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Chaz Bono

Today I'm a Man, Baby

5/6/2010 1:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chaz Bono Completes Gender Reassignment SurgeryChaz Bono is now a man ... legally and otherwise.

Cher's newly-minted son showed up to court today in Santa Monica, where a judge granted Chaz' petition for a gender and name change.

According to documents filed in March, Chaz underwent an "irreversible surgery" on September 23, 2009 to change his "sex characteristics from female to male."

In the docs, Chaz's doctor said, "Chaz Bono has completed his gender reassignment surgery."

It's like a transgender Bar Mitzvah!

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@107, u old bag, maybe ur ****ed up as well, ur probably putting a strap on now.

1596 days ago


She is a woman and always will be. It is not courageous to indulge and encourage your delusions. Get real people. This is messed up. Real love would tell her she is messed up and get some help for her. You do no one any favors by indulging their delusions.

1596 days ago


and insurance pays for this ****??? she needed mental help not partial surgery so she could play a man...she is gross and very sad...the fact thats docs alter people like this..the docs should go to jail for disfiguring people...everybody wishes something was different about their body..the goal is to accept how you were made and stop being fixated on yourself...i feel sorry for her..she is still gross..just grosser now.

1596 days ago


Boy! I bet his dad would be so proud! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1596 days ago


No, you're not a man, baby!

1596 days ago


ICK!!! Nothing else, to say! Afraid that you're looking for love, in all the wrong places and you still may not find it!

1596 days ago


Chaz - give yourself whatever name you want but you are not a man and you never will be. You should have spent the time and money to adjust yourself to the reality that you are a woman instead of turning yourself into a freak show. Shame on the doctors who have allowed and encouraged this kind of sick twisted behavior.

1596 days ago


shame on the doctors and parents too
Cher used to be acctualy my all time favorite singer
but after I see all this mental kids coming out of her
no comment

1596 days ago


I could never imagine the pain and heart ache such a decision would be for anyone to make. I also 100% believe that there was ultimately no choice. You can’t hide who you really are inside. This journey Chaz is on is one I’m positive was not made lightly.

Those who make cruel comments need to look at themselves and wonder what is missing in their lives would why they have no compassion.

1596 days ago


With all the people here claiming to speak for God, this must be the holiest site on the web.
What a bunch of ignorant hypocrites.

1596 days ago


I don't mean to be cruel.. but I think it was insane to do surgery on someone as obese as Chaz. That is NOT proper medical procedure - especially for elective surgery.

Now if Chaz loses 100 pounds, he might be able to see his new penis.

Overdose within a year.

1596 days ago


131. With all the people here claiming to speak for God, this must be the holiest site on the web.
What a bunch of ignorant hypocrites.

I couldn't have said it better myself, gospelicious.

1596 days ago


So she has a doodle now? Can they do that?

1596 days ago


chaz bono is a freak of nature sick human being.why co uldnt she just stay a bull dyke

1596 days ago

mike jones    

a big ol man at that.

1596 days ago
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