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Allred Attacks Boreanaz -- He Claims Extortion

5/4/2010 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's a legal pissing contest erupting over TMZ's story yesterday, that attorney Gloria Allred tried to get a 6 figure settlement for a woman who had an affair with David Boreanaz. Now Allred is threatening to blow the lid off the affair, but Boreanaz' lawyer is calling it an extortion attempt.

Allred claims Boreanaz' lawyer -- legal pit bull Marty Singer -- tried contacting the mistress and only then did Allred get involved.  Allred says, "We discussed the possible resolution of my client's legal claims against Mr. Boreanaz by mediation."  Allred does not say what legal claims the mistress had.

But Singer was more than willing to tell TMZ about Allred's legal claim.  He says Allred's claim was that Boreanaz had promised the mistress that she was "exclusive," even though she knew he was married.
As we first reported, the woman had a very short-term liaison with Boreanaz -- 2 or 3 times -- he paid her money but she allegedly kept demanding more, and then threatened to go to the media unless he upped the ante.  Boreanaz told the story publicly yesterday, and shut down Allred's claim.

Now Allred says, "My client has not told her story to the press, but now that Mr. Boreanaz is attacking her she has decided to tell the story of their relationship, so that the truth will come out."

Singer tells TMZ, "On April 23, the woman left a very threatening message that she was going to the media, that my client had not given her enough money ... It is true I did leave a message for the woman because of the extortionist threat she left with my client.  On Monday, I received a call from Gloria Allred and she told me the woman was looking to get paid at least 6 figures."

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Disbar this woman!!!

1601 days ago


I'm an attorney and Gloria is a shame to the legal profession. I knew that before and this story just confirms it.

If I was to ever get involved in this mess, I would represent the wife in a legal claim against the mistress for a return of the community funds! We would likely lose, but at least I can sleep at night.

1601 days ago


For going to bed with that loser she deserves a 6 figure payment..had you just paid her the money you idiot,your ugly face wouldnt be all over your going to be paying your wife big big money....

1601 days ago


The way Gloria does an interview in front of the camera is just like having sex. The camera man with his lens extending to Gloria's face, and Gloria giving her head to be viewed by the whole world watching. I think Gloria is a media whore, and she loves to be in on the action where ever she can find it.

1601 days ago


This guy's ugly as sin. Nobody could pay me to sleep with him. His only credits being Buffy/Angel/Bones...real loser.

1601 days ago

Judgement Days a Coming    

She was only with him 2-3 times, and he paid her. Don't know where Gloria Allred went to law school, but in my neck of the woods, her "client" would be called a PROSTITUTE!!!! Spread the word ladies, not your legs.

1601 days ago


I dunno maybe its just me but this is the 2nd time Allred has been associated with skanks who are knowingly doing married men, stupidly thinking they're exclusive and want compensation in exchange to keeping the affair private.

She does need to be reported to the state bar. Extortion is illegal.

1601 days ago


Gloria Allred is a media whore! actually,more like a madame...she is making money off of whores ! Extortion is wrong ! no matter what the cir***stances. These women give all of us a bad name. all they see are dollar signs. but i cant say i feel sorry for the men either. how stupid do you have to be. whats wrong with people?

1601 days ago


why did the word "cir***stance" get censored?

1601 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Settlement fro what? is she trying to be a high paid whore? When you screw around and want to get get paid you are a hooker

1601 days ago



You stuck up for Gloria during the Tiger fiasco by droning on and on about some of the great work Gloria had done. I gave you and Gloria the benefit of the doubt. Now, I have no doubt she's a piece of ****. As for you Harvey, you have lost almost all your credibility with me.

Seriously Harvey, all jokes aside about you shopping in the boys department, tell us all again how great Gloria is.


1601 days ago


Let's see....he paid her for sex, that makes her a prostitute and now Gloria is trying to get money off of him too. Doesn't that make her sort of a "pimp" off the money of a prostitute? Why the bar association lets her keep her license is beyond me.

1601 days ago


Did that hooker Rachel blow through Tiger's money already? The reality show *or whatever it was not pan through? Does she need to shake down the "fruits" of another married man she was banging? Take away money from the children? Gloria Allred wants money from the children of these men because the fathers couldn't keep it in their pants, wants to blackmail them, take it out on their children...because some skanky hos cried to Gloria they want fame and fortune, as does Gloria.

1601 days ago


How can this person be allowed to continue "practicing law" ?

1601 days ago


Allred is s***. does anyone know how she got Mistress #1 $10Million?? What did uchatel have on tiger??

1601 days ago
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