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Nutrisystem Drops Lawrence Taylor

5/7/2010 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The people at Nutrisystem just got rid of a quick 230 pounds -- as in, they just fired Lawrence Taylor due to the "severity" of the allegations he's facing in his statutory rape case.

Lawrence Taylor dropped from Nutrisystem

TMZ spoke to a rep at the weight loss company, who told us, "We are shocked and saddened by these very serious allegations against Lawrence Taylor." 

The rep added, "Based on the severity of these allegations, Nutrisystem has made the decision to sever our relationship with Mr. Taylor effective immediately."

And Nutrisystem really does work fast -- they've already replaced Taylor's image on their website with slimmed down San Diego Padres star Matt Stairs.

Lawrence Taylor's Photos - Past and Present


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Geez, I guess part of that lost weight was his brain!

1537 days ago


electriczipper, you don't protect me. we need protection FROM you people.

1537 days ago


Let me get this straight.. Nutrisystems just removed an athlete being accused of statuatory rape and replaced him with another athlete who plays for a team whos mascot is a catholic priest... Does anyone else find this ironic??

1537 days ago


He has proclaimed his innocence - as some others have said, what about innocent until proven guilty? The prosecution and persecution of innocent people for rape does great harm to the cause of putting away the guilty. Look at the case of the young men from Duke University - it DOES happen.

1537 days ago


46. To poster #15, Mark (poster #14) is right. It has nothing to do with the Klan, stats don't lie. 70% out of wedlock birthrate in that community. It's chaotic and very little has been done to address it. I don't really blame NutriSystem for firing Mr. Taylor. Rape allegation aside, which I don't think is true, prostitution is still illegal in this country, plus it's seedy. Not a good spokesman for the product.

Posted at 10:17 AM on May 7, 2010 by MP

You are right statistics don't lie (but I wonder if you've ever heard of something called 'bias', for example exactly which communities were these statistics taken from, I highly doubt every black woman in America was apart of this study). Not to mention that the divorce rate in this country (which is a statistic which is very accurate as it is a legal process that there has to be a record of) is a percentage also in the 70's which means that all those non- black married mothers are now unmarried single mothers; so now they are all in the same boat. My overall point is however that none of this matters because people are all individuals and our actions will reflect that.

1537 days ago


"L.T pays for sex from a prostitute (who by the way DID accept the money so clearly she rendered her services)...The issue is whether or not a rape occured and I'm not so convinced"

You make no sense. If she "rendered her services" then a crime was committed. sex with a minor=rape and he solicited a prostitute

1537 days ago


The majority of the weight he lost came out of his PENIS!

1537 days ago


"He has proclaimed his innocence - as some others have said, what about innocent until proven guilty?"

We're not in a court of law so that is irrelevant. 2nd he admitted to having sex with her for $300. That's in the complaint.

Disgraced Giants great Lawrence Taylor admitted paying a hooker $300 for sex — but may not have known she was just 16.

The revelation that Taylor fessed up to patronizing a prostitute was contained in a criminal complaint against accused pimp Rasheed Davis that was released before he was to be arraigned Friday in Manhattan federal court on sex trafficking charges

Read more:

1537 days ago


What's the difference between having sex with a prostitute and just having sex with a stranger? Answer: Prostitutes make tax-free income. If prostitution were legalized, they would have to pay income taxes, take a pre-employment physical to make sure they were'nt carrying any unwanted diseases and prove that they were of legal age. Just another occupation, right? Plus, I'd bet the unemployment rate of prostitutes would be near zero. Sex sells. Why not tax it? Morality? That's not even worth talking about.

1536 days ago


You make no sense. If she "rendered her services" then a crime was committed. sex with a minor=rape and he solicited a prostitute

Posted at 10:20 PM on May 7, 2010 by yessir

Yes sex with a minor in the eyes of the law is called third degree rape (a.k.a. statutory rape). I am not disputing that, however in the eyes of public opinion (like this comment page for example) when you use the word "rape" people immediately assume that a woman is held down against her will, beaten, and physically forced to engage in sexual intercourse and that was not the case with LT. When she arrived she willingly performed sex acts with him, accepted payment and left without any cause for concern. That is my point. LT did not FORCE her to do anything against her will. The pimp on the other hand clearly did and he should be held accountable for that.

1536 days ago


Evidently this girl was a fast a**s anyway to run away from home into the streets and get with a pimp. Who knows how many tricks she turned for this pimp before she got fed up with his abuse and beatings. She should have called her uncle long before this incident occurred. Sixteen year olds are far more advanced now than they were 20 to 40 years ago. They are hip to what lies ahead in the streets. I would have never left home at this age. I'm sure she was no virgin when she left home. There are not too many men who have not hired a prostitute especially those who travel or have been in service for any length of time. There was no rape, the girl was forced into sex by the pimp and was told to lie about her age. And by the way NutriSystem a person is innocent until proven guilty.Black people are not the only ones having babies out of wedlock. We have our babies while other races abort them. Why must every incident involve racism. This can happen to anyone and has happened to men of all races.

1532 days ago
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