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David Boreanaz -- The Marriage is Stable

5/4/2010 3:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources intimately familiar with the David Boreanaz situation tell us his marriage to actress Jaime Bergman (pictured right) is "stable" -- despite the ongoing legal drama involving one of David's mistresses.

David Boreanaz -- The Marriage is Stable

We're told the "Bones" actor and his wife have no plans for divorce -- and today they even ran several errands together in L.A.

As for David's wife, we're told she's the one who pushed David to publicly confess his liaison with the mistress .. the mistress who was demanding 6 figures, via Gloria Allred.

We're also told Jaime is handling the drama with the mystery woman pretty well -- but she had a much tougher time when David told her about his relationship with Rachel Uchitel.  David told his wife about Rachel just a month before the Tiger Woods scandal broke ... a day before Star Magazine broke the story.


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His wife is a babe, but like any babe, someone is tired of putting up with her crap....and it's usually the husband. I find this man has done nothing wrong and his wife should reward him with BJ's every day. Do that, and cheating will be the last thing from his mind.

1597 days ago


How ironic that Rachel Yuckitell seems okay with being a whore (well-known for having slept with AT LEAST David and Tiger), but draws the line at being accused of extortion. Of course, her response of having a press conference (no doubt accompanied by the equally publicity-hungry Goria Awfull)and denying these allegations also serves the purpose of getting her name and, admittedly beautiful, face in the public's eye again. Any bets she's still trying to sell herself in a reality show? Considering the slimeballs that have successful reality shows (can you say: JerseyShore?)is it such a leap for a well-known tramp to have one? Sad but true.

1597 days ago


Yeah she's there now, but it will be like Tiger all over again. More and more women are going to come out until she feels like a total fool and leaves him.

And AriellaKlim I hope you're kidding. If not get some self-respect.

1597 days ago


If I were his wife, I would be suing the biotch for alienation of affection since their state (Utah) allows for such...
Sue her into oblivion and she'll leave you and yours alone...
Sue her for all of the other MARRIED women who these tramps affect...
Sue her to prove the point that HER participation is equally as bad as his...
Sue her to prevent her from ending up on some lame "Mistress" show...
Then, sue her again for even opening her mouth in the first place...

1597 days ago


Are you kidding me that Rachael girl is a pig!!!! What is wrong with you men take a look around and see what is front of you, you know if women would do what your doing it would not be acceptable a married women with kids we'd be crucified!!!! Keep you D in your pants and take some responsibility! Or atleast pick a girl that is infested with everyone elses body fluids GROSS!!!

1597 days ago


AriellaKlim...I'm positive my husband does not cheat. Just because you "allow" yours to cheat doesn't mean ALL men do it. There are many out there that are faithful and committed 100% to their wives. Someone has brainwashed you girl and it's probably the person you are married to! You need counseling! And do yourself a favor, get tested for STD's. And have your cheating husband get tested too. Although if you do get any type of STD, I have to say that nobody should feel sorry for you. In a way, you deserve it and so does your cheating husband!

1597 days ago


Someone needs to sue gloria allred for trying to blackmail everyone... screw that bitch, too

1597 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

"Stable," huh? DOUBTFUL!!!

1597 days ago


Rachel Yuckitell is showing just how big a skank money hungry **** she is........She will lay down for anyone with a pocketful of cash, then she runs and grabs her high priced lawyer to try and drain them for every dollar she can get. This is why are world is going to hell. NO MORALS and whores that get rewarded for what they do. I wouldnt touch her with anyones ****.

1597 days ago

Gayle L.    

When are the wives going to start sueing the tramps that go after the husbands. I believe that has been done before. Maybe it would keep some of those ladies and their attorney out of the news!

1597 days ago


What a complete idiot. Rachel isn't even attractive. I am tired of hearing about these disrespectful losers.

1597 days ago


his wife is gorgeous...funny thing is she looks alot like Elin, what is up with all these beautiful, graceful, smart, talented women who get treated like dogs by their husbands, who end up cheating with low class skank ho's who not even a dog would sniff at. Boggles the mind...since this is the second time he has cheated in a marriage I would cut my losses and dump this *******. Esp. if he has been with Coochismellstel (Uchitel) who must have at least 1,000 STD's from being a StarF*cker....please, follow Sandra's steps, no second chances with these cheaters...

1597 days ago


just another married PIG

1597 days ago


Ummm...she is a former Playboy model/Playmate. I would say her character isn't exactly pristine, and I'm also sure she has been far from a model wife. Once a "Playmate" always one...and oh, this is coming from a woman.

1597 days ago


#14 Don't be so sure your husband doesn't cheat! LOL. All men cheat, that's just the way it is. Jaime Bergman needs to be a better wife to him. She's already in her mid-30s. A few more years and she will be past her prime and her husband has a high chance of leaving her for someone younger and better. So she better be as nice to him as she can and try to make herself indespensible! And that includes being understanding of his needs which it looks like she is. Men and women are different. That's just the way it is!

1597 days ago
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