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Cries an Apology to

Erin Andrews

5/5/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Elisabeth Hasselbeck launched into full-on waterworks mode on "The View" this morning to issue a public apology to Erin Andrews for cracking a really bad joke at her expense yesterday.

Hasselbeck took all sorts of heat yesterday after she made a comment suggesting that Erin's creepy convicted Peeping Tom should have dropped the hidden camera act ... because he could have seen "a little bit less – without the prison time" just by watching "Dancing with the Stars."

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Lynn T    

She made a mistake and made amends to the person she hurt. Time to move on.

1597 days ago


They should have fired her a** a long time ago. I can't even watch that show with her on there.

1597 days ago

Katie C    

Classless. Tacky. Elisabeth's 15 minutes are long over. And she calls herself a Christian???????????????????

What I do not understand is why television executives feel that in order for the American public to be 'entertained', we must be subjected to idiotic banter such as this. News Flash... this is not entertainment. Stop watching the program and supporting it.

1597 days ago


I like her more than those idiots shes has to work with ...If woopie had said this nobody would have said a word ...

1597 days ago


"Really? You're calling Erin a crybaby in the comment section of a video where Elizabeth publicly cries like a baby? Do you Elizabeth supporters get tired of your hypocrisy? Are you really this stupid? Really? Really?

Posted at 12:18 PM on May 5, 2010 by Bobo Frog"

You better believe Erin Andrews is a crybaby. She says the judges' comments on DWTS make her cry. She says pseudo "threatening" letters make her cry. She says some host on the View makes her cry. I'm sick and tired of this overgrown man-sized woman "crying" over everything. She's bigger and more manly looking than Maks. Surely she doesn't need to run to the entire cast of DWTS and beg them to defend her.

1597 days ago


that still face is priceless... ROFL!

1597 days ago


I actually think her comment is kind of funny and it is true. Call me mean. Oh well!

1597 days ago


Can I say, so what? First, so what that she said it? You mean, **gasp** that she was suggesting that they dress in skimpy clothing on DWTS? SO WHAT??? Second, quit crying over everything. If you think you said something out of line, say you're sorry and get over it. What a bunch of hormonal idiots on that show....everyone needs to get a grip...including Hassleback.

1597 days ago


I am still at a LOSS as to why the View is still on the air. Who watch the crap? In my eyes, Walters has lost all credibility i once gave her as a journalist. Hassleback is as DUMB as they come. Sherry gave me a bit too much information when she confessed to the number of abortions she has had. I have never looked at her in the same way again. Now with her "special" son- she has to wonder with so many gone whether karma bit her in the butt. As for Whoopi, when will dreadlocks go out of style? Also Joy Behar and her comedic talents should be better off else where. Vierra surely got that memo and moved on.

1597 days ago


Neither a fan nor a hater of Elizabeth however, she really should be careful how she gets her view across. Bottom line, she apologized publically and apparently privately so people should move on.

1597 days ago


Shut up and color your hair!!!

1597 days ago


What a fake.... Agree with everyone else who asks "why is she on TV?!"....

1597 days ago


Hey Barbara and Bill: Will you learn your lesson and fire this ignorant woman??? Don't you think she has shown her stupidity enough? We all remember how she started the fight with Rosie and then started the boohooing that she wasn't to blame. Get a life Bleachie!!!

1597 days ago


I stopped watching the view because of Elisabeth! I find her a selp professed expert on everything. Her nonstop babble drives me insane. I used to enjoy the show. I have heard Whoopi seems stoned on recent shows. I wonder if she has to medicate to keep her from going over the table at Elisabeth.

What makes someone that studied design in College an expert on everything anyway? ABC needs to check themselves. I hope Erin Andrews sues Hasselbeck. She has been through enough already!

1597 days ago


She just said what a lot of people were thinking...I thought the same thing !!! A lot of their outfits are a bit riske

1597 days ago
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