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Spencer -- I'm Glad Heidi's Mom's in Foreclosure

5/7/2010 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heid Montag's mother facing forclosureHeidi Montag's mother is facing a serious real estate problem back home in Colorado -- and no one could be happier than her son-in-law Spencer Pratt.

TMZ has learned a bank in CO is foreclosing on an undeveloped piece of property owned by Heidi's mom --- Darlene Egelhoff -- claiming she owes $187,385.62 on a $189k loan she took out in 2006.

When we reached out to Spencer for comment, he told us, "If that's true ... that is the best news I’ve heard all day long."

Apparently, Spencer still holds a grudge for the way Heidi's mom handled post-surgery Heidi on the season premiere of "The Hills"  ... you remember, when she told Heidi she wasn't pretty and made Heidi cry.

Anyway, Spencer wasn't done going off on Darlene, and added, "Anybody who would do what she did to her daughter – my amazing, beautiful, magnificent wife Heidi – on national television ...  should be put in a straight jacket."

Attempts to reach Darlene for comment were unsuccessful.


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What an idiot. Her mom was only being honest, she didn't do it to be mean spirited..frankly her transformation probably horrified her as it would me if my daughter butchered her face like that. She was an idiot to do it. She doesn't look like barbie but a washed up porn star. Sad!

1601 days ago


I don't see how someone could be with a man that treats there family the way Spencer does. Spencer is a douche bag and so Heidi for that matter.

1601 days ago

Leigh Ann    

Why does the media engage with Spencer or Heidi? Neither of these people are newsworthy, talented, smart, make a list.

1601 days ago


Spencer is a panipulative and abusive person who wants to weed everyone out of Heidi's life so he can continue to control her. She needs to dump his sorry ass and move on with her life. He is a big ass joke and no one respects him-at all. He is a control freak with little man syndrome. And-I hate his hair and the nasty grose fuzz on his face. I want to just slap the crap out of him. Ugh.

1601 days ago


spencer is nothing but an arrogant joke. i think he needs to go pray on his crystals more hahahahahahahahaha what a tool! to say that to his mother-in-law? heidi didn't even have the curtosy to call her mom before she decided to become a freak show and under go 10 surgeries in one day. i like heidi but i agree w/ her mom. she was fresher, prettier and younger before. she had unnecessary things done to her body. her mom was shocked. i'm sure she's appologized and feels bad, but heidi asked for an honest opinion from her mom on national tv, so she gave her one. he needs to get his ass kicked on national tv and shunned from hollywood forever. he makes me want to go out and kick every douche bag blondes ass just for resembling spencer the taint.

1601 days ago


Heidi is a fugly slut

1601 days ago


What these two idiots will do for more publicity. It's ridiculous and the media like TMZ fall for it all the time. the tool even admits he's a media MO. We'll never hear the end of them until the news coverage stops

1601 days ago

Learned One    

Hey Spencer - karma's a b****. What comes around goes around as my mom used to say.

1601 days ago

Jennifer B    

I do not understand why Heidi got so upset. Her mom did not say anything mean. Something wrong with spencer he needs to be in a mental hospital.

1601 days ago


someone should tell Spencer to put a condom over his head since he wants to act like a **** he might as well look like one too. Heidi you are a poor excuse for a daughter letting him talk about your mom like that and second not doing anything to help her. I don't get along with my mother but I would not let that kind of stuff go on..We'll definitely put you in for daughter of the year

1601 days ago


Ironic view of family loyalty coming from someone who treats his sister like garbage on national television. Whole thing's a joke anyway, contrived to make a bunch of nobody's famous for the sake of providing cable content (not that I don't watch!!)

1601 days ago


Spencer should have plastic surgery to remove his MOUTH!!! What a douche.... He makes me want to vomit. He and Hiedi are stale fame whores.

1601 days ago


Yes, because it is so much more ethical to support your otherwise attractive young wife as she unnecessarily disfigures herself under a surgeon's knife due to some sort of body image issues. Something tells me there is plenty of blame to go around for all here.

1601 days ago


He's a colossal piece of ****! They fully deserve one another!

1601 days ago

Lacey Granger    

Spencer is TRAILER TRASH. Plain & simple. No class whatsoever. Low life. TACKY, TACKY, TACKY.

1601 days ago
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