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Chris Brown

High Marks from Judge

5/6/2010 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown just got kudos from a judge for staying on track with his probation.

During the brief hearing, Brown's lawyer, Mark Geragos, told the judge his client performed more than 290 hours of community service and is in good standing with the probation office.

Brown -- who copped a felony plea for beating Rihanna -- also completed all but one of his domestic violence classes.

Brown will be done with his hard labor in 6 months.


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Chris, keep on going! You deserve a second chance! Be positive and keep the negativity aside! You have fans that are always here for you. God loves you :)

1633 days ago


You haters can f**kin die!!! Your just jealous of CHris Brown!!! F*** You!! You people have no lives!!! Ignorant pieces of s***!!

1633 days ago


No, actually I never did condone what Charlie Sheen allegedly did. Perhaps you didn't read all the comments carefully enough?

Hater? Yes, Alissa - I am a hater. I hate men who beat women. What is wrong with that? Unless you like to get the crap beat out of you...although, judging by your foul little mouth, I'd say it's a safe bet.

1633 days ago


They're not playing his music because he sucks. Problem is, he realized it and then figured out that Rihanna (or Kermit the Frog as far as that goes) is more talented than he is, and he took his anger and frustration at his lack of talent out on her. What a low life s***bag he is.

1633 days ago


TopRamen247 **** You Douchebag!!! Get a life!!! Chris could give a **** about you!!

1633 days ago


Good for him.

1633 days ago


Lol, at some of these closet racist. If we are going to be honest black people or people of black descents are treated way worse than their Caucasian counterparts.I know OJ was not the first celebrity to order a killing for his wife(allegedly). Michael Jackson is not the first celebrity to be accused of molesting a child. Chris Brown is not the first celebrity that had assaulted his girlfriend/wife. And Kanye west is not the first to disrespect others on stage. But yet you morons have used all the black people to represent anyone who commits similar acts like the celebrities mentioned. Not once did people scrutinize Carlos Estevez aka Charlie Sheen as much as they have attacked this young man. I as a woman have shunned his actions but he does not owe me an apology, he owes rihanna. I thought her interview with Diane Sawyer was going to allow people to relax, she wishes him well, forgives him and has move on. Maybe you all should as well and let him do what he wants. FYI he is talented that is why he sold millions of albums and all the little girls black and white and their parents liked him before this whole ordeal. He had a pretty clean image before this and so has maintained a good attitude after this. Unlike Mr Charlie and Tommy Lee (oh remember tommy and pamela?)

1633 days ago


You know what? This young man was only a teenager when he started dating Rhiana. A teenager no less that had come out of a difficult and tumultuous childhood and then been thrown into and incredibly successful career in the recording industry before he was emotionally ready to handle it. He was raised without the benefit any role models that could teach how to become a man to be proud of. As a licensed family therapist, I can tell you that his path can definitely be reversed especially due to the age it began. For him to accomplish this though, he would need support and encouragement. When I see the huge onslaught of horrible comments to him and others wishing ill things befall him it makes his chances pretty dismal. What happened in this country to people helping each other when they need it, believing in second chances, and and wanting to make the world a better place. Instead people seem angry and hateful... totally lacking in compassion. It's sad.

1633 days ago


it's amazing how these celebrities get away with everything. the system is corrupt!!!

1633 days ago


Alissa, you sound like an ignorant child. In other words, a typical Chris Brown fan. He threw his career away with his attitude, arrogance and stupidity. Take a page from his book and grow up before you become a Rihanna wanna be and get the crap kicked out of you by some lowlife loser. Although, I think that's probably your destiny.

1633 days ago


TopRamen was right, Alissa. You must like guys that beat young girls. Your attitude will take you far in life though, I'm sure you can sue some POS who beats the crap out of you, so you'll never have to work. Ignorance is bliss, huh honey!

1633 days ago

neither of these two sluts    

high marks for his probation.....and low sales of a horrible cd...goes hand in hand.....also this dude is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo GAY!

1633 days ago


OK ok...he's a ****, BUT it's nice to see one of these people follow the punishment plan

1633 days ago


Wow! That is great. This young man is waiting no time at all with what he needs to do. 290 hrs of community service already done with only 6 months left. He has one domestic violence class left to take. What other person that you really know would have completed that much of community service and domestic violence classes. That amazing and great because the average person would have messed up already on their probation/community service. They definetly wouldn't be getting good reports from their probation officer either. Keep up the good work Chris Brown. No matter what people say about you continue to do the right thing. Happy 21st birthday and may God bless you.

1633 days ago


WHY can't he keep his tongue in his mouth? Every pic I see of him he has that same stupid licking his lips look on his face.

1633 days ago
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