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Cries an Apology to

Erin Andrews

5/5/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Elisabeth Hasselbeck launched into full-on waterworks mode on "The View" this morning to issue a public apology to Erin Andrews for cracking a really bad joke at her expense yesterday.

Hasselbeck took all sorts of heat yesterday after she made a comment suggesting that Erin's creepy convicted Peeping Tom should have dropped the hidden camera act ... because he could have seen "a little bit less – without the prison time" just by watching "Dancing with the Stars."

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if i was as ugly as elizabeth hasslebeck(on the inside)i would be this jelous to.the crying act i dont buy she is just desperate for attention.elizabeth is not a good person(in my humble opinion)this is what jealousy and envy can do.

1539 days ago

"why is she on TV?!"    

I am also surprise that Elisabeth is on TV.
She is much overeducated for tv ...not like most American's celebrities that didn't, at all or hardly, finished their high school!!!
TV is for retards.

1539 days ago


What elizabeth hasselback said about Erin Andrews was completely ok! I don't think she should have to apololgize for stating the truth. Erin apparently doesn't feel as bad about her peep show and it just seems like she used that to get publicity. She sure has been in the spotlight after that. It is just a shame that she is flaunting herself around now. I thought that she had a bit more class than that. We all felt bad for her at first after the peep show, but now I don't really have any sympathy for her.

1539 days ago


First of all I look forward to her leaving the show..maybe then I could enjoy it.. she is too much and the skit on SNL is spot on..she is an emotional wreck and I don't see how her husband can put up with her on a regular basis..she is clearly jealous of Erin Andrews and it showed and she should be ashamed..period.

1539 days ago


Com on the view surely you can get someone a wee bit more intelligent than Elizabeth.
Every time she puts her foot in her mouth she turns the tears on like a tap.
I'm sure she wouldn't be where she is today if it wasn't for her husband.
She always thinks she is right and does not listen to others.
She has a problem---I AM,I HAVE I'M GOING TO AND WHO ARE YOU????

1539 days ago


Many women wear much less than a DWTS costume, i.e., a bikini on the beach. That doesn't mean they want a stalker staring at them through a peephole in their doors just because they don't mind wearing a bikini on the beach.

If I were Elizabeth, I would be embarrassed and intimidated just sitting next to women as intelligent as Whoopi, Joy and Barbara. I guess Elizabeth hasn't yet learned that it is better to be thought ignorant than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

1539 days ago


Jealous little Elizabeth.

1539 days ago


Hmmm. That big tranny Erin Andrews is sooooo traumatized by her "stalker," yet she's on as public a show as possible, wearing basically a skirt and nipple covers. She's ugly and nasty. She shouldn't assume every woman is going to take her side. I don't.

1539 days ago


Elizabeth's comment was funny. Just how emotionally damaged can Erin be since she is flaunting it on Dancing? Erin is taking this way too far. It was horrible what happened to Erin - it was an invasion of her privacy - but now there's not much private left with the costumes she has chosen to wear. I am a female. Cover up Erin & get into more therapy - if you want privacy and do not want to be talked about.

1539 days ago


I propose a party when Elizabeth gets the boot. She is worthless.

1539 days ago


Remember Liz in her' barely there bikini on Survivor?

She did not mind her bikini harming the morals of society then....

Ms. Hasselbeck has always been a very nasty person in a very pretty exterior. She is a bully that must have her own way or there will be hell to pay.. I have seen it on the View over and over again.
This just seems a case of green jealousy and her feelings just escaped her in public. She is a very dark and manipulative person inside and I don't know how Walters can't see it.....

1539 days ago


A pathetic and immature "girl" who thinks and pretends she's all grown-up due to the fact that she's had sex at the right time of the month and spewed three innocent children out of her womb and sits at a table with other high-paid gossips. I'd love to see a psychological evaluation of EH as it would describe (just like so many irrational and confused right-wing nuts) a jealous, spiteful person with complex hang-ups regarding authentic sexuality. What normal public person uses their five-year-old daughter as a shield to make a non-heartfelt apology to a loving, humorous, and beautiful woman who has helped ****ter the glass ceiling in the sports entertainment industry and who might have been even more seriously violated by a lunatic stalker. Another thought...after dressing half-naked herself on The View and that stupid show that made her infamous, did she mouth the words of a covert mysoginistic football-playing husband who might think a female sportscaster doesn't have a place in the world of sports?

EH should have been released by that show after the last political election but on some level they erroneously perceive the average person likes discord and egomanical felines clamoring to get their daily 15 minutes of fame. The only person sitting on that panel right now who is attempting to outgrow the influence of sitting with her is Sherry Shephard but the rest, including Whoopi and Joy who both snickered regarding Erin's plight and the show DWTS, have been tainted by her malignancy. DWTS (along with Castle) is one of the few entertainment shows on television--seasonal or otherwise--worth viewing anymore.

1539 days ago

Elizabeth is a class act    

Elisabeth speaks the truth in a spirit of love, usually. She is entitled to her opinion, just as much as the rest of the haters on this discussion thread put her down for. Surprise, you are outnumbered. There is a good reason why Elisabeth continues to star on The View. She has millions of adoring fans.

I am shocked by Erin's wardrobe choices after what she went through. Now she is showing her goods while she could have made the choice to go for a more respectful lady-like way of dressing on the dancing program. I think she 'might' get more votes, as well if she dressed more conservatively. The female voters who are more likely the majority of voters are not going to validate, all things considered, a trashy appearance. Especially with what she just went through. Just my humble opinion.

1539 days ago


Elisabeth is only sorry because she got negative heat from her completely classless and ignorant comment. Yeah, the girls on DWTS wear skimpy outfits, but so what? If I had bodies like Erin and the other others on the show and had enough confidence, I would show it off too! Was Elisabeth implying that women bring on the stalkers and perverts because of how they dress? This is very antiquated thinking. I mean, there are perverts out there raping 80 year old women and 10 year old girls! Such acts as peeping and rape and other crimes against women and children have nothing to do with nudity or a skimpy outfit. It has to do with the perverted mind of the offender!

1539 days ago


Every time I read a comment that puts a "positive spin" on Hasselbeck, I am convinced they are coming from family or close friends of EH. I cannot imagine that in 2010 there are women who think of EH as any kind of role model whatsoever. DO NOT raise your daughters in her "image." Her bs about acting like she's
"pro-women" is totally false. I remember a few years back when Petitions.com sent a total of 25,000 signitures to Barbara Walters
stating that EH should be removed from "The View." I can't remember what the hot button issue was that EH was spewing about at that time, but it raised the ire of over 25,000 people. I am sure there were a ton of more people who didn't get to sign it because they stopped at the first 25,000 signatures. Note to ABC:I don't think you have the balls (TMZ please do not censor the word "balls") to get rid of EH because you believe that these "flare-ups" from her are good for your ratings. Especially now during May "Sweeps". If you can't tell from all these anti-EH comments that you would get MORE viewers to this program if you canned her, than you don't know TV as well as you think you do.

1539 days ago
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