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Chaz Bono

Today I'm a Man, Baby

5/6/2010 1:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chaz Bono Completes Gender Reassignment SurgeryChaz Bono is now a man ... legally and otherwise.

Cher's newly-minted son showed up to court today in Santa Monica, where a judge granted Chaz' petition for a gender and name change.

According to documents filed in March, Chaz underwent an "irreversible surgery" on September 23, 2009 to change his "sex characteristics from female to male."

In the docs, Chaz's doctor said, "Chaz Bono has completed his gender reassignment surgery."

It's like a transgender Bar Mitzvah!

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I wonder how many of the people calling Chaz a "freak" and spitting out other such hateful comments have any clue about what it means to be transsexual or transgendered. This isn't a person making a random choice on a whim - it's an actual medical and psychological condition that's recognized by professionals. It's not a case of "Chastity wasn't happy with herself," it's because Chastity was really Chaz on the inside all along, and he is now changing his outsides to match what his insides always were. If anyone here wants to take the time to learn more, I suggest checking out 'True Selves' by Mildred Brown, or 'She's Not There' by Jennifer Finney Boylan. Chaz, you will probably never read any of this, but I truly admire you for having the courage to be yourself regardless of how it rocked the boat. God bless!

1589 days ago


He/she/it looks pretty ugly and bloated in my opinion. She was an OK woman but makes a completely unattractive 'man'. Also, if she can genuinely be considered male (though personally I would regard her as a surgically mutilated woman), is her girlfriend now heterosexual? Presumably she wouldn't have lived her life as a lesbian if she was physically attracted to men. If that's what she believes she's now got, then she's straight, or at least bisexual.

1570 days ago


Now all "CHAS" has to do is lose a hundred pounds! Nuff said!!! And get some damn muscle while you're at it, damn!!!

1555 days ago

James Donohue    

I'll never understand it why someone would want to look like a gay John Candy with dark hair.

1522 days ago


Looks like a fat butch woman in a suit.

1396 days ago


#138 - I think the answer is "both."

1396 days ago


Ya know, whatever a person needs to do. But healthwise, maybe shed a few pounds, nicer to the heart and maybe turn into eyecandy... if ya know what I mean.

1231 days ago


Should of changed its name to Pat too.

1230 days ago


JMHO but I believe people should be happy as they were born.The test they give to determine gender reassignment is narrow minded and sexist.We all have what is deemed male/female characteistics.We are individuals,no one can get inside your head and reassign you based on some antidotal sterotypes of personality,wants,needs.What's done is done.All we can do is care about others although we m ight not understand their thinking as I sure don't.

1118 days ago
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