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Rachel Uchitel -- I Didn't Extort Anyone!

5/4/2010 2:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rachel Uchitel -- the pilgrim of Tiger Woods' mistresses -- is totally pissed off at reports that she tried to extort David Boreanaz and she's going to do something about it.

Rachel Uchitel -- I Didn't Extort Anyone!
TMZ has learned ... Uchitel, who is in Mexico, is flying home today and plans to go on camera either tomorrow or Thursday to say she has "never extorted anyone" out of money.

We're told Uchitel had an affair with Boreanaz while his wife was pregnant, but she was not the woman who demanded a 6 figure settlement from him.  As we first reported, Gloria Allred repped the woman and claimed Boreanaz deceived her by saying she was the only one.  Boreanaz' lawyer, Marty Singer, calls the woman's demand for money extortion.

Sources tell TMZ ... Boreanaz was texting Rachel when his wife was giving birth last August.

And, TMZ broke the story Uchitel got $10 million from Tiger Woods in the wake of that scandal.

Of course, TMZ will cover what Uchitel has to say live.


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A. Conda    

She sounds like an "escort" to me. There's a shelf life to that job.

1630 days ago


Surprise, surprise....another jilted mistress who got lied to being represented by that fine upstanding habitual ambulance chaser...Gloria Allred. I don't know who I find more reprehensible...the jilted mistresses, the "can't keep it in their pants" perpetual horndog celebrities, or the "always present at an oversensationalized mess" of a story Gloria Allred....I think I will pick what is behind door number 3.......

1630 days ago


David's a loser. Texting her while his wife was in labor???? He's the worst sort of husband. Never thinking about anyone but themselves.

1630 days ago


David Letterman's extortionist got jail time....I think the skanks that ask for money to keep their traps shut after sleeping with married celebrity men should get the same thing.

1630 days ago


Looks like all these s*** bucket mistresses do the same thing. Go after married men and then want money to keep their big traps shut. That is extortion. And then they cry saying the man told them they were the only ones and they deserve an hoo hoo. How can they be the "only one" if they know the guy is married???? Dumb b*tches......I don't condone adultery, but these chicks are NASTY !!!!!

1630 days ago


She's "never extorted anyone" out of money. Of course she hasn't, she's hired a lawyer to do it. Her going on camera to deny this reminds of when she adamantly denied having an affair with Tiger Woods.

1630 days ago


Man she must be a good hooker because to ***** is worth 10million dollars, hey how much did Gloria the pimp Allred get from the 10 mil. Does Gloria pimp slap Rachel when she's not working the stars HARD enough?

1630 days ago


WTF?! Does she only go after married men? What is wrong with this person?

1630 days ago


this woman is nothing but a total whore. if Tiger did give her $10 million dollars, then he's not only a disgusting cheater, but a dumb-ass as well!

1630 days ago


are you kidding, what a s***bag this broad is. someone should take her out back and shoot her like a lame horse...i mean a lame WHORE. UGH. gross. ALlred too, she rides these "poor women who had their heartbroken". what a LOAD OF CRAP. they KNOW what they are getting into. So now you can sue someone b/c of your OWN dumb choice? No wonder this country has problems.....

1630 days ago


@66. The problem is the cheating husbands. These women should NEVER be paid for screwing a married man. If these guys were regular joes' these women would get is a slap in the face and a bad reputation, they would never get any money... what kind of **** is that.These women are methodical and purposefully seek out married men to get $$$. The horny dumb ass men are the real ones to blame.They are no better than high paid whores. What these women should do is stop screwing rich married men, call up Heidi Fleiss and just be the high paid whores they were destined to be. this way they can keep their reputations solid and screw whoever they want AND still get paid.

1630 days ago

S. Smith    

She hasn't yet but will extort tomorrow, that's what happened with Tiger. She know exactly who to go after doesn't she?

1630 days ago


Tax that whore, it's work like any other earned income! ...and yes, harvey is Gay!

1630 days ago


So she is a career homewrecker and extortionist ... Nice. I hope this is laughed out of court and David counter sues for whatever he can. What a utter b!tch!!

1630 days ago


Maybe Rachel did Davids wife a favor by having a relationship with her husband while she was pregnant and not able to be in good shape for sex.
Who cares if she blackmailed Tiger for 10 million dollars or more? That does not mean she was going to try and blackmail David for nearly that much money or even for anything.
She knows he has a lot less money than Tiger.

Maybe she likes sleeping with married men becuase or celebrities in general but it is nobodys business becuase it's her body to share with whomever she wants, maried or not.
I think the married women shoud be grateful to her, maybe they don't want to have sex with their husbands sometimes.

1630 days ago
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