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Spencer -- I'm Glad Heidi's Mom's in Foreclosure

5/7/2010 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heid Montag's mother facing forclosureHeidi Montag's mother is facing a serious real estate problem back home in Colorado -- and no one could be happier than her son-in-law Spencer Pratt.

TMZ has learned a bank in CO is foreclosing on an undeveloped piece of property owned by Heidi's mom --- Darlene Egelhoff -- claiming she owes $187,385.62 on a $189k loan she took out in 2006.

When we reached out to Spencer for comment, he told us, "If that's true ... that is the best news I’ve heard all day long."

Apparently, Spencer still holds a grudge for the way Heidi's mom handled post-surgery Heidi on the season premiere of "The Hills"  ... you remember, when she told Heidi she wasn't pretty and made Heidi cry.

Anyway, Spencer wasn't done going off on Darlene, and added, "Anybody who would do what she did to her daughter – my amazing, beautiful, magnificent wife Heidi – on national television ...  should be put in a straight jacket."

Attempts to reach Darlene for comment were unsuccessful.


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First step an abuser takes is to control your relationships with others. "Oh baby, your family doesn't care about you, only I care about you." It may take a while, but eventually all she'll have is Spencer and her inflatable boobs.

1596 days ago


It sounds like the mother never made payments on the piece of land, no doubt due to it being overinflated to begin with. It's not like she's losing her house. Spence has lost his mind, and Heidi is a mental case. When or if she wakes up from her Delusions of Grandeur there is going to be hell to pay. She's already washed up at 23! Her soul has been removed and in its place is the freak, so-called husband.

1596 days ago


it's quite obvious darlene is a good woman...
er, what she said was " heidi was prettier BEFORE the surgery " not that she wasn't pretty ..
and that obnly AFTER her opinion was asked directly ...
heidi is a vapid whore , evil 2 faced friend & has narcissistic disorder ....
it is quite clear that 'speidi' are low quality human beings best ignored ..
hopefully their time is up & if heidi is lucky she will run back to colorado befo' it's too late to repair the damage she's done to her family & marry a nice lumberjack.

1596 days ago


He disgusts me!!!1 Someone should just assasinate him already let poor barbie doll fend for herself

1596 days ago


Spencer is a huge jerk. I wish he and his flesh colored beard would vanish from the earth.

1596 days ago


Spencer has some real issues. I can't help but think that someday
we are going to hear that these two have been found dead together someplace...either from an intentional overdose or Spencer takes her life and then commits suicide..Heidi needs to get out of that relationship for her own safety. Her relatives need to help her and soon.

1596 days ago


I am so saddened that the twit couldn't even come to her own mothers rescue! They say when you don't have a voice of your own and have a troll talking for her with a stupid gross white beard "your doomed" Ewwwww...plastic lady, get a clue...nothing is ever better then your family<> Heidi you are super plastic but real "I think" get rid of the leech who thinks he's your that possible

1596 days ago


Unfortunately i think she will yet another young one in Hollywood who end up on drugs, broke and a mess. She is so lost, Spencer is a pimp. I wouldn't be surprised if he puts her i hardcore porn next

1596 days ago


Heidi's Mom did what any good mother would do... she told her daughter the truth... even if the truth hurts. Heidi looks terrible! She looks pastic, fake, and has aged 10 years. She may think it's cute now but she won't think it's cute when she's in her 30's and looks almost 50. There are no words for Spencer. If I allowed that loser to be in my life and around my friends and family, he would've had his ass beat many times by now. Heidi is a poor excuse for a daughter and friend when she allows this moron to treat everyone in her life with nothing but disrespect. They are both losers and I wish the media would stop talking about them already.

1596 days ago


Spencer - it'd go a long way towards family relations if you'd just step in and bring your mother-in-law's bank loan current.

1596 days ago


What an arsehole....

1596 days ago


This pud wonders why he has such bad karma, he is a total waste of the skin he is in.

1596 days ago


I wonder if there is a surgery availible to permantly shut Spencer's mouth?

1596 days ago

Trooper Tom    

What a demented tool. oyur "wife" has had so much plastic surgery even she no longer knows what she looks like, if she any more done to her face whe will have a beard

1596 days ago


Heidi's mom never said she wasn't beautiful she said that Heidi was more beautiful before and that she didn't need the changes. I agree.

1596 days ago
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