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Cries an Apology to

Erin Andrews

5/5/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Elisabeth Hasselbeck launched into full-on waterworks mode on "The View" this morning to issue a public apology to Erin Andrews for cracking a really bad joke at her expense yesterday.

Hasselbeck took all sorts of heat yesterday after she made a comment suggesting that Erin's creepy convicted Peeping Tom should have dropped the hidden camera act ... because he could have seen "a little bit less – without the prison time" just by watching "Dancing with the Stars."

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I really wish someone would put a muzzle on this woman and spay her. She wasn't apologizing because she was sorry, she was apologizing because people were calling her out on it.

1641 days ago

Bobo Frog    

"""63. Erin is a crybaby who uses the so-called stalking incident as a PR move. I'm tired of her constantly whining to the press. She's a 32 year old woman which is hardly a "girl". She needs to suck it up and find something more worthwhile to do than play the perpetual victim.

Posted at 11:20 AM on May 5, 2010 by KTD""""

Really? You're calling Erin a crybaby in the comment section of a video where Elizabeth publicly cries like a baby? Do you Elizabeth supporters get tired of your hypocrisy? Are you really this stupid? Really? Really?

1641 days ago


All this over what? why does she have to apoloigize? the people are so bias , i hope most of these people here don't have kids because if this is what they are teaching their kids if feel sorry for them in the new world. now if she had all some the President i ni55er i bet most on here would be ok with it.

just my thought.

1641 days ago


I use to be such a fan of this show......but can no longer stand to watch it because of Joy and I wonder why in the world Barbara let's her get away with her horrible comments which are so disrespectful and false......Elisabeth was the bright star....class and dignity more like Barbara...but she was so outnumbered...it became uncomfortable for me to watch the lopsided opinions.....I can drink my tea and watch the humming birds in my backyard and get more pleasure and certainly no frustration. If Joy gets off the show I hope they will try to get another host more like Elisabeth to even out the discussions. I would consider returning...until then they have lost me..and I am sure don't care...but maybe someday numbers might make a difference.

1641 days ago


"Elisabeth was the bright star....class and dignity more like Barbara...but she was so outnumbered..."

She's soooo classy to say that someone deserved a stalker. Get a grip.

1641 days ago


A correction to my comment above:

She didn't say she deserved it, but she said that she was responsible. I hope someone starts stalking her and her kids so she knows EXACTLY the fear that Erin did. Maybe then she'll shut her stupid mouth.

1641 days ago


Elizabeth never should have apologized. Joy Behar and the rest of that bitchy group never do when they are obnoxious--which is pretty much every day. They insult senators and Presidents (well, when it's a Republican, at least) and get away with it all the time.

Elizabeth spoke the truth and shouldn't be sorry about it. Erin Andrews flaunts her "wares" all the time and not just on DWTS...and then cries when she attracts a freak. Get out of public life if you can't hack it, Erin!

1641 days ago


Elizabeth what about the time you made the NEGATIVE COMMENT you made that "if we allow gay people to get married then this opens the door for peole getting married to their dog, or 3 people in a marriage its a slippery slope".

I want my apology

1641 days ago


IT'S TRUE..... What has happened to this country of ours? Everyone is so damn PC...

1641 days ago


Elisabeth you haven't had an original comment or thought since day 1 on that show. Exactly was is your "claim to fame"????? Your comments about Erin were really really stupid. I was glad when Elisabeth was on leave because it meant a quality View but she is so annoying. STFU already! Give it to her Joy!

1641 days ago


First, she was NOT really crying. Infact, she looks like she was reading her apology off a cue card. E-Lizard-beth is only showing how hateful she really is. Unfortunately, there are many people who are just like her i.e. political, social, etc...who probably make excuses for her in the form of sarcastic jokes or other forms of one liners. I can only pray that God's wrath comes on them ASAP !!!!

1641 days ago


Elizabeth is a bit too firy. I don't buy the tears. She will do it again, just watch and see.

1641 days ago


She's apologizing for that, yet Whoopie has yet to apologize for her "it wasn't rape/rape" comment regarding Roman Polanski shaggin' a 13 year old baby? Liberals are f'n disgusting.

1641 days ago


The ONLY REASON that E.H. had to apologize, is because of the "ABC" connection. Her comment in which Erin was mentioned, was actually more of a slam toward ABC, and DWTS, than it was toward Erin. Let's see, I wonder which channel "The View" airs on, . . . oh, yeah, . . . ABC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1641 days ago


The comment itself was not degrading in any way, just stating a fact in a light hearted way. No apology should have been needed, and any clear thinking person should agree!!! For the record, my opinion of E.H. is very neutral, . . . I don't really like, or dislike her . . .

1641 days ago
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