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Lindsay Lohan - Problem Pupil

5/5/2010 3:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ Lindsay Lohan has not attended the required number of alcohol ed courses -- and we're told school officials are saying Lindsay has "a bad attitude" and "entitlement issues."


TMZ broke the story that Lindsay is bound for jail because she hasn't been in alcohol ed class at least once a week -- as required by the court.

There have been reports that Lindsay made up the courses she missed, but we've learned she is still -- as of this date -- deficient ... she hasn't attended the required number of classes.

Fact is ... even if Lindsay makes up the classes, the judge made it clear in an earlier hearing, "Defendant must attend program at least once a week without fail ... defendant must be in full compliance to not be in violation." 

Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, takes issue with our story, telling TMZ, "Ms. Lohan is on track to complete her alcohol program within the time frame set by the judge, and any classes she missed were made up for."

Based on what we know about Judge Marsha Revel, it's almost certain she'll order Lindsay to appear in person on May 20.  In addition to missing classes, we're told Lindsay's bad attitude at the school will have a big impact on the judge.  So the stage is set for a showdown.


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It's called Borderline Personality Disorder, aka: BPD. A grim prognosis.

1630 days ago


Throw her skanky ass in jail already.

Her brain is pickled, she can't learn anything.

1630 days ago


She's a barely-ever-was. Throw her in jail. Bring in a new jester for our entertainment.

1630 days ago


This little slut puppy needs to be trowed into jail, she thinks she can do what she wants to do. Teach the drunkin drugged up whore a lesson, throw her in jail.

1630 days ago

Fallopia Lopez    

Kick this girl in the a** and show her what real problems are.

1630 days ago


She's turned into a very scary looking individual ...She needs to be incarcerated for several years .. that would have some influence on her ...

1630 days ago


She is mentally ill and needs to be put away for her own good, look at the shape Britney was in, showing her ***** and so on. She has settled down and getting married again. Lindsay is very very sick. Someone has to do something or the grave looms for her.

1630 days ago


I can't believe this woman is only 23 years old!!! I'm 44 and don't have those wrinkles--and I smoke AND drink (more than my share). She could easily pass for 45+ and I'm not exaggerating. Soon she'll look older than her own mother. Her own terrible, horrible, wicked mother...

1630 days ago


I miss the old Lindsay. She looks really bad.

1630 days ago


Her forehead looks like a road map.

1630 days ago

Canada Guy    

Send her ass to a jail in a city where they don't kick you out due to overpopulation. I'm sure they could use a few good inmates in Utah or someplace like that!

1630 days ago


She looks so old and not in a good way.

1630 days ago


That's EXACTLY the problem with Hollywood- they ALL think they're entitled! I wouldn't change places with ANY of them and their screwed up lives!

1630 days ago


Something will happen on May 20, 2010. Remember Paris Hilton's deal. She thought she was free and clear until the judge ordered her back to court. NO... once you get involved in the criminal justice system it is next to impossible to shake free of it... especially if you don't learn your lesson the first time around. Example ... Robert Downey, Jr. Just study what happened to him over the years until he "got it". The days of Ms. Lohan getting her token celebrity hand-slapping are over. She may think nothing will happen to her because she is a "celebrity"... and God knows they are dealt a bit differently here in La La Land of Hollywood. Remember, Hollywood makes a lot of money off these jokers so they can get away with a bit more than the average joe. However, once one is trapped, which Ms. Lohan is... she still is facing the music for something that happen quite awhile ago... it will take a small miracle for her to skirt this one. Nope. The chicken has come home to roost and I hope we all learn a big lesson here and not go down the same troubled road. There is only pain and sorrow on this type of road and many have gone down it before and wound up in a lot worse places there drunk school. Some are dead... .some locked up for a long time. WE ALL REAP WHAT WE SOW. No one is immune. Judges can only be fooled for so long. They are suppose to be "fair"... however if you keep shoving a judge's nose in it long enough ... look out!!! You will be on the short end of the stick stratching your head in a lock-up somewhere. You can only get so many breaks ... and Lohan's has truly run the course ... with videos, snapshots, media stories as proof. Judge's are not stupid. Once they get sick of one's antics look out. They give you enough rope to hang yourself so when they have finally had enough ... you are a goner. And ... it is a good thing because jail and prison can save lives. Big time.

1630 days ago


Gawd..she looks awful...and she is not aging the time she reaches 40 (a stretch I know) she'll look like my grandmother's alligator suitcase.

1630 days ago
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