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David Boreanaz -- The Marriage is Stable

5/4/2010 3:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources intimately familiar with the David Boreanaz situation tell us his marriage to actress Jaime Bergman (pictured right) is "stable" -- despite the ongoing legal drama involving one of David's mistresses.

David Boreanaz -- The Marriage is Stable

We're told the "Bones" actor and his wife have no plans for divorce -- and today they even ran several errands together in L.A.

As for David's wife, we're told she's the one who pushed David to publicly confess his liaison with the mistress .. the mistress who was demanding 6 figures, via Gloria Allred.

We're also told Jaime is handling the drama with the mystery woman pretty well -- but she had a much tougher time when David told her about his relationship with Rachel Uchitel.  David told his wife about Rachel just a month before the Tiger Woods scandal broke ... a day before Star Magazine broke the story.


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The more I hear about Rachel the mre disgusted I am with her. She should be dragged into the streets and shot in the head like the bitch whore she is.

1599 days ago


This is sad. Unfortunantly regardless of whether it's a celebrity or your regular joe, as long as they can get away with it they will. I feel that if a man feels that one woman is not enough then he should not take those vows to just one woman. Why guys would you do something like this to a woman you say you love? It makes a woman feel like less of a woman and then they start to wonder what is wrong with them or what they did wrong, or even what the other girl has that she doesn't. A wife should not have to think things like that. When a man marries a woman she is supposed to be the center of his world (aside from any daughters you have because they are really #1). As for Rachel Uchitel it seems like that bitch gets around. No doubt she prob has the gift that keeps on giving. LOL!

1599 days ago

PolarBear Is Retarded    

What, no racist comments? It must be a white man cheating on a white woman! There would be at least 200 comments by now if this guy were someone with darker skin. 50% of the comments would be racist!!! F TMZ commenters!!!!!!!

1599 days ago


Hey guys if you are going to cheat on your wife please take the time to GOOGLE the name of the person you are going cheat with find out if she has done this before and find out if she has a lawyer on retainer.
LOL just don't cheat.

1599 days ago


#27 ArielleKim,

Honey, you have to respect yourself before a man will respect you. You cannot respect yourself or you would value yourself and your marriage. The important question is would your husband love you enough NOT to cheat? Men are quite capable of making the decision to cheat or not to cheat. There is no genetic force that "makes" them cheaters. I hope you do some serious self-evaluation, and then get some help. You have low self-esteem to not only accept your husband's cheating, but to assume all men cheat and that it is okay. And until you get "healthy" emotionally and mentally, please do not have children who would be exposed to such an unhealthy view of relationships.

I must add that your comment about your girlfriends being jealous is a huge beacon enlightening us to your low self-esteem. YOU determine your self-worth, not your husband nor his looks. You are not elevated because you married someone considered a "catch". You determine who you are, and right now, you are hurting yourself by allowing this man to walk all over you. And he will never respect you while you allow it. You deserve to have a man who loves and respects you, don't settle for less.

My wise grandmother said this is a good litmus test to determine your feelings for someone and his for you: If you/he were in an accident and were disfigured or paralyzed, would this be someone you/he would still want to spend your/his life with above everyone else.

For the record, thirty five years married to the man voted "Most Popular" and "Best Looking" and was a college jock who could have had most any girl on campus (large D-1 university). All of that is unimportant, period. What is important is that he loves me, he respects me, he is a wonderful father and grandfather, and there is no other person he would rather be with than me. And he still takes my breath away.....

1599 days ago


Why did TMZ shut down the overwhelming negative comments on the "Gloria Allred on Boreanaz: What Happened Was..." story? I'm so sick of this woman abusing the legal system. Gloria Allred has made a career of walking right up to the line of what's highly unethical but still legally permissible. What she's doing on behalf of these jilted mistresses is de facto extortion. She's careful to skirt the legal definition of the crime but it's still extortion by any common meaning of the word. What else do you call it when someone attempts to extort money in return for their silence? Blackmail? If she weren't acting as the middle man in these negations these women would be arrested for extortion. I mean f'n Jesus Christ she comes up with these weak excuses to threaten to sue (because you can sue for just about anything even if it is frivolous) and then uses the pretense to enter "settlement talks" where her client will guarantee her silence in exchange for a fat pay check. How much you want to bet she doesn't even follow through with a suit now that David Boreanaz has told her to go to hell, there's no deal? Enough is enough already! When is the California Bar going to take disciplinary action against her already? She needs to be put on probation and ordered to take a remedial course in ethics. She's a disgrace to the legal profession!

1599 days ago


The marriage might be stable, but obviously the individuals in it...aren't.

1599 days ago


And his wife is a babe too, greedy pr1ck...

1599 days ago


LOL BOREANAZ porn star was not a pro as Tiger's porn stars as to how to get the money with out maybe going to jail for blackmail..I AM so glad all the porn stars going after RICH married men are making big bucks..Porn Stars get all the money you can, pose for money, write a book, go on t.v. MAKE THEM PAY !!!!

1599 days ago


I guess it doesn't matter how beautiful you are....your man will still cheat on sad

1599 days ago


I remember David Boreanaz during an interview refering to Jaime as the "Salt of the earth". Too bad Jaime didn't realize that David is THE S*** OF THE EARTH. He doesn't measure up next to his father.

1599 days ago


U 2 ARE THE SAME ****!

1599 days ago


Actually Jamie Bergman has steel ovaries. While this is much more than I ever wanted to know about David Boreanaz I will still watch his show and enjoy it. Kudos for Jamie pushing David to out this skank and protecting her family and assets. As this is not over, hopefully they have learned what is really important and are working together towards this goal.

1599 days ago

On episode 7 of the first bones season, he said, "I've never, ever cheated on any woman I've ever been with. Never." Ironic don't you think?

1598 days ago


ArielKim, u may be married, but you sure are NOT in a marriage! I'd rather be single with my FAITHFUL boyfriend, than married to a skanky cheater like you are...hope you get regular gyn check-ups. You are living in a dream world!!

1597 days ago
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