity is in Two and a Half Men but at least he makes a good living at it!)
Now she will be lucky to book shopping center or pizza store openings.
But then living off his child support will give her the income she needs...maybe not wants but needs.

She will do anything to get a buck even if it means forcing her girls to got to auditions.

1600 days ago


I don't get the hatred for Denise. She's not the one who's had continual drug and sexual addiction problems. So, she's not a hugely successful actress, doesn't make her a bad mother. Charlie is probably grateful that at least she has it together, unlike himself and the wife he has now.

1600 days ago


Thank God Denise has $50k/month, because she certainly cannot make it on her talent!

1600 days ago


First of all, child support is based on the income of the parent. 50 grand to him is nothing. Denise is looking out for her children, plain and simple. I don't understand all the hate. If he agreed to it, then there is a reason. These two are getting along fine now and are working in the best interest of their kids. Regardless of what you think of her, the child support is to help her take care of the children. GET OVER IT!!!

1600 days ago


it amazes me how much these women get in monthly child support when some people with college degrees don't get this ammount in a year. Seriously what justifies them getting this much money?!?!?! Neither one of these ho's work --- well I guess you could call renting out your uterus so the Sheen legacy to continue work--- so why should they ge all this money that dude makes from curing cancer--- oops I mean acting in a comedy sitcom.

I wanna be rich & white in my next life......

1600 days ago


Charlie, never hide what he was..
the bitches, wanted him anyway, bore children to him,
and now they squeeze him.
I feel sorry for him, he wanted a family and children,
otherwise he would have stay single, plenty of fish
in the water, why marry?
Denise and Brooke are 2 kept women, better to keep
a "professional", sorry for Charlie.

1600 days ago

Go Denise    

Obviously the people on here bashing Denise do not have children. I dont care who the dad is if he is crazy I wouldnt want my kids around him when he was in legal trouble, assaulting his wife etc. I beleive she has the kids best interest at heart. It would hard for him to be there for them when there is so much going on right now in his life. As far as how much he pays for support. That is decided by the courts. What is she going to say. "No thanks"... she isn't stupid!

1600 days ago


All I can say is WOW - I find it hard to fathom that even Charlie would give away his kids. Wonder what that'll do to their self esteem in a few years. Sad....

1600 days ago


As a divorced mother with custody of 2 children, I feel this was a SELF LESS act on Charlies part and he should be commended for it. Putting a child or children through any kind of custody battle is heartbreaking all around. He did the right thing in the best intrest of his children. Charlie and his wife are in rough waters right now and Denise is able to care and provide for the kids while Charile gets his end of life straightened out. He did what any good dad would and should do. He put his kids first and spared them any anguish. Denise can hold down the fort with the kids until Charile and Brooke are good, and then get back to custody. If Denise ever gets in a bind, I am sure Charlie would extend her the same compassion, I hope. Be strong for the kids Denise and let them know their Daddy loves them and is always there. Charlie, Brooke, get it together and work it out, there is alot to lose.

1600 days ago


Jealousy reigns! If he is making that much MONEY then why shouldn't his kids live well? Oh it is fine if he makes it...just let your kids live in a trailer park. One thing for sure if he doesn't pay it to his children and ex's who are taking care of the children...then he is not going to pay it to you.

Unlike Chad Ochocinco who keeps giving that Cheryl jewelry while one of his four children live in So. Central. Oh yeah but he is such a nice guy. It is society that pushes the father's that are trying to do the right thing into believing that it is okay to do the wrong thing.

Charlie makes a lot of money for what I can't seem to understand as to why. If he makes it, then his kids should be supported well.

1600 days ago


Hope she's a smart lady and sets up a trust fund for her daughters. They'll turn 18 before she knows it and they should have a nice amount of money waiting for them.

1600 days ago


Yep most states have a do***ent that calculates child support and in most cases take in the income of both spouses etc. Some with alot of money may come to an agreement that is more or less than the state requires. There is no proof that is what Denise demanded. I'm not a fan of hers as she's pretty low (hooking up with bff's ex-hubby) but as far as a mom goes...I'd do the same thing. Charlie needs help obviously...he's probably not that involved with his kids anyway. He'll probably hook up with another ho and she'll pop out two more. Some of these hollywood guys need to get fixed.

1600 days ago


Still, for all that cash, she is still an ugly crazy skank that no man will go within 10 feet of.
Posted at 7:54 AM on May 5, 2010 by Slutty Whores Rock
Do you really believe Denise is ugly? You must have super-high standards.

1600 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

No Talent Denise, except for being a Whore, really scores with Charlie's money. Maybe now she can afford to stay at home and not pimp out her daughters. Poor, rich kids! Imagine having these two self-centered idiots for parents.

1600 days ago
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