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Jenna Jameson & Son Rushed to Hospital

5/4/2010 9:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jenna Jameson and one of her two boys with Tito Ortiz were rushed to the hospital in an ambulance last night around midnight -- after her son Journey began projectile vomiting and losing consciousness shortly after 11 PM.

Jenna Jameson
TMZ spoke with Jenna, who told us she was by herself when her son became sick -- and tells us she thought the best course of action was to call 911 for an ambulance.

Jenna tells us Journey was "hydrated" at the hospital -- and released a few hours later. Jenna also says that doctors informed her that Journey is most likely suffering from a stomach flu.


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Münchausen syndrome by proxy

1597 days ago


actually the real studies say child cough ,cold and flu medicines are not effective and maybe even harmful to the little guys.hydration,rest, and lots of hugs and kisses work the best for us.see dads know too.i wonder if that was the child she took to the park ??

1597 days ago


Those poor children. Maybe Children Services needs to evaluate this situation. Kids get sick. You don't have to call an ambulance and rush them to the hospital just for throwing up. Why is she strapped to the gurney? That doesn't seem right to me. What is going on in that home?

1597 days ago


GIVE ME A F-ING BREAK! "she thought the best course of action was to call 911 for an ambulance."

Does she not own a car? Does she not have friends or relatives that could come drive her?

She has to dial 911 and get an ambulance for the STOMACH FLU?

She should be charged with abuse of 911. Also, I hope her insurance doesn't pay for that ambulance!

1597 days ago


I can understand Mom riding along to comfort the kid, but what kind of EMT puts the Mom ON THE STRETCHER with the kid and covers her in a blanket, like SHE'S the patient!!?? This smells like a PR stunt.....

1597 days ago

Professor Obvious    

You'd think by now she'd be used to being blasted with bodily fluids...

1597 days ago


This is disgusting...and we wonder why our healthcare system is in the toilet. Who calls 911 over a toddler vomiting? Are you kidding me??? What a load of CRAP!

1597 days ago


The Lady of a Thousand Penises clearly likes TMZ.

1597 days ago


This is a no brainer. Jenna was forcing the kid to watch her vids. At his age vomiting comes first. The orgasms won't start for a few more years.

1597 days ago

Joe Smo    

The kid probably swallowed one of her oxycotins or is she getting more attention now then she ever did and doesn't want to leave the limelight.

1597 days ago


Gimme a break..What happened to driving to a hospital like everyone else does.
The kid is vomiting, it was not like he could not breath.Anything to be in the spotlight.
Jenna , please that was NOT a 911 situation.. But you made it one.

1597 days ago


Seriously? An ambulance for the stomach flu? Kids get sick and vomit so you hop in the car and take them to the doctor. Who calls 911? And even if they felt the child was sick enough to be taken by ambulance, why in the hell is she strapped in the gurney? Couldn't she have just gone along for the ride and comfort her child from a sitting position? This is absolutely ridiculous.

1597 days ago


What an *******! 911 if for emergencies....a baby throwing up in not one.

I find it hard to believe she couldn't have driven her son to the hospital herself. This is a HUGE problem...people have no idea what 911 is for...

1597 days ago


If she was by herself where is the other kid? Someone is obviously watching that child while she pulls this stunt. O wait, she couldn't drive because shes so high on prescription drugs. I used to like Jenna, but shes annoying ...SUPER ANNOYING. When ya wanna lie to your fans make sure you do it well enough.

1597 days ago


Journey? What's the other son's name--Foreigner?

Bad name + porn star mom = good luck, kid
Hope your dad is there to defend you in all those fights you're gonna get in...

1597 days ago
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