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David Boreanaz -- The Marriage is Stable

5/4/2010 3:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources intimately familiar with the David Boreanaz situation tell us his marriage to actress Jaime Bergman (pictured right) is "stable" -- despite the ongoing legal drama involving one of David's mistresses.

David Boreanaz -- The Marriage is Stable

We're told the "Bones" actor and his wife have no plans for divorce -- and today they even ran several errands together in L.A.

As for David's wife, we're told she's the one who pushed David to publicly confess his liaison with the mistress .. the mistress who was demanding 6 figures, via Gloria Allred.

We're also told Jaime is handling the drama with the mystery woman pretty well -- but she had a much tougher time when David told her about his relationship with Rachel Uchitel.  David told his wife about Rachel just a month before the Tiger Woods scandal broke ... a day before Star Magazine broke the story.


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I thought he was a good guy, not a cheater.
Booth on Bones would never do such a thing.
Neither would KOOKY.

1627 days ago


Any attorney who aids and abets in the commission of a crime should be charged along with his client. Mr. and Mrs. Boreanaz did the right thing - although very painful - by going to the press themselves and nipping any attempt to blackmail them in the bud. Any mistress claiming "exclusivity" with a married man is absolutely ridiculous. Other than a paternity claim, supported by DNA testing, no mistress has a claim against a married man. An attorney involved in this type of frivolous claim (on behalf of the mistress) gives the profession a bad name and deserves disciplinary action against him.

1625 days ago

Cozy Read    

I found there were many reasons people split and got back together but cheating then trying to make it like peeing on the can be done but everyone will know about it...(Sorry Buzz Aldren...but you are very cool!)

1623 days ago


I really don't care what anyone says, when you speak those marriage vows, you need to stand by them. I don't care if you have 12 kids or none at all. There is NO excuse for cheating, period. His wife is a former playboy model for crying out loud, if a man can't be 100% commited to someone like that, then i am of the firm belief that no one can be monogamous. So just don't get married! If your not going to resist temptation no matter how bad things may be, you have no business being in a marriage. One discretion or 50. Once that trust is gone, there is nothing in the world you can ever do to get it back. Oh, sure you can try, pretend to take things day-by-day, but you never can. And it's worse when you force yourself just for the sake of the kids. Get out and move on! Life is to short to not trust someone, and really, cheating on someone while they are pregnant with YOUR child is probably a worse blow then if you weren't pregnant.

1622 days ago

c engstrom    

The story is not how many affairs he has had or with whom, it's that his wife knew when she married him and has known on some level all along that he has and will have affairs. His popularity is based upon being hunk with a heart and he needs to protect that image. According to the tabloids the first affair started on the evening of his birthday and the second on easter. She knew. I think their marriage is based on sex is just sex, afterall she was in the sex/porn industry. She seems pretty secure in her pictures of recent standing by her man.

1588 days ago

D. Feld    

For all of you women who have commented that it is no big deal if the guy cheats a little bit because he really loves you - see how you feel when you are at the doctor's getting your perscription for that little gift he didn't mean to give you. Maybe when his baby momma shows up on your doorstep with his kid you can babysit for them while they head for the hotel. That "Boys will be boys" attitiude is not a mark of your maturity or sophistication, it is a sad commentary on how you never learned to respect yourself, and so don't get respect from others. You don't even recognize that you deserve or should ask for that respect. And that is the lesson you are going to pass on to your daughters. Who is the naive one?

1573 days ago


What's all this stuff about Uchitel? That's ancient history. David and Jaime have moved on. For Pete sake let them go. I wonder sometimes if David doesn't wish he wasn't so damned famous. But I recon it goew with the territory, so, David, just live long and prosper, as Spock would say.

1544 days ago

Mary ann    

Rachel is a cheap slut who apparently isn't able to keep a true relationship with any man. She really sickens me. She's not even dog was more beautiful.

I give Jaime a lot of credit for standing by David.

1519 days ago


^hmm and David isn't all those things you said about Rachel? lol. And you even praise Jaime for standing by a "slut" like David. Talk about double standards.

1382 days ago


Hahaha #14 couldn't have said it better!! Cheating once okay maybe you can forgive. Why would you stay with a person who cheats on you?! Hate to tell you #10 but your husband is a jerk and doesn't have any respect for you.

1300 days ago


just proves that he's just like any other man..a dog esp since his wife was a playboy model.

1300 days ago


I've heard/read some pretty stupid things in my life but-wow! #4 and #10, you really have no self respect, do you?

1299 days ago
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