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Lindsay Lohan - Problem Pupil

5/5/2010 3:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ Lindsay Lohan has not attended the required number of alcohol ed courses -- and we're told school officials are saying Lindsay has "a bad attitude" and "entitlement issues."


TMZ broke the story that Lindsay is bound for jail because she hasn't been in alcohol ed class at least once a week -- as required by the court.

There have been reports that Lindsay made up the courses she missed, but we've learned she is still -- as of this date -- deficient ... she hasn't attended the required number of classes.

Fact is ... even if Lindsay makes up the classes, the judge made it clear in an earlier hearing, "Defendant must attend program at least once a week without fail ... defendant must be in full compliance to not be in violation." 

Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, takes issue with our story, telling TMZ, "Ms. Lohan is on track to complete her alcohol program within the time frame set by the judge, and any classes she missed were made up for."

Based on what we know about Judge Marsha Revel, it's almost certain she'll order Lindsay to appear in person on May 20.  In addition to missing classes, we're told Lindsay's bad attitude at the school will have a big impact on the judge.  So the stage is set for a showdown.


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TMZ - you are instigating trouble for her by following her all the time and reporting it all as news. If she ends up in jail, let it happen in due course. By tailing her and taking pictures of her every move, you are facilitating to her demise. Just my thoughts.

1602 days ago


People, this mandated DUI class is an EXTENSION, remember, this DUI was in 2007, 3 years ago. When my friend got a DUI, he had to complete a mandated class in 6 months or else, JAIL TIME!

1602 days ago


she will be the next one that ends up dead.

1602 days ago


Put her ass in jail already... good grief. Are they going to wait until she kills someone???

1602 days ago


Must be a slow news day. TMZ doesn't have any real news to report so they write up some hearsay and put it out there in hopes that they push this girl over the edge and try to influence the judge. Either way, then they will have a story. Then they can later pat themselves on the back as they always do and say 'As we first reported'. Ever notice how often their hearsay is wrong and they have to change their story? I do hope that karma comes around to bite the s***bags working at TMZ in the ass.

1602 days ago


She disgusts me. Just throw her in jail and burn the key. This is one piece of ???? that DOESN'T INTEREST ME to read about...

1602 days ago


Daaaaammmnnnn she is looking burnt the F out!

Career tip - when it is based on looking cute, don't stay out all night partying.

1602 days ago


Please send her to Dr. Drew!

1602 days ago

I'm a crazy person...    

Dear "cochino" (#47):

I'm going to assume that you really are a judge and reply accordingly: you, sir, are simply WRONG. I'm sure you believe in your profession and all that stuff, but it was a "judge" that allowed a sex offender out early to rape and kill again. It was a "judge" that oversaw an elderly woman sue McDonald's because she spilled coffee on herself and decided to sue. It was a "judge" that oversaw a case of a burglar hurting himself in his victim's kitchen who decided to turnaround and sue...and won. And so on...

Here's some opinion to your comments:
"An example has to be made here." /// That's what you "judges" always say. Won't happen. Not with a celeb or someone with boatloads of money.
"As a judge I would want to express to the public that the court is no joke. Celebrity or not, rules have to be obeyed." /// You're kidding, right? "...rules have to be obeyed..." by people that aren't rich or famous. Please...
"The public needs to see that celebrities get no preferential treatment from the courts or the jails." /// That would be nice but the bottom line fact is that THEY DO. What court do you preside over? Is it on this planet?
"Time should be ordered and served with an additional order blocking any immediate release because of jail overcrowding." /// There ya go! Spoken like a true judge. I'm SURE that would be the case for ANYONE, right judge?
"Time should be served just like anyone else, no preferential treatment or protective custody. Otherwise, what lesson will be learned?" /// This is the one comment you've made that makes a little sense. Problem is, just cause "time should be served" does NOT mean that time WILL be served.
"When the public sees that celebrities get no preferential treatment, the public will start taking notice especially from the publicity of a celebrities punishment, that a courts order is nothing to be ignored." /// True, HOWEVER, when the judicial system stops PROVIDING preferential treatment, the public might take notice. Until then, again, what's your point???
"Hopefully, LL will learn something from this. It didn't for Paris, but that doesn't mean you stop trying to send a message." /// You keep hopin' your honor...

1602 days ago


Can't wait to see this loser behind bars.

1602 days ago


I hope the Judge throws the book at her. Then maybe she gets the help needed to get her head screwed on straight.
I'm tired of all the negative news about her. Time for a change.
The crap about Spears filled my cup.

1602 days ago


she's done such damage to her looks with the smoking, drugs and alcohol. she's 23 and looks in her mid-40s and not even a good mid-40s. I really hope this judge gives her serious jail time and court ordered IN FACILITY rehab. this girl laughes in their faces and is disrespectful. entitlement issues, yup. BIG TIME!!

1602 days ago


oh and let me guess, the minute they do, dina and lindsay will cry "unfair" "they're just jealous" "they're just haters" "there's nothing wrong with me/my daughter"... etc...

1602 days ago


no, even better, they'll say the courts are trying to prevent her from earning a living with this new role she finally has... poor lindsay, she's put herself in this position, and yet it's everyone else's fault. typical. typical.

1602 days ago


"Entitlement issues" doesn't begin to cover it, but it's a great start. Rode hard, put away wet. That's quite a photo.

1602 days ago
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