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Cries an Apology to

Erin Andrews

5/5/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Elisabeth Hasselbeck launched into full-on waterworks mode on "The View" this morning to issue a public apology to Erin Andrews for cracking a really bad joke at her expense yesterday.

Hasselbeck took all sorts of heat yesterday after she made a comment suggesting that Erin's creepy convicted Peeping Tom should have dropped the hidden camera act ... because he could have seen "a little bit less – without the prison time" just by watching "Dancing with the Stars."

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Oval Beach    

Let me see...she said something on The View that hurt someone's feelings and she is crying and apologizing for it....hmmm....What about all the other **** you said Elisabeth that hurt other people's feeling? Hmmm? I'm a gay man who has been with his partner for 13 years now...he's the most important person in my life and visaversa...we own property jointly and we are honest contributors to society and yet...where is OUR apology? You have hurt me too Elisabeth. How about the Mexican migrant worker who allow your child to eat fruit and vegetables at a very cheap rate (like you need the discount)? The Mexican migrant worker who works for a pittance in comparison to his or her American counter part just so that you can put cheap food on your table? (they say you "are welcome" btw), how about them? Give us a break with you tears and your lessons for your child on how to and not to behave on television. You owe a lot of apologies Elisabeth, a LOT so get crackin. I'll be waiting for mine tomorrow morning at 11am.

1631 days ago


When will she die?!

1631 days ago

Trader Joe's Fan    

I don't even know what she originally said, but her apology seems classy, fitting and heart-felt. We all ought to take Elizabeth's lead and offer sincere apologizes for our wrong actions more often.

1631 days ago


Elisabeth always seems to open her mouth before thinking and ends up inserting her foot in it.
That was a really rude and uncalled for comment. This is not the first time she has made comments that she should of not made.

Yes, it was right to say she is sorry, but the comment should of never been made in the first place.

Erin has more class and self-esteem and morals then elisabeth could ever hope for..
Next time before the words of the comments Elisabeth may say, she needs to just take her foot instert in her mouth and make no comments.

1631 days ago


The funniest part of this is Hasselbeck's hypocrisy. She wore much less on Survivor. Guess she's just jealous that Erin looks a lot better than she ever did.

1631 days ago

Celebrity Star    

I HATE HER, I HATE HER!, I can't wait for the day that Whoopi reaches over and knocks the stupid bitches teeth out!

1631 days ago

captn moonlight    

She makes me ill

1631 days ago


This population-polluting "working mom"--whose children are being raised by professional nannies while she spews gossip and converses about lame "hot topics"--should not have been offered a contract renewal a long time ago! She has no life boundaries and uses conservative Christianity as a shield to hide behind so as not to confront her shadow but instead judge others.

The only show worth watching on a seasonal basis is DWTS and, and I found Hasselbeck's comments (discovered thoughout the internet) offensive and degrading to the healthy sexuality of all women. What she intentionally did to beautiful and loving Erin Andrews (plus other women who have been sexually-stalked, sexually-abused, and even killed) was a sign of her ever-growing, disturbing, and confused conservative ignorance.

1631 days ago


just another right wing ,christian ahole.....

1631 days ago


She is a douchey bitch!

1631 days ago

Jason Chambers    

Those broads make distasteful jokes about people all the time. at least this broad can apologize. Whoopi should apologize for her face.

1631 days ago


I bet that stupid husband of Lezbeth used her fat head as a football. No wonder she is complete moron, or must have gotten some brain damage.

1631 days ago


Everytime the name HASSELBECK pops up in the news, it is always about this mentally unstable, uneducated, *******. I think the reason she is on the view is that she represents the typical viewer of The View, and the audience can relate to her.

1631 days ago


Elizabeth really needs to have her roots touched up! Just Sayin!

1631 days ago


I personally do not understand how it is that she continues to be on the View. I no longer watch the show as I cant take her self important comments.. ugh , she is a nasty piece of work.. The only reason she is apologizing is she got into trouble over her BIG mouth once again ..

1631 days ago
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