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Nas to Kelis: I Can't Afford You!

5/5/2010 6:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nas claims he can't afford to pay Kelis the child and spousal support ordered by the court.


As we first reported, a court ordered Nas last month to pay more than $87,000 in back spousal and child support.  The judge also ordered Nas to pay Kelis $10,000 a month in spousal support to stay current.  It's unclear how much Nas is required to pay in monthly child support.

Nas says in the new legal docs obtained by TMZ ... the judge predicated the order on Nas making $152,031 a month, but the rapper says he makes "substantially less than that amount."

Nas' lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, is asking the judge to take another look at the damage to Nas' wallet.


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I used to like Kelis but I will not buy her album or any of her songs, she is taking advantage of the situation..

1569 days ago


Everybody always say it's cheaper to keep her, but you cant keep a BITCH who just married you just to have your baby. She lef this ass months after she found out she was having a baby. This court system is a ****ing joke. You see her in the tabloids all the time with new mink coats and hats. That bitch ain't broke. She spending 5,000 on weave. That money aint going to take care of that baby. **** kelis, just another money hungry bitch.

1569 days ago


For the first person to comment you must not be a real Hip-Hop fan if you don't know who Nas is.Therefore you shouldn't even comment on this story keep listening to the commercial rap artists you only know and stop commenting on the real best rapper alive.You are an idiot who probably thinks 50Cent,Ludacris,Eminem,Kanye West,TI,or Lil'Wayne is the best.

1569 days ago


What a lowlife Thug not wanting to take responsibility for this child. Had he kept his private part in his pants, he would not be dealing with this issue.

Such a lowdown /lowlife thug. be a man and take care of your business we all know that rappers are not ballers and fronting about their income and now it has came to bite u in the AS

1569 days ago


Sandra Bullocks husband will probably get more spousal support than "Kelis"; however, according to the media: women are always noted when they receive these benefits. I feel that this is very unfair because both sexes can receive these benefits.

1569 days ago


Kelis is a disgusting excuse for a woman!!! Nothing but a freeloader looking to grab a meal ticket! #1 She makes her own money(album, etc) #2 No child needs that amount of money for child support and no woman needs that amount for Alimony! Nas should be paying around $7500/month to his child, and $5,000 to Kelis, and thats it! She is a BITCH! Not a woman, but a bitch! And a bitch like her makes me wanna puke! That karma is gonna be a bitch for Kelis! F*** Kelis

1569 days ago


Seriously this guy drinks Dom Perignon Rose to brush his teeth. He has a wife and child that he has to continue to support, his rapper life style goes onto the back burner.

His child should live the same life style he does. He should stop whining and man up!!!

1569 days ago



1569 days ago


damn dats 87,000 monthly what the **** she gonna do with dat off child support and what she gonna buy the kid

1569 days ago


"the domestic court system is nothing but leagalize male abuse. why should any women receive that type of support? whats wrong with getting a job and supporting yourself? oh I forgot about equality!"

Actually Kevin, it makes perfect sense and it is equality, from both a social and a biological point of view.

From a social point of view, men usually make more money than women. When a man marries a woman, he promises fidelity and to take care of any children that may be born. Usually, spousal support is only assigned when the man is at fault for breaking up the marriage, such as cheating. Child support is to ensure that children will be provided for.

From a biological point of view, a women's value is her youth. If she gets married at her peak, 25 years old, and spends 10 years in a marriage, only to have her husband cheat on her or become intolerable, she has wasted her main asset. It does not work the opposite because men's value is not their youth, but rather their eduation/wealth, which tends to increase with age. Spousal support is compensation for wasting someone's valueable asset. Had the man not cheated, for exmaple, and been a good husband there would be no spousal support. But because he promised to provide something, the woman has to risk aging with the man. If the man doesn't provide, he broke a contrat, and therefore compensates.

1569 days ago


Kelis is absolutely ridiculous at this point & as much as she wants to paint herself as a happy woman who has moved on, her actions state otherwise. The court system makes it so easy for the person making less (even if it is higher than what average folks make) to make like a living hell for the other person...and in cases such as this one I do not believe it it because Kelis needs this money for her survival as she stated in court docs...I believe it is because it makes her happy to hurt someone else. Nas' responsibility is to his child only IMO & he should also be able to see that child, which apparently he is not being allowed to at this point. This is a sad situation. I really feel for the child & for Nas...but you know what they say...time heals all wounds so hopefully the people involved come out stronger on the other side. And that whole spill about age & women is the most ridiculous load of crap I ever heard in my life...If thats the case then maybe no one should bother marrying. Money should not be an award for the ending of a marriage...divorce is difficult for both parties & this system that allows people to be vindictive as possible does not make that any easier. Prenuptial agreements should be required by law...but then again that would mean less money for lawyers huh? Of course they come before the sanctity of family in America...go figure.

1569 days ago


if you can't feed 'em DON"T breed 'em

1569 days ago


That's what Nas get for cheating, that ***** you slid with was expensive wasnt it, look what it could cost you, dirty trick.

1569 days ago


LOL @ the homos saying "who are these people" you know damn well who Nas is..all the real nobodies they post on TMZ everyday and yall sayin who is Nas?lmao!

1569 days ago


Kelis: Go Get a ****ing JOB!!!!

1569 days ago
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