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Lawrence Taylor Walks Out of Jail

5/6/2010 7:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lawrence Taylor was just photographed leaving jail -- a couple of hours after the judge set his bail at a massive $75,000.

Taylor was arrested early this morning in Suffern, NY -- and formally arraigned on charges of 3rd degree rape and patronizing a prostitute.

The NFL legend lives in Florida, but also has a home in New Jersey.

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What a disgusting pig. Just call Gloria Allred LT, she's a disgusting pig too.

1638 days ago


"Lawrence Taylor Walks Out of Jail -- Angry Look Frightens White People", There i fixed that headline for you TMZ.

1638 days ago

dan the man    

its not about race to the 3 posts who are trying to make it out to be. The man was an awesome football player but a horrible man. This goes to a new low. I mean seriously, why the hell is a 51 yr old man even in the same room as a 16 yr old that is of no relation, much less if what a previous commenter said in that a condom with *** was found in the trash is true. OMG! I hope one of those prison gangs that I see on the History Channel show Gangland terrorize the man if he is found to have had sex with this girl.

I believe what drove LT to do this was the effects of long term crack use. People on crack do not care one bit how other people view them in the event something bad happens before they sober up after an arrest.

One last thing, the Big Ben incident at the bar is totally different. IT DID HAPPEN AT A BAR IN WHICH MANY MEN AND WOMENS SOLE PURPOSE OF ATTENDING IS TO DRINK AND FIND an adult OF THE OPPOSITE SEX TO HAVE SEX WITH. Important part not capitalized.

1638 days ago


Lawrence Taylor is innocence. I am a New York Giants fan since Lawrence Taylor was on the team.

1638 days ago


Where are the damn morals these days? Jail the bastard!

Nothing has been the same since OJ left!

1638 days ago

Hanging to da lef    

Back in 1985, he picked up what he thought was a prostitute at a West LA club. He took her to his hotel room, turns out that she slipped him a "Mickie". When he came to, all his cash and jewelry were gone. Including his superbowl ring.... Guy just doesn't learn....

1638 days ago


hell all he was doing was getting the services of a prostitute,,he wanted sex,,he didnt know she was 16 ..so charge him for being a john and let it go...any serviceman thats been to south korea,japan,europe has done the same thing..so are we going to arrest all those guys too..and im sure some of those girls were not even 16..well not me of course..if your husband or boyfreind has been in the military and been overseas in the last 40 years ..he has done the same thing...

1638 days ago



1638 days ago


Tell me,,, how do you rape a prostitute?? Isn't that what their job is?

1638 days ago

Echt Worten    

I am not condoning what LT did but, there is a point being made. When whites male or female does an underage the word "Sexual Assault" is used and the word rape is omitted. An example there are many WHITE female teachers having sex with underage student and the there is no mention of (Statuory) rape. People of color are given different standards. Big Ben have been accused multiple times of sexual assaults and not one time have the media outcry called for him to be placed in jail. LT is currently innocent until proven guilty but the outcry is for him to go to prison. If he did what he is accused of the he needs the book thrown at him and if he did not do it let the man be vindicated.

If you don't believe it's a matter of color wait until Big Ben prowls again....The listen and read the words.

1638 days ago


is this america or what innocent until proven guilty

stop judging none of us were there to know what happpen. check your house out before you start digging in someone else NANCY GRACE VIEWER'S

1638 days ago


Taylor has been out of the NFL over 20 years but some how he "represents it". Ben Roethlisberger still plays, rapes two women and gets a pass. This is a classic case of two Americas. Taylor "rapes " a prostitute that got paid for mutual sex (I know I know - how does that happen), but Roethlisberger sexually assaults two women against their will. At least Taylor doesnt play Lacrosse for UVA, or did that guy "assault" his girlfriend when he killed her?

1638 days ago


yall love to hate thease guys for this type of stuff but come on you think none of thease cracked smoking pro ho's turned porn star have never done this exact thing. thats what those kind of women are for . they are for all the things other womne won't do ask tiger and the ex govenor of new york

1637 days ago



1637 days ago


That is not a monster bail, there should be no bail.
Black or white, athlete or not, this is no scandel, this is a Crime!!!!!!
The world went in the wrong direction when we let men control the governments and the laws.....

1637 days ago
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